Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rainbow Springs

On the weekend I went to Rainbow Springs.  I went with my family and my Grandpa from Samoa. Rainbow Springs is in Rotorua.  We travelled to Rotorua in our car.

When we got there I went on the water slide.  Some water splashed on me.  The water wet my face and my clothes.  It was cold and it made me shiver.  I enjoyed the water slide. 

After that I rode on the little boats.  My Mum saw a dinosaur and she thought it was real.  She got a fright because the dinosaur roared at her. 

Later we went to KFC for lunch. After that we drove all the way back to Auckland.  I had a great time and I would like to go to Rainbow Springs again.

Monday, 19 August 2013

On the Weekend

On the weekend I went to Lollypop World with my Grandma.  First I played on the water slide.  Then I played on the trampoline.  It was fun.  Next I went on the merry-go-round and it was fun too. 

Later we got into the car and went to Butterfly Creek.  I looked at the bugs and I looked at the daddy-long-legs.  They had very long legs. There were five of them.  Then I looked at the crocodiles.  The crocodiles were in a pool.  They had big mouths with lots of teeth.

After that we went home.  At home I played on my ipad.  I played a game called Temple Run Two.  I got a high score.  Then I went outside to play.  I saw a cat outside in my backyard and it was asleep.   Later I went to sleep too.

On the Weekend

On the weekend I went to the golf course with my mum and my dad.  We played golf inside. I won the golf game.  My mum and my dad lost.  My ball went into the water at the jumping thing.  My dad got me another ball.  That’s when I won the game of golf.  After that I played on the Pirate ship.  Later we went back home.  At home I played on my ipad.  I played the full version of survival craft.  It’s a cool game.  I had a good time on the weekend.

After School

On Friday after school Mum and I went to my Mum’s auntie’s house.  I played with my cousin David. David is seventeen.  We played tiggy inside.  I had to hide from David.  Then David had to find me.  It took David a while to find me.  I asked my auntie to be quiet and not tell David where I was.  Then he found me.  I was hiding under my cousin’s room.  Later we ate KFC for dinner and then Mum and I went back home.  I had fun at my auntie’s house.


After school I played outside with my friend Ben.  I used to go to kindergarten with Ben.  We were friends at kindergarten and we are still friends.  When we were at kindergarten we built a tree house. 

Yesterday we played tag in the street.  There are no cars in our street because it is a dead end street.  When it got dark Ben, his brother called JT and I played touch.  We also played with a girl called Tasher.  She is 7 years old and is going to turn 8 in November.  Tacher is pretty cool at playing touch.  We played in two teams.  There was Ben and I, and there was JT and Tacher.  We played a fast game.  JT and Tacher won.  JT is 10 years old.

Later my mum called me in for dinner.  Then I had a bath, watched TV and I fell asleep.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the park with my dad.  I played rugby with my dad.  We kicked the ball to each other.  After that we walked on the rocks by the sea.  It was beautiful there because the water was shinny with the sun on it.  Then we went to MacDonald’s.  I saw my cousins there.  They work at MacDonald’s.  We went through the drive way and ordered our food.  I had a happy meal.  Next we went home and I ate my meal.  Later I was tired so I went to sleep to be ready for school the next morning.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Favourite Drink

My favourite drink is protein.  I like protein because it is healthy.  It has no sugar.  It gives you muscles.  It gives you abs just like my dad.  Protein is my favourite drink because it is the taste of chocolate and my dad always makes it.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to Sylvia Park.  I went with my Dad.  We bought clothes and some black and yellow shoes.  We bought them for my baby sister who was born on Wednesday.

After School

After school I went to the shop with my mum and dad.  We bought some food for our new baby.  Our new baby’s name is Lesieli.  After that I went back home.  Then we had dinner.  For dinner I had KFC and McDonald’s.  Later I went to sleep because I was very tired.

After school on Tuesday

After school my Dad is going to pick me up.  Then we are going to pick up my brother from kindergarten.  After that we are going home.  At home I will have a shower.  Then we are going to have dinner.  For dinner we are going to have KFC.  Then I will be tired so I will go to bed.

After School

After school I helped Rhonda to do her homework.  I helped her with some words that she needed to write.  When we had finished Rhonda said thank you.  Then I went to bed to have a sleep.  When I woke up I watched TV.  When I finished watching TV I played outside.  I played a game of ‘I Spy’ with my friends.  Later I went inside and went back to sleep because I was tired.

After School

After school I went to the shops with my grandpa.  We bought some DVDs and we bought an ice block.  Then we went home.  At home I watched a DVD about dinosaurs.  There were four kids on the dinosaur program.  The big dinosaur was angry because the little dinosaur ate the flower tree.

On Monday

After school I walked to my Nana’s home.  I walked with my cousin and my Nana.  My cousin’s name is Cameron.  When we got to my Nana’s home we played with my cat.  He was hungry.  He ate some cat food.  We have two cats.  Then my Mum took me home.  At home I did my homework then we ate dinner together and I went to bed.

After School

After school my dad picked me and my sister Anna up from St Patrick’s school.  Then we went home together.  When I got home I changed out of my school uniform.  After that I went on the computer.  But then my sister had to use the computer to do her homework.  So, I went on the trampoline instead.  Next I did my homework and read my book to my dad.  Later I and my family ate dinner together.

After School

After school on Monday was cool because I went to help the horse lady to feed the horses.  I touched one horse.  It felt hard and warm.  Then I touched the dog.  The dog felt soft.  Then I went back home to watch TV.

Monday, 12 August 2013

My trip to the South Island

On the weekend I went to the South Island to play basketball.  My Basketball team versed the Nelson Basketball team.  I was glad because the Nelson team are good players.  The Nelson team tricked us by putting the ball behind them and running to the side when we smacked the ball.  They attempted to make a try but the coach blew his whistle and said that the ball was ours.  It was a fast game.  There were a lot of people watching and I could hear them screaming and yelling.  At the end of the game the Nelson team had forty points and we had forty-one points.  We won the game.  I was very happy. 

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to Pack’n Save to buy lunch for school on Monday.  I went with my dad and one of my big sisters.  We bought apples and a bar each.  We also bought lots of other things.  We took the things we wanted off the shelves and put them into our trolly.  Then we went and paid for them at the counter.  After that we put the things in our car and went home.  At home I helped to put the things in our house. 

After going to Pack’n Save we also went to some other shops.  We bought bread and lollies.  We had forgotten to buy the bread at Pack’n Save.  Then we went back home and I shared the lollies with my brothers and sisters.  The lollies tasted good.  My favourite lollies are the mint ones.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The weekend

On the weekend I went to the shops with my auntie, my uncle and my cousin, Soane.  At the first shop we bought some lollies and some ice blocks for my cousins. After that we went to another shop and got some chicken and chips.  At the next shop we bought some fruit.  When we got back home we had a race.  I won the race.  I had lots of fun on the weekend.

The Bank

On the weekend my mum and I went to the Bank and the Post Office.  At the Post Office we bought one post letter.  After my mum chose the post letter that she wanted she went up to the counter to pay for it.  So my mum sent a letter to my dad to tell my dad where he was working.  Next we posted the letter and then went home.