Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I Love Books

I love books
Books are fun
Books are great
Just you wait.
Books are the love in the world
And the world
Is like a twirl!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Inquiry Topic: India and New Zealand, and Water

In New Zealand we get our water to our homes through pipes and it comes out of the taps in our kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and into our toilets.  Some of us also have taps in our gardens and backyards.  Sometimes we attach a hose to the outdoor tap to get water to our plants in our gardens.  If we don't have a hose we use a bucket to carry water for our garden.  In India many people have to carry water in buckets or large jugs to their homes from  wells or rivers.  

In general, our water supply in New Zealand is safe to drink after it has been treated by chemicals to clean it.  Whereas, in India people still die from diseases because they have to drink dirty water.  

In India engineers are building new reservoirs and putting in pipes to give people clean water to drink in and near their homes.  This is so they don't have to go to the well or river every time they need water.

The Ganges River:
The Ganges River is a large river in India.  It has has more than 400 million people that depend upon it for food, water, and to run factories.  The Ganges River is sacred to Hindus all over the world.  The Ganges is known as Ganga Ma meaning the Mother Ganges with thousands of people going to worship it every day.  

The Waikato River:
The Waikato River is a large river near to our city in New Zealand.  It is not as big as the Ganges River but it is sacred to Tangagatawhenua, the first people of New Zealand known as Maori.  Our water, in Auckland, comes from it and it is an important source of water for our farmers.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Family Camping

Mum's in the kitchen packing our food, 
Dad's in the garage loading up the van,
Jackson's lost his flashlight,
He's in a bad mood,
And Alena's packing her things 
As fast as she can.

Spot the dog is chasing the cat.
While Uncle Joel is looking
A little fat.

Camping Word Brainstorm
hunting                      adventure           scared
camper van                 tent                    pillow fights
scary stories               lollies                flashlight
climbing trees            fishing               camp fire
BBQ food                  crabbing             sleeping bag
fireside songs             picnic

Family Word Brainstorm
Mum          Dad                         Parents
Aunt           Uncle            
Nana           Granddad              Grandparents
sister           brother 
niece           nephew
Great Grand Mother                   Great Grandfather      

Inquiry Topic: India and New Zealand, and their Flags

Walt:  I am learning to compare the New Zealand flag with the Indian flag.  I know that the Indian flag is made up of three colours. The colours are saffron, which is a type of orange, white and green. There is a navy blue wheel in the middle of the flag with 24 spokes. The spokes represent the values that are respected by the Indian people.  These values include love, patience, peacefulness and self-control.  We, in New Zealand, also respect these values.

The New Zealand flag has a blue British Royal Navy symbol and the Southern Cross on a blue background.  It was declared a national flag in 1902 and shows the country's relationship to Britain at this time.   The Southern Cross is also depicted on the flag using 4 white-edged red five pointed stars.  In this way the flag emphasizes New Zealand's location in the South Pacific Ocean. Alternative New Zealand flags have been put forward to show Maori as our country's Tangatawhenua, that is the first people of New Zealand.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Going Out With My Mum

On the weekend I went to the pet shop.  The pet shop is in Glen Innes.   I went with my Mum.  We saw a big blue and yellow fish. Then my Mum saw a pretty fish.  My Mum said, "It is home time", so I jumped in the car and we went home.

I have a dog so I don't need a fish.  She is a girl dog.  She is pretty and I love her.  I had a fun day going out with my Mum.

Going To Chipmunks

On the weekend I went to chipmunks with my Mum. First I went to the big slide.  I went down the slide very fast and that was lots of fun.  When I got to the bottom of the slide the mat went up.  That gave me a surprise.  Then I went into the bouncy castle.  It was pink like my hat.  When I had finished playing in the bouncy castle I sat on a chair with my Mum and we talked for a while.  After that I went back to the bouncy castle to play.  I couldn't stand up in the bouncy castle because it kept moving a bit.  After that my Mum said that it was time to go home.  I had fun with my Mum.

Buying a Car

On the weekend I went to church with my family.  After church my Mum and I went to get my Dad a car.  We went to a car sales yard. The car we got was blue.  My Dad liked the blue car.  My dad went home in the car and we went home in the car too. 

Then we went to the food court and we had lunch. We had seafood for our lunch.  It tasted really good.  At the food court we saw Jacob and his family.  I played on the park with Jacob and his cousin Isaac.  We had lots of fun playing together.  

When we got back home we watched a movie.  The movie was called 'A Family'.  I had fun with my Mum and Dad.  

My School

I go to Saint Patrick's School in Panmure.  At my school we have a new play area.  It  has a roof over it to help keep out the rain in the winter and to keep out the sun in the summer.  It has different types of shapes for us to play on.  

We have 5 classes at our school and five teachers.  We have a library with lots of good books to read.  We have a school Principal at our school and her name is Miss Bullot.  Our uniform is green and white, and our playground has a green slide which I like to play on.  I love my school and all of my school friends.

My Favourite Pet Fantasy

One day my friend, Lea, bought me a puppy.  It was a girl puppy. I named my puppy Lana.  She is black and white, and she is small. Lana is my friend and she lives at my house.  I have given her my poppy and she sleeps on my bed.   Lana and I play on my laptop together.  She eats healthy dog biscuits and meat, and she needs water to drink.  I love my puppy.  

Singing Practice

This morning Mrs Dines from Room 8 came to find me.  She said, "Go and ask Miss Craig if you can come with me to Room 8 to practice our song".  Miss Craig said, "Yes, and listen carefully to Mrs Dines".  

When I got to Room 8 there were other students from different classes.  There was Mika from Room 2, a boy from Room 5L, Oliver and a girl with beautiful black hair from Room 7, and Launoa, Rosary, and Philemena from Room 8.  

We sang and practiced moving the globe together and we turned around.  Mrs Dines said, Good job everybody!"  When we had finished practicing we went back to our classes.  

Going To The Warehouse

On the weekend I went to the Warehouse with my Mum and my Dad.  We went in our car to the Sylvia Park Warehouse.  At the Warehouse my Mum and Dad bought me an laptop.  My laptop can do the same things that my iPad can do at school.

When I got home I went onto Reading Eggs and read some books and I played some learning games.  On Reading Eggs I read the book called, "I Like My Puppies" and the book called, "Orange".  I like reading these books.  My Nana said, "Great Desiree and now you can go onto the learning games"!  After that I went onto Xtramaths and I practiced my Maths.   I really like working on my new laptop.  Thanks Mum and Dad for my laptop!

Going Shopping

On the weekend I went to the shops with my Mum and my older sister.  At the shops we bought some food.  We bought some milk, some cake and some apples.  We also bought some pizza.  When we had finished getting our food my Mum paid the shop owner.  Then we went back home.  At home we ate some of our food.  I liked the pizza because it had cheese and tomato sauce on it.  After we had eaten we were tired so we went to sleep.  I like going to the shops with my Mum and my big sister.  I like helping them to get the food and count out the money.

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I am going to be a nurse.  I want to be a nurse because nurses help sick people and poor people.  Nurses help sick people to get better.  Sometimes nurses work in the hospital and sometimes they work at the doctors place.  Nurses help poor people get well so they can go to work and earn some money.  Then they will not be poor anymore.

Maths: Saving Money

When I am older I am going to save my money to buy the things that I want.  I am going to use my savings to buy myself some play dough.  The play dough that I will buy will be coloured rainbow colours and it will be good play dough.  I will have lots of fun playing with my new play dough.  Saving money will help me to buy the things that I need and the things that I want.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Going To Jamie's Brithday Party

On the Weekend my brother, my Dad and I went to Jamie's birthday party.  Jamie is my friend and she goes to the same school as my brother and I.  

When we got to Jamie's place Jamie said, "Do you want to play with me?"  I said, "Yes" and we went to the Parkcorp.  My Mum and Dad took up to play at Parkcorp.  At Parkcorp I climbed up a pretend side of a cliff.  It felt soft and there were square things to put my feet in to help me to climb to the top.  After I got to the top I jumped down onto soft things.  This made my landing safe.  

A while later I saw Frances.  I said, "Hello Frances", and Frances said, "Hi".  Then I asked her if she wanted to come and play with us.  Frances said, "Yes".  We played tag on the bouncy castle.   After we had finished playing tag my Dad asked if we wanted to eat.   I ate chicken and rice.  It tasted good.  Then my Dad said, "Let's go home", and we did.  I had lots of fun at Jamie's birthday party.  

During The Weekend

During the weekend I went to Burger King with my family.  We went inside Burger King and then I ordered the Bomb Burger and a soda.  Bomb Burger and the soda tasted good.  It was a little bit noisy but we could still talk and hear each other. 

After that we went home and we watched the video Boss Baby on TV.  It was fun and the Boss Baby was funny because he slapped the boy's face and they both drank the milk.  It was the Boss Baby's world and his job.  My brother and I laughed.  I had a fun weekend with my family.

Father's Day

On Father's Day I baked a banana cake for my dad at my house.  I baked it with my brother Alizzandro  and my Mum, Wing.  While my Mum and my brother were baking I made a Father's Day card for my Dad.  

When my Mum looked at my card she said that my card was good and I said, "okay".  When I had finished making my Father's Day card I helped with baking the banana cake.  

First I put all of the ingredients listed in the recipe into the mixing bowl.  Then I mixed the ingredients and my brother helped me.  Next my Mum put the mixture into the cake time and then put it into the oven.  

Later my Dad looked at my card and he said, "I love your card so much Angelina, thank you".  My Dad gave me a hug.  My brother didn't have a Father's Day card but my Dad said that it was okay.  

Finally the banana cake was ready and my Mum took it out of the oven.  The cake was hot and it smelt of banana.  My Dad ate some of the cake and he said that it was delicious, and then we all ate some too.  It was the best Father's Day ever.  My Dad said, "I had the best day ever!"

Little Red Riding Hood

One day there was a girl named Red Riding Hood.  Red Riding Hood loved to go to the woods.  She liked all of the flowers there and all of the trees.  Her Nana's was Jess and she was really sick.  She lived near the woods.  So one day Red Riding Hood walked through the woods to to and see her Nana.  

On the way Red Riding Hood met the Big Black Wolf.  The Wolf wanted to eat Red Riding Hood.  When Red Riding got to her Nana's house Nana had big eyes and big ears. Red Riding Hood stared at her Nana. This was because it wasn't her Nana at all it was the Big Black Wolf dressed up as Nana. 

The wolf  said, "I am going to eat you up!!!  The Black Wolf jumped up and chased Red Riding Hood.  When the Black Wolf saw the Woodcutter he ran quickly back into the woods.  Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter were worried that the Wolf had eaten her Nana but they found her in the cupboard.  Nana was very pleased to see her Granddaughter and the Woodcutter.  They all hugged each other.

My School

My school is in the suburb of Panmure and it is named Saint Patrick's School.  At my school we have two basketball courts, and we have 5 classrooms.  I like playing on the basketball courts on the weekends and after school.  During school only the big children are allowed to play on the court.   Our school has a new play area and it is near the courts.  We play gymnastics on the new play area. We have five teachers and our Principal is Miss Bullot. She is a nice principlal.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Going To The Warehouse

On the weekend I went to the Warehouse with my Mum and Dad, brother and sisters.  First we bought a new book for my younger brother.  It was an A B C book.  Cosma enjoyed looking at his colourful book.  Next we bought a pencil case for my sister.  She like it because it had rainbows on it.  After that we bought me a green and blue race car. It was a flash car.  Then we bought a purple and pink flower for my Mum, because she likes purple and pink.  My Mum smelt her flower and she said that it smelt wonderful.  Later we bought a green hat for my Dad.  My Dad liked it because it was green.  After we had finished our shopping we went back home.  We had a good day shopping.