Friday, 3 June 2011

At the weekend, part 2

At the weekend I went to Chipmunks. In the car, on the way to Chipmunks, I was tired. But when we got there I was excited. I went through the Chipmunks door. I saw a big bouncy slide and a lost park. I also saw a big ladder and a Merry-go-around. It was going around. I wanted to go on it. I got on the Pink Horse. It was cool. I was thirsty so my cousin gave me water to drink. Later my Dad picked me up. I had fun at Chipmunks.

At the weekend

At the weekend my family, my cousin and I went apple picking. We had plastic bags. I got four apples. Me and my sister climbed the ladders to get the apples. It was time to go home but before we went home we stopped for ice cream. I liked the ice cream. It tasted good. I had fun picking apples.

At playtime 1

At playtime I played with my friend Chaim. We played on the swings. Chaim went first and I went second. Then the bell rang so I ran back to class. We had fun playing on the swings.

Going to Wellington 2

During our stay in Wellington we visited the Museum. At the museum we saw the skeleton of a dinosaur and some old famous statues. The best thing I saw at the museum was a crane made out of plastic. It could move a spinning top. At the museum my dad bought some glow in the dark bracelets from the shop.
When it was time to leave the Museum we went to the Wellington Cable car. I found an information booklet about the Wellington Cable car. In the front of the booklet it said the Wellington Cable car. My dad had some tickets. We had a ride on the cable car. The cable car went into some tunnels. I liked going through the tunnels and looking outside through the windows at the trees, the grass and the flowers.

The Holidays, Part 2

After we had been to the airport to say goodbye to my Grandmother we went to sleep. The next day I went to Butterfly Creek, and several other places, with my family and my cousins.

At Butterfly Creek I saw many different animals. These included pigs, rabbits, horses, hamsters, a goat, two birds and two alligators. My favourite animals at Butterfly Creek were the hamsters because one of them had different coloured fur.

Then it was time to go. We went to McDonalds. At McDonalds there was a park. At McDonalds I had a Sunday to eat and a drink of coco cola. I also had French fries. My favourite food was chocolate ice cream Sunday. I had a super super fun time.

The Holidays

I did a lot of things with my family in the holidays. Firstly, we went to the airport to say goodbye to my Grandmother because she was going back to the Philippines. I was given a toy to play with if I got board. We went up to the top of the roof at the airport. We also went to the second floor where I saw a games room. I hugged my Grandma and she hugged me. Then it was time for Grandma to get on the plane. I cried because I already missed my Grandma.
We drove home in our car. On the way home I saw Butterfly Creek. My Dad said that we would go there tomorrow.

At playtime

At playtime I played with Ingrid and Kayla. We played cooking. We used a stick to mix the grass. Then Ingrid said I am fired. Then the bell rang. I went back to class. When we went back to class we played follow the leader.

Cheska’s Birthday

On the weekend I went to Cheska’s Birthday Party. At Cheska’s Birthday Party she had a bouncy castle. I flipped and did a cartwheel on the bouncy castle. I accidentally hurt Chaim’s toes. When I went to the toilet I saw a room with Barbie dolls in it.
At night we watched a scary movie. It was about a ghost girl and a rocking chair. While watching the movie I screamed. I was very frightened. Some people went home but I stayed. We played musical statues. In the middle of the night I went home with my Mum. I had a super fun time at Cheska’s Birthday Party.