Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Forest

Once there were two girls.  Their names were Charlse and Sam.  One day they were looking for a spot to camp in the forest.  They had a tent, some food and water.  They found a good spot to put up their tent.  It was under a tree.  Then they worked together to put their tent up. 

After they had eaten they went to sleep inside their tent.  But in the middle of the night a loud storm woke them up.  They heard thunder and they saw lightening in the sky.  There was a lot of heavy rain coming down on their tent.  They were very scared!  It was a very bad storm.

They said, “Let’s get out of here”.  The river had risen with all the heavy rain, so the girls had to swim to safety.  When they got back on land they walked to a hall where there were a lot of other people taking shelter from the storm.

Later their mum and dad came to get them.  They decided to always check the weather forecast before camping in the forest again.

The Forest

Once there were two children.  Their names were Isabella and Patrick.  When the two children finished school they walked through the forest to go home. 

When they were half way through the forest Isabella got stung by a bee.  She yelled out for help.  “Help, help”, said Isabella.  She had been stung on her hand, and it turned red and puffy.  It hurt Isabella a lot and she felt sick.
Patrick got a fright and ran home.  When he got home he told his mum that Isabella was still in the forest, and she was sick from a bee sting.  His mum quickly followed Patrick into the forest to find Isabella. 

They found Isabella sitting in some bushes.  Their mum picked Isabella up and took her to the hospital.  At the hospital the doctors and nurses made Isabella better.  Mum and the children were all very happy, and then went home.

The Forest

Once there were two children.  There was a boy and a girl.  Their names were Uani and So Sefo.  One day they were walking home from school through the forest.  They stopped to have some fun playing in the bushes. 

Then it started to get dark and they hadn’t noticed.  When they stopped to look around they realised that they were lost.  They were not scared because they had each other, but they decided to call for help.  No one came to help them, so they looked for the path to get back home.  But they could not find the path.  Then they became very scared.  It was dark and there were strange noises coming from further inside the forest.

The children didn’t know what to do.  Just then their dad found them.  He had been searching for them in the forest for a long time.  The children were very happy to see their dad, and their dad was very happy to see his children.  They hugged each other.  Then their dad said, “Let’s go home”.

The Forest

Once there were three children.  There were two girls and one boy.  Their names were T.G., Rachael and Sofia.  One day the children went into the forest to go camping.  They took some food, water, a sleeping bag each and a tent with them. 

First they sat down under a tree.  They ate some food and had a drink of water.  As they sat there something came out of the river nearby.  It was a big black eel. The eel slid slowly over to the children.  It tried to terrify them.  The children ran and screamed, “Help, help!”  The children got such a fright that they ran all the way home to their mum.  Their mum said, “I am happy that you are safe”.  They all decided not to go camping in the forest again.

The Forest

Once there were four children.  There were two boys and two girls.  Their names were Blume, Rebecca, Tom and Ben.  One day they went camping in the forest.  They took backpacks with them.  In their backpacks they had food and water. 

As they slept in their tent at night a witch came.  She was a big bad witch.  The children were very scared of the witch.  They said, “Go away!”  She didn’t listen to them so they chucked something at her.  The witch became frightened because something hit her on the head, so she flew away.

After that the children ran home.  Their mum said, “Are you ok?” The children said, ”No, there was a witch in the forest”.  Their mum was worried when she heard about the witch, and told the children to stay away from the forest.

The Forest

Once there were two children.  Their names were Rabeka and Bella.  They were riding their bikes around the forest at the Panmure Basin when a big butterfly flew down from the sky.  The butterfly was very beautiful.  It was coloured light blue and light pink. 

The butterfly told the girls to climb onto her back.  Then the butterfly took them to Fairyland.  After they arrived in Fairyland the two girls had a look around.  It was an amazing place.  There were a lot of different coloured flowers, including rainbow coloured tulips.  They looked just like the tulips in Holland.  Also there were lots of Fairies dressing up their hair.  The Fairies were very pretty.

The two girls loved Fairyland, but they had to go home because they knew that their mum and dad would be looking for them.  So the butterfly took the two girls back home and invited them to visit Fairyland again soon.

The Forest

Once there were three children.  There were two girls and one boy.  They were brother and sisters.  One day they decided to go for a run in the forest.  It was a bright sunny day.  They took water bottles with them because it was hot.
As they were running in the forest a big brown bear jumped out from behind a tree.  The children were very scared.  They screamed, “Help, help, there is a big brown bear!” 
Then they ran all the way home. 

As soon as they got home they told their mum about the big brown bear.  “Are you ok?” said their mum.  “Yes, but were very scared”, said the children.

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Forest

Once there were two boys and three girls.  The girls’ names were Suzie, Elizabeth and Nickey.  The boys’ names were C.K. and D.J.  One day they went for a run in the forest.  The girls were wearing a singlet and tights.  The boys were wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

All of a sudden a bear came out from behind a tree.  The children were very frightened because the bear was very big and it had big claws.  The children ran and hid behind some bushes.  They were shaking and they tried to be quiet so that the bear would not hear them. 

But the bear found one of the children and he said to the child, “I want to play with you.  Let’s play statues together?”  The other children heard the bear and came out from behind the bushes.  The children decided that the bear was ‘in’.  The bear turned around and he saw D.J. moving.  DJ was supposed to freeze like a statue, so the bear said, “DJ you’re in”.  They all had lots of fun playing with the bear.  “This is nice”, said the children, “we like playing with you.”  “Will you come and play with us again soon?”  “Yes”, said the bear, and he did.

The Forest

Once there were two girls and two boys.  Their names’ were Elizabeth, Emma, Tommy and Gabe.  One day they went for a run in the forest.  The children were wearing running clothes.  They were wearing shorts and a T-shirt.  The boys were wearing a t-shirt and running tights. 

As they were running in the forest a great big monster came out from behind some bushes and scared them!  His name was Monster.  The Monster had very sharp teeth, very sharp nails and very sharp toe nails.  The Monster was wearing a green t-shirt with ‘Monsters’ written on it, and the word ‘Monsters’ was written on his pants too. 

The Monster scared the children, but all he wanted to do was to play with them.  So the children played hide and seek with the Monster.  First the Monster was in.  He had to find the children.  The children were hiding behind the bushes.  The Monster couldn’t find the children so he said, “phew, I can’t find those beautiful children”.  So the children yelled out, “We are behind the bushes”.  So the Monster said, “They’re not there”.  Then he went around to the other side of the bushes and saw the children.  He said, “There you are, let’s go now”.  So the Monster went back home with the children and they all lived happily together.

The Forest

Once there were three children.  There were two boys and one girl.  Their names were Mae, John and Caleb.  One day they went out into the forest exploring. They saw many trees and bushes in the forest.  They heard lots of birds whistling in the trees.  They heard the wind blowing in the trees. 

As they walked along they found a dinosaur from the past.  The children were very scared because it was a big dinosaur.  They yelled to each other, “Run as fast as you can”.  They all ran away from the dinosaur as fast as they could.  They ran out of the forest and back home. 

When they got home they told their family that they had been chased by a big dinosaur.  “We were scared”, they said.  “Oh my goodness, I am happy you are safe”, said their mum.  The children needed an adult to take care of them.

The Forest

Once there were three children.  There was a girl and two boys.  Their names were Tontia, Patrick and Kata.  One day they went jogging in the forest.  It was a hot sunny day so they had taken drink bottles with them. 
“Let’s stop and have a drink,” they said.  As they stood still having their drink they saw a cave.  They went inside the cave.  Inside the cave they saw a door.  Slowly they opened the door and inside they saw a baby dinosaur.  The baby dinosaur said, “take me to my mummy please.”
The children took the dinosaur out of the cave and into the forest to look for his mummy.  They found the baby dinosaur’s mummy.  They were all very happy and hugged each other.

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Forest

Once there were three children.  They were all boys.  Their names were Tere, Sam and Glenn.  One day they went for a walk in the forest.  As they walked along they found something.  They found a dog.  It was called Michael. The dog was happy to see the boys and the boys were happy to see the dog.  They all played together in the forest.  Then it was time for the boys to go home for lunch.  They asked the dog if he wanted to go with them.  The dog said, “Yes please”.  So they all went home together.

The Forest

Once there were two children.  They were both boys.  Their names were Baden and P.J.  They went camping in the forest.  They took a flashlight, a tent and some food with them.   
After they had put up their tent they made a fire to keep warm and to cook their food.  They cooked their marshmallows over the fire.  The marshmallows tasted good. 
As they ate their marshmallows some zombies jumped out from the bushes.  The children screamed loudly.  The zombies walked quickly to the children and tried to bite them.  The children quickly ran home and told their dad about the zombies.  They said, “There are zombies in the forest and they tried to bit us”.  Dad was horrified to hear this and so he called the FBI to tell them about the zombies.  The FBI said that they would take of the zombies.

The Forest

Once there were two children.  They were both boys.  Their names were C.J. and William.  One day they rode their bikes in the forest.  It was a hot sunny day.  They stopped to have a drink from their drink bottles because they were thirsty.
There was a snake in the bushes but they didn’t see it.  The snake slid over to the bikes.  Next the boys looked at the bike wheels.  They saw the snake.  They yelled to the snake, “Get away, get away”. 

Then the boys got off their bikes and quickly ran all the way home.  When they got home the boys told their mums about the snake.  Their mums called the police and told them about the snake in the forest.  The police told the mums not to worry because they would find the snake.

The Forest

Once there were two children.  They were a boy and a girl.  Their names were Bella and C.J.  One day they went on their bikes into the forest.  It was a nice sunny day and they wanted to have a ride in the forest.  They wore their sunhats and they used sunscreen. 
As they rode along the path they saw a snake in the bushes.  They got a fright.  They screamed out, “There is a snake in the bushes”.  Then they quickly rode their bikes home.  When they got home they told their mum and dad about the snake.  Their mum and dad were happy that their children were home and were safe.
The mum and dad rang the SPCA to let them know about the snake.  The SPCA went out into the forest to find the snake and put it in the zoo.

The Forest

Once there were two children.  There was a boy and a girl.  Their names were Sam and Angel.  One day they went into the forest for a walk.  It was a cold day so they had their jackets on. 
As they walked along the path a toy teddy bear jumped out at them from behind a tree.  The bear said that he wanted the children to help him to find his family.  The bear was lost.  The children said, “Yes we will help you to find your family”. 
So they all walked out of the forest to the children’s home.  Next the children asked their mum to help them to find the bear’s mum.    She said, “Yes”.  After that they all went into the forest to find the bear’s mum.  They found her looking for her baby bear.  They were happy to see other.  The bear’s mum said, “Thank you for finding my baby bear”.

The Forest

Once there were three children.  The children were all boys.  Their names were CJ, PJ and DJ.  They were running through the forest.  It was a rainy day.  They had warm jackets on to keep themselves dry and warm.
All of a sudden a box appeared on the path before them.  Out of the box jumped a Joker.  The children screamed for help.  “Get into my magic box”, said the Joker. 
After the children had gotten into the box with the Joker the box disappeared.  Next they landed in the zoo.  At the zoo the Joker made them go and visit the lion.  The lion was chained up so it couldn’t eat the children.  The Joker took the children to see the lion because the lion was lonely and needed some friends. 
The lion said, “hello” to the children.  The children said, “hello” to the lion.  They talked and played together.  Then it was time for the children to go home for their dinner.  So the children promised to visit the lion, with the Joker, again sometime soon.  Then the Joker took the children back to their mum and dad.

The Forest

Once there were four children.  There were three girls and one boy.  Their names were Sam, Patelesio, Mary and Fulila.  They went to the forest to have a picnic.  They had some sausages and pizza to eat.  They had water with lemon juice to drink.  They had a blanket to sit on. 

They made their picnic under a tree that had pink flowers on it.  After they had eaten their food and had a drink of lemon juice and water they were tired so they went to sleep. 

Then they were woken up by a loud noise.  They looked up and saw a large witch.  The witch was going to kill them.  They yelled, “help, help, it’s a witch!”  The children got such a fright that they ran all the way home. 

When they got home they told their mum and dad about the witch that had tried to kill them in the forest.  Mum and dad rang the police and the police went out into the forest to get the witch. 

The Forest

 Once there were two children.  There was a boy and a girl.  Their names were TJ and Pou.  One day they went for a walk in the forest.  They were looking for a puppy that was lost.  The puppy had white fur and its tail was a peach colour.  After walking a long way the children found the puppy asleep in the forest.  The puppy was happy to see them and he barked loudly.  The children said, “Hello puppy”.  The children took the puppy home to their mum.  Later the children’s mum found the puppy’s mum.  They were all so happy to see each other and then they lived together in the same house.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rainbow Springs

On the weekend I went to Rainbow Springs.  I went with my family and my Grandpa from Samoa. Rainbow Springs is in Rotorua.  We travelled to Rotorua in our car.

When we got there I went on the water slide.  Some water splashed on me.  The water wet my face and my clothes.  It was cold and it made me shiver.  I enjoyed the water slide. 

After that I rode on the little boats.  My Mum saw a dinosaur and she thought it was real.  She got a fright because the dinosaur roared at her. 

Later we went to KFC for lunch. After that we drove all the way back to Auckland.  I had a great time and I would like to go to Rainbow Springs again.

Monday, 19 August 2013

On the Weekend

On the weekend I went to Lollypop World with my Grandma.  First I played on the water slide.  Then I played on the trampoline.  It was fun.  Next I went on the merry-go-round and it was fun too. 

Later we got into the car and went to Butterfly Creek.  I looked at the bugs and I looked at the daddy-long-legs.  They had very long legs. There were five of them.  Then I looked at the crocodiles.  The crocodiles were in a pool.  They had big mouths with lots of teeth.

After that we went home.  At home I played on my ipad.  I played a game called Temple Run Two.  I got a high score.  Then I went outside to play.  I saw a cat outside in my backyard and it was asleep.   Later I went to sleep too.

On the Weekend

On the weekend I went to the golf course with my mum and my dad.  We played golf inside. I won the golf game.  My mum and my dad lost.  My ball went into the water at the jumping thing.  My dad got me another ball.  That’s when I won the game of golf.  After that I played on the Pirate ship.  Later we went back home.  At home I played on my ipad.  I played the full version of survival craft.  It’s a cool game.  I had a good time on the weekend.

After School

On Friday after school Mum and I went to my Mum’s auntie’s house.  I played with my cousin David. David is seventeen.  We played tiggy inside.  I had to hide from David.  Then David had to find me.  It took David a while to find me.  I asked my auntie to be quiet and not tell David where I was.  Then he found me.  I was hiding under my cousin’s room.  Later we ate KFC for dinner and then Mum and I went back home.  I had fun at my auntie’s house.


After school I played outside with my friend Ben.  I used to go to kindergarten with Ben.  We were friends at kindergarten and we are still friends.  When we were at kindergarten we built a tree house. 

Yesterday we played tag in the street.  There are no cars in our street because it is a dead end street.  When it got dark Ben, his brother called JT and I played touch.  We also played with a girl called Tasher.  She is 7 years old and is going to turn 8 in November.  Tacher is pretty cool at playing touch.  We played in two teams.  There was Ben and I, and there was JT and Tacher.  We played a fast game.  JT and Tacher won.  JT is 10 years old.

Later my mum called me in for dinner.  Then I had a bath, watched TV and I fell asleep.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the park with my dad.  I played rugby with my dad.  We kicked the ball to each other.  After that we walked on the rocks by the sea.  It was beautiful there because the water was shinny with the sun on it.  Then we went to MacDonald’s.  I saw my cousins there.  They work at MacDonald’s.  We went through the drive way and ordered our food.  I had a happy meal.  Next we went home and I ate my meal.  Later I was tired so I went to sleep to be ready for school the next morning.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Favourite Drink

My favourite drink is protein.  I like protein because it is healthy.  It has no sugar.  It gives you muscles.  It gives you abs just like my dad.  Protein is my favourite drink because it is the taste of chocolate and my dad always makes it.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to Sylvia Park.  I went with my Dad.  We bought clothes and some black and yellow shoes.  We bought them for my baby sister who was born on Wednesday.

After School

After school I went to the shop with my mum and dad.  We bought some food for our new baby.  Our new baby’s name is Lesieli.  After that I went back home.  Then we had dinner.  For dinner I had KFC and McDonald’s.  Later I went to sleep because I was very tired.

After school on Tuesday

After school my Dad is going to pick me up.  Then we are going to pick up my brother from kindergarten.  After that we are going home.  At home I will have a shower.  Then we are going to have dinner.  For dinner we are going to have KFC.  Then I will be tired so I will go to bed.

After School

After school I helped Rhonda to do her homework.  I helped her with some words that she needed to write.  When we had finished Rhonda said thank you.  Then I went to bed to have a sleep.  When I woke up I watched TV.  When I finished watching TV I played outside.  I played a game of ‘I Spy’ with my friends.  Later I went inside and went back to sleep because I was tired.

After School

After school I went to the shops with my grandpa.  We bought some DVDs and we bought an ice block.  Then we went home.  At home I watched a DVD about dinosaurs.  There were four kids on the dinosaur program.  The big dinosaur was angry because the little dinosaur ate the flower tree.

On Monday

After school I walked to my Nana’s home.  I walked with my cousin and my Nana.  My cousin’s name is Cameron.  When we got to my Nana’s home we played with my cat.  He was hungry.  He ate some cat food.  We have two cats.  Then my Mum took me home.  At home I did my homework then we ate dinner together and I went to bed.

After School

After school my dad picked me and my sister Anna up from St Patrick’s school.  Then we went home together.  When I got home I changed out of my school uniform.  After that I went on the computer.  But then my sister had to use the computer to do her homework.  So, I went on the trampoline instead.  Next I did my homework and read my book to my dad.  Later I and my family ate dinner together.

After School

After school on Monday was cool because I went to help the horse lady to feed the horses.  I touched one horse.  It felt hard and warm.  Then I touched the dog.  The dog felt soft.  Then I went back home to watch TV.

Monday, 12 August 2013

My trip to the South Island

On the weekend I went to the South Island to play basketball.  My Basketball team versed the Nelson Basketball team.  I was glad because the Nelson team are good players.  The Nelson team tricked us by putting the ball behind them and running to the side when we smacked the ball.  They attempted to make a try but the coach blew his whistle and said that the ball was ours.  It was a fast game.  There were a lot of people watching and I could hear them screaming and yelling.  At the end of the game the Nelson team had forty points and we had forty-one points.  We won the game.  I was very happy. 

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to Pack’n Save to buy lunch for school on Monday.  I went with my dad and one of my big sisters.  We bought apples and a bar each.  We also bought lots of other things.  We took the things we wanted off the shelves and put them into our trolly.  Then we went and paid for them at the counter.  After that we put the things in our car and went home.  At home I helped to put the things in our house. 

After going to Pack’n Save we also went to some other shops.  We bought bread and lollies.  We had forgotten to buy the bread at Pack’n Save.  Then we went back home and I shared the lollies with my brothers and sisters.  The lollies tasted good.  My favourite lollies are the mint ones.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The weekend

On the weekend I went to the shops with my auntie, my uncle and my cousin, Soane.  At the first shop we bought some lollies and some ice blocks for my cousins. After that we went to another shop and got some chicken and chips.  At the next shop we bought some fruit.  When we got back home we had a race.  I won the race.  I had lots of fun on the weekend.

The Bank

On the weekend my mum and I went to the Bank and the Post Office.  At the Post Office we bought one post letter.  After my mum chose the post letter that she wanted she went up to the counter to pay for it.  So my mum sent a letter to my dad to tell my dad where he was working.  Next we posted the letter and then went home.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Topic: Volcanoes

In Room 1 we are learning about volcanoes. 

We have several volcanoes near our school.

They are called Mt Wellington and the Panmure Basin.

We made our own volcano.  

We used cardboard, newspaper and glue to make the shape of the volcano.

Then we painted it black with red rivers going down the sides of the volcano.

This shows the red hot larva that pours from the crater and the cracks of a volcano.

When a volcano erupts rocks shoot out of its crater.
Poisonous gas and huge clouds of ash shoot out of the volcano.
And red hot larva comes out.

Friday, 28 June 2013

On Friday

On Friday my mum thought that the baby was coming out so my dad called the ambulance.  He dialled 111.  The ambulance came and took my mum to the hospital.  My dad went with my mum in the ambulance.  My auntie Ana looked after us.  She stayed the night with us.

On the weekend I went to the hospital to see my mum because she was sick.  My dad took us up to the hospital.  When I first saw my mum I cried because she was in the hospital.  I asked my mum if she was alright and she said, “Yes”.  My mum gave me a hug and a kiss.  I felt better.  After that I went back home.

Monday, 17 June 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend Mum and I went to my auntie’s house.  At my auntie’s house I played with my little cousin.  His name is Junior.  Junior is 4 years old.  We played hide and seek outside.  First I looked for Junior but he was too hard to find.  So I went and asked my aunty where he was.  She said that he was in her bedroom.  Then I went and found Junior.  He was hiding under my auntie’s and uncle’s bed.  Next Junior had to find me.  I went easy on him because he is only 4 years old.  Later we ate fish and chips together at the table.  I had a good day at my auntie’s and uncle’s house.  We will go and visit them again soon.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the takeaway shop to buy chips and drinks.  I went with my family.   The takeaway shop is a long way from our house. We went in our car.  I was hungry.  So next we went back home to eat our chips and drink our drinks.  Then I sat down at the table and ate my chips.  When I had finished eating my chips I sat down to watch TV.


Monday, 10 June 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend my family and I went for a walk on the mountain.  The mountain is near our home.  The mountain is called Mt Wellington. 

It was fun and hard work walking up the mountain. It was a beautiful sunny day and I got hot walking up the mountain.  At the top of the mountain I felt as if I was going to fall off because it was so high and steep.   At the top I could see some shops and lots of houses below me. 

When we got to the top we felt hungry.  We had to walk all the way back down the mountain to get some food.  When we got to the bottom of the mountain we went to the takeaway shop.   I would like to walk back up the mountain again sometime soon.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the market with my family.  I went with my mum, my dad and my sister.  First we bought two watches for my cousin and for me.  Then we bought some socks and gloves for the winter.  They will help to keep us warm.  We bought some doughnuts for lunch because we were hungry.  They tasted really, really good.  After that we went to my cousin’s house.  I like going to the market.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my grandpa’s birthday party.  I danced with my aunties.  One of my aunties is 14 years old and my other auntie is 16 years old.  They are my dad’s younger sisters.  We did a dance for grandpa.  Everyone clapped when we had finished dancing.  Soane’s mum also came to the party.  She is my auntie.  I had a good time at my grandpa’s birthday party.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Statistics and Probability

                                          In Room 1 we learnt about Statistics and Probability.
                                  Mrs Foden and Miss Craig asked us what our favourite fruit was.
                                 We found that watermelon was our most popular favourite fruit.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my cousin’s birthday party.  Her name is Grace.  Grace is older than me.  She turned 14 years old.  I went with my nana and my brothers. 

At the party I played on the trampoline with my cousins.  Then we all went to the park to the play.  We played tiggy.  Grace’s older sister chased all of us.  She caught one of my cousins.  I ran very fast so she didn’t catch me.

After we came back from the park we had some birthday cake.  First we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Grace.  The cake had lots of lollies on it and it tasted good.  When the party had finished we all went home.  I had fun at my cousin’s birthday party.

On Queen’s Birthday weekend

On Queen’s Birthday weekend I went to the Briscoe’s shop.  We bought a new hot boiling electrical appliance to heat up the water for our Milo.  It is called a kettle.  My mum uses it to boil the water to make warm drinks for me.  Then my dad bought some forks and spoons and knives, and then he bought a dinner set.  The dinner set has cups, saucers, little plates, big plates and middle sized plates.  It has four of each sized plate.

After that we went to an American shop.  We saw heaps of American things and we bought some American things.  I bought some sour lollies, my mum bought some other lollies and my dad bought some chips.  The sour lollies are my favourite. 

Later we went home and tried out our new kettle.  It worked and it didn’t make any noise.  It is nicer than our old one.  My mum used it this morning to make me milo for school.  I had a busy weekend with my family.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my granddad’s house.  I went with my mum and my brother George.  At granddad’s house we played soccer downstairs.  I made the most scores.  My cousin Siaosi got one score.  Then granddad called all of the family together and we said Grace.  We said Grace because some of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle, were going to Australia.  They went to Australia on Tuesday.  I am going to miss them.

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend

On the weekend I played with my ipad.  I played the ‘walking dead’ game.  In the game I was killed by a zombie.  In another game I played a soldier.  When I was a soldier I killed some enemy soldiers.  I won the game.  I like playing games on my ipad. 

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend I went to the Circus show.  I went with my auntie and my cousin.  My auntie’s name is Mary and my cousin’s name is CJ. 

At the circus I saw a man who was hiding some sticks behind another man.  He was pretending to meet the man, but when the other man turned around he chucked the sticks on his head.  After that he ran away and the silly man also ran away. 

Then a man and a girl came out.  The man kept on putting plates on some sticks.  The plates kept falling down and everyone laughed.  Next he got a chair and put it on his stomach.  The chair got stuck on his stomach.  The girl tried to get it off but the man didn’t want her to, so he kept chucking plates on the ground.  Everyone laughed.  When they had finished there was a break. 

During the break I ate a pie and had a drink.  In the second part of the show some boys did some tricks.  They jumped inside the net and they made more tricks. They kicked the net back and jumped on the net.  After that the show finished.

I had a terrific time at the circus.  I would like to go to the circus again.

On the weekend

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the MacDonald’s playground.  I went with my friend Boston, his sister, my mum, my grandma and my grandpa.  At the playground Boston and I played tag.  Boston’s sister chased Boston and I around the playground.  She didn’t catch us because Boston and I ran fast.  Then Boston’s sister got Boston.  Next Boston went to the slide and chased me.  We also climbed the tower next to the slide, and I and Boston jumped down.  I also jumped down from the slide.  We all had lots of fun at the MacDonald’s playground. 

Friday, 31 May 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend I played on the play station with my brothers.  We played Killzone One.  There were humans and monsters in the game.  If you got killed you restarted the game. 

Then we played Monster Rider.  First we picked a car or a motorbike.  I picked the car.  It was black with red fire flames on it.  The car was a little bit fast.  Then we started the game.  The blue car kept winning.

 I liked playing Killzone One the best because you can get some weapons.  I had lots of fun playing with my brothers.

Mothers’ Day

On Mothers’ Day I bought a flower.  Then I went to my Nana’s house with my mum and my dad.  The flower was pink.  I gave it to my Nana.  My Nana was happy. 

Cameron and I played kicks with a ball outside.  After that we ate KFC and watched a movie.  The movie was called Chipmunks.  It was about some Chipmunks that could run fast.  Cameron and I liked the movie.  After the movie we went home.  I had a good time at Nana’s. 

On Sunday

On Sunday it was Akesa’s birthday and she turned seven.She had a birthday party.  It was at my house.

In the middle of the party three of my cousins cried because they had to go back to Australia.  They went on the plane.  We all went to the airport to wave them goodbye.  After that we went back to my house to continue with Akesa’s birthday party. 

Akesa had a big cake.  My uncle made it.  It was chocolate and cream and it was very long.  The words on the cake said Happy Birthday Akesa.  We all ate cake.  When I had finished eating my cake I played with Taniela, Folau and all of my cousins.  We played the shield fight game. 

This is how you play shield fight.  You have to get some balls and build some shields.  Then you dig a hole and put your ball in the hole.  Next you get some sticks and then you start the game.  First you have to count one two three. Then you throw the ball at the other team.  When the other team throws balls at you, you have to use your shield to protect yourself.  One of my cousins got me with his ball. It was lots of fun. I had a good time at Akesa’s birthday party.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the park.  I went with my uncle.  Soane, Launoa, Taniela and Folau came with us.  At the park we played on the swings.  I went high on the swing.  When I was swinging on the swing my tummy felt ticklish.  I also went on the slide and then I had a drink of water.  I felt thirsty.  I liked going to the park because I had fun.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tongan Father’s Day

On Sunday we had the Tongan Father’s Day.  We had a barbeque at my house.  A lot of my family came to my house for the barbeque.  There were some of my cousins, all of my uncles and all of my aunties.  My dad and my uncles did the barbeque and my mum and my aunties did the other food.  We had lots of food to eat.  My favourite food was the potato.  The potatoes were mashed until it was soft and some salt was put on it. 

My cousins, my brothers and sisters I said, “Happy Tongan Father’s Day” to their dads.  Then we ate lots of food.  We ate lots of meat.  When I was full I played on my uncle’s iPod phone.  It had lots of games on it.  My favourite game is ‘Temple Run 2’.  ‘Temple Run 2’ has lots of traps in it and there is a rope that you can jump on to get to another level. 

Later most of the people went home, but one of my cousins, an aunt and an uncle stayed over.  We all had a good day.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Netball Game

On the weekend I went to my netball game.  My team is called ‘Revelation Cubs’.  We played against the ‘Mighty Mini Hawks’.  I was Goal Defence.  We got into our places.  My coach Emma blew her whistle and the game started.  I ran and got the ball. I threw the ball to the Shooter.  The Revelation Cubs kept getting goals.  We won the game.  The score was 20 points to 5 points.  My team sang ‘we are the champions’.

After the game my coach gave us all a lolly pop each.  I was the winner of the day because I kept doing the right thing.  My coach kept saying, “Well done Lupe”.  I had a good game.

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I went to church with my family.  At church my dad served my mum some food and drink at church because it was Mother’s Day.  The other men served their mum’s and their wives food and drink too. I sang and prayed with my mum and dad.  Father said “let’s say the Our Father”, and we did. 

After the church service had finished I played with my friend, Christina.  We played outside the church.  We played tag.  First Christina was in and then she got me.  Then I asked my mum if my brother Cruz could play tag with us.  My mum said, “yes”.  So I took Cruz outside and tricked him into tagging Christina.  Cruz didn’t know that I was in and that I had told Christina the plan.  I tagged Cruz and so he was in. We all ran a lot.  Later we all went home. 

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my mum’s house.  We played with the ball.  The ball hit my mouth.  It hurt my mouth so I said my “I statement”.  Then I went home and had a sleep for school so my brain will grow and we will be smart.  After that I went back to my mum’s home and played with my dad.  We played ball tiggy in the garden.  We had fun.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I went to MacPac with my dad and my mum.  My dad and I bought a black jacket for my mum.  After my mum had chosen the jacket that she wanted we went to the counter to pay for it.  It cost 20 cents.  We left the jacket in the bag and went home.  My mum was very happy with her new jacket.  She has been wearing it every day.