Monday, 22 August 2011


I like chocolate because it tastes yummy. Chocolate comes in lots of flavours. My favourite kind of chocolate is chocolate ice-cream. I tasted it at my cousin's old house. It tasted of coffee. My cousin and I put it in the fridge. My cousin ate my one.

The Holidays in July

In the holidays I went to the snow. I went with my cousins. We had lots of stops for the toilet, taking pictures and having snacks too. It took forever to get to the snow. We had to go over 20 mountains.

On the way we went to a kiwifruit shop. It had a tour for us to go on. We had a ticket. The tour was about kiwifruit. When we had finished the tour we went back on the road to our hotel.

In the car I said to my Dad, “how many more mountains do we have to go over?” He said, “there are no more mountains.” I said, “yah”. I said “yah” because I was getting bored. My Mum had different flavoured tick-tacks in her bag. I had the yellow and green tick-tacks.

When we got to the hotel I went up the stairs. There were beds both upstairs and downstairs. There was a TV up the stairs and a TV down the stairs. There was also a big bed down the stairs.

We went to Countdown. We bought some groceries. When we were finished we went back to our hotel. At the hotel my sister and I put on our swimming togs. My Dad went to the back of the hotel to fill up the hot tub. Then we tried to use the bubbler but it didn’t work. So we went to my cousin’s hot tub and had a nice swim. I was very tired. After that my sister and I slept until the morning.

At the holidays

At the holidays I went to school. My school’s called Veyila Bich School. I ate apples. I went to school to learn. I learnt my times tables. I played with Caleb. We played tiggy. When school was finished my dad picked me up. He took us home. I like going to school.

In the holidays

In the holidays I went to my cousins' house. Their names are Big Tuporo and Christian. I played my cousin’s monster game. The game belongs to Christian and the X-Box belongs to Big Tuporo. I had fun.

At the weekend

At the weekend I went to Ticketec to get tickets to the concerts. I went with my family. The first concert that we are going to is the Taylor Swift concert. Then the second concert that we are going to is the Katy Perry concert. And the third concert that we are going to is the Justin Beiber concert. Hopefully I will have lots of fun.