Thursday, 13 November 2014

Have you played power rangers before? By Oliver

WALT to write about playtime.
I know this when I write and draw about my playtime.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hide n seek, can you find me? By Kena

At play time I played at the park. I played with Sione and Kyle. We played hide and seek. We had fun.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Zip lining and swimming! By Summer

In the holidays I went to Rocket Ropes with my mum, dad and April. First, we went on the top and we swung down on the zip line until I got to the other side. I love going to Rocket Ropes. After zip lining, we went down to have lunch. For lunch, we had fish and chips. Mum said that I could have an ice-block after I ate some of my fish and chips. When I had finished my fish and chips I licked the ice-block until I had finished it all up.

After that, we went to the swimming pools. In the entrance, my mum paid for our tickets. Then, we went into the changing room to take a quick shower. I brought a towel with me so that I could dry myself after the shower. Next, I put on my swimming togs and took a dip in the water. I swam and swam back and forth. After time passed by, we got tired and changed back into our home clothes. We got into the car and went back home to watch television.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Do you like the story of Goldilocks? By Elisha

                                                     Goldilocks and the three bears
At the beginning of the the story there were three bears. Their names were Big bear , Middle bear and Little bear. One day Middle bear made porridge. It smelled delicious. They went for a walk in the forest while the porridge cooled down. While the bears were away a little girl went into their house. Her name was Goldilocks . After eating baby bear's porridge and breaking his chair she fell asleep in his bed. Later the three bears came home to find Goldilocks in baby bear's bed. Goldilocks . Goldilocks woke up. She got a fright and jumped out of the window and ran all the way home.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

My wonderful time at the beach! By Heneliena

In the holidays, I went swimming at the beach.I went with my three brothers and Ronda.
We were swimming and then we were looking for some shells and seaweed.Then we dried our shells, then we went home and had a shower.The thing that I liked the best was when I was looking for the seashells.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Come on, who wants to go and watch rugby? By Fulila

In the holidays, I went with my mum and dad to my dad's rugby tournament. We go to my dad's rugby tournament every year.  We go to rugby games on Saturdays. My cousins, our mums and I cheer for them. Their team's name is Tongaleva. The team that they played against is called Toloa.