Thursday, 31 July 2014

My Family

My Family

In the holidays I mostly stayed at home.  One night my brother and his family came to stay for a sleepover.  My brother’s name is Sefo.  He came with his girlfriend.  She is called Seta.  Sefo brought my niece and nephew over too.  They are Sefo’s son and daughter.

My niece’s name is Nia.  She is named after my mum.  Nia is only little.  She is still a baby.  My nephew’s name is Isaac.  Isaac is only 2 years old.  He is still young.  He is younger than me. 

They all had a sleep over.  This was because it is going to be my brother’s birthday next week.   He is going to have a party.  It is going to be cool because all of my family are going to be there.

By Kena

The Smurf Movie

The Smurf Movie

In the holidays I watched a fantastic movie.  It was called The Smurfs.  I watched it at home with my mum, my dad and my sisters. 

The main character in the movie was a blue girl Smurf.  Her name was Smurfette.  There were lots of other Smurfs in the move too. 

In the beginning of the movie Smurfette got a new sister and a new brother.  Together they celebrated Smurfette’s birthday.  They sang happy birthday to Smurfette and they ate some birthday cake.

In the movie a bad man called Gargamal made some bad Smurfs.  In the middle of the movie a bad girl Smurf tried to capture Smurfette by taking her into the water.  Smurfette managed to get out of the water but Gargamal got her. 

At the end of the story the good people and the good Smurfs saved Smurfette by breaking the blue things that powered Gargamal’s wand.  Then they all celebrated Smurfettes birthday again.  It was a fun movie and it was a family movie.

By Summer

The Movies

The Movies

In the holidays I went to my cousin’s birthday party.  His name is Joey.  He turned 7 years old, so he is older than me.  Joey’s birthday party was in our church hall. 

A lot of people came to Joey’s birthday party.  There was my nana, my auntie Vanessa, and my mum.  My mum’s name is Natasha.   Lots of my family were at Joey’s birthday party. 

First we ate birthday cake.  It was a chocolate and strawberry cake.  It was decorated with strawberries and it had an angel on top of it.  It looked very pretty.  It tasted like strawberries and it was yum.

Next we watched a movie.  The movie was about a dragon.  The dragon was called Joey.  It had a sad ending because the dragon died at the end of the movie. 

After the movie I gave Joey his present.  I gave him a doll’s house.  It had dolls inside it.  They were little dolls.  Joey said, “Thank you”, to me.  Joey liked his present.

Later we went to McDonalds and ate and played.  After that we went to the park to play some more.  Then we went home.  It was a fantastic day.

By Eliza

My Family Feast

My Family Feast

In the holidays I went to my family’s feast.  It was at my nana and grandpa’s house.  My whole family was there.  It was cool going to visit my nana at her and grandpa’s house. 

I went with my mum and dad.  Some of my aunts, uncles and cousins were there.  There were just my dad’s brothers and sisters.  There was no one from my mum’s side of our family.

After we arrived I went and hugged my nana.  I love her a lot and she loves me.  Then I went outside to play hop scotch with my cousins.  Their names are Mario, Kava, Liston, Sione, Patricia, David and Dora. 

Later my cousin David lent me his toy gun.  I shot the gun up and I shot the gun down.  I aimed it at the tree.  It shot darts with sticky things on the end of them. 

Then we went inside to eat some food.  We ate barbequed chicken, sausages and fish.  It tasted really good.  Everyone was quiet as we ate.  After we had eaten I went home with my mum and dad.  I wasn’t tired and I wanted to stay with my nana, because I love my nana.

By Fulila

The Movies

The Movies

In the holidays dad and I went to the movies.  The movie that we saw was called ‘The House of Magic’.  We saw the movie at Hoyts Cinema, which is at the Sylvia Park Shopping Mall.

At the beginning of the movie a cat was thrown out of a big truck on the road by its’ owner.  The cat was a girl.  Her friend the dog came along and said, “Are you lonely?”  The cat said, “Yes I am lonely”.  Later the cat saw an old house.  It looked very spooky.  The cat saw two doves.  They flew into the top window of the old house.

In the middle of the movie the cat went into the window of the spooky house by climbing up the tree.  Then she heard a man in the house.  It was the Magic man and he was telling a story to some toys.  The toys were alive. The Magic man’s name was Mathew.  Next the man saw the cat and he named her Thunder.  He gave her that name because the cat was afraid of the thunder outside.

Later Mathew tried to destroy his house because he was allergic to cats.  He used a crane with a large ball at the end of it to break his house.  Thunder saved the house.  She did this by hanging onto the ball of the crane.  The house was only broken a little bit.

At the end of the movie Mathew fixed the house.   Mathew put up with his allergy to cats. The cat lived happily in the old spooky house with a mouse and a rabbit.  Mathew visited them sometimes.

By Elisha

My Birthday

My Birthday

In the holidays I celebrated my birthday.  I turned eight years old.  First I went to McDonalds at Sylvia Park shopping mall with my auntie Nita and my cousin Paula.  When we got to McDonalds we played shopping and tag.  Then we ate our McDonalds food.

Next we went shopping.  We bought clothes and shoes for me.  They were my birthday presents.  I bought a pair of long blue jeans with glitter on them and a pair of blue shoes with glitter.  They matched each other because the shoes and jeans were both blue and had glitter on them. 

After we had finished shopping we went back home and ate my birthday cake.  It was chocolate and it tasted yummy.  My cousins from Christchurch joined us to eat my birthday cake. Their names are baby Bya, baby Paula, Sione and Seta.

It was my best birthday cake ever and I liked having my cousins with me.  I had a great birthday.

By Uinisieti

Going To The Beach

Going To The Beach

In the holidays I went swimming at the beach.  I went with my three brothers and my sister.  My sisters’ name is Rhonda and my brothers’ names are Sosefo, Kolio and Ofa.  My Dad took us to the beach. 

When we got to the beach the first thing we did was to have a swim.  It was very cold because it is the middle of winter.  But it was still lots of fun.  After we got out of the water we quickly got dry and put on our clothes to get warm.

Next we went looking for shells and seaweed along the beach.  We found ten shells and ten pieces of seaweed.  Then we played on the sand.  Rhonda, my brothers and I built lots of sandcastles.  We decorated them with shells and sticks.  They looked really cool.

Later we went home, had a shower and ate some hot food.  I like going to the beach to play.  I like it a lot.  The best part was looking for shells and seaweed together.

By Heneliena

My Friend’s Birthday Party

My Friend’s Birthday Party

In the holidays my cousin and I went to my friend’s birthday party.  My cousin’s name is JP.  My friend’s name is Toby.  Toby’s party was at the rock climbing place.  It is called ‘Climb Zone’.  My brother Aaron, my cousin Jewel and my Mum and Dad were also at Toby’s birthday party.

When we got to ‘Climb Zone’ we gave Toby his birthday present.  I gave him Lego Ninjuggo and a birthday card.  Then we ate Toby’s birthday cake.  It was chocolate with Batman decorated on it.  It tasted yum and fantastic!

Next Toby opened his presents.  He got a toy gun, a toy violin, a black and blue ball and Lego.  Then we all went rock climbing.  It was really hard climbing on the outside of the dinosaur skeleton.  I nearly fell down but my cousin Jewel caught me.  Later we played bumper cars.  We bumped each other and we had lots of fun. 

Later we went to McDonalds and then Hun Sun Restaurant for dinner.  Then we went home to sleep.  I was very tired but I had a great day!

By Bryan

How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2

In the holidays I went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.  It is a movie.  I went with Oliver, Te Riana, Augustine, Te Riana’s Nana and my Dad.  We went to Sylvia Park movies. 

At the beginning of the movie Hiccup fell off the dragon when they were flying together.  Hiccup was a human and Toothless was the dragon.  They were both goodies.  Then they flew over deep water and landed on an island.  Then they grabbed a map and looked for stuff on the planet. 

In the middle of the movie they saw ice and the bad humans caught Toothless in a net.  Hiccup broke the net and the other good dragons used fire balls out of their mouths to help get Toothless out of the net.

At the end of the movie the good dragons and the bad dragons had a fight.  All of the goodie dragons became blind because they went on the bad side.  Toothless broke the horn of a baddie dragon and killed him.  Then they had a dragon race and Toothless won.

After the movies we went to McDonalds.  We played in the playground while they cooked our food.  It was a cool movie.

By Harley

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

In the holidays I went to the movies with Te Riana, Augustine and Harley.  They are my friends.  Te Riana’s Nana and Harley’s Dad, Joseph, took us to the movies.  We went to the movie theatre at Sylvia Park. 

The movie was about dragons fighting other dragons and humans.  At the beginning of the movie the dragons practised racing.  They called it racing but it was more like soccer.  They didn’t play with a ball.  Instead they played with a sheep.  They had to fly over the goal and drop the sheep into the goal. 

The main characters in the movie are Hiccup and Toothless.  Hiccup is a boy and Toothless is a dragon. In the middle of the story Hiccup finds his mum. 

The end of the story was sad.  The good ice dragon died and then the bad ice dragon told all of the other dragons to be bad.  The dragons were kind of blind and so they couldn’t see each other.  Toothless fought Hiccup.  Toothless tried to breath fire onto Hiccup but Hiccup’s dad pushed Hiccup away.  Then Hiccup’s dad died from Toothless’ fire breathe.  But Hiccup was ok.  Hiccup’s Dad was the chief and so when he died Hiccup became the new chief.

After the movies we went to McDonald’s for lunch.  I had a fun day at the movies with my friends.

By Oliver



Yesterday at playtime I played with Oliver, Harley and Bryan.  They are my friends and we are in the same classroom at school. 

We played on the playground outside Room 1 and Room 2.  We played tag on the playground.  We ran very fast when we played tag.  Then I crawled through the purple tunnel to get away from the little children. 

Next I ran fast on the playground.  Then I climbed up the ladder.  After that I slid down the slide and I crawled through the purple tunnel again.

I love playing on the playground with my friends.

By Christopher

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Birthday

My Birthday

On Saturday it was my birthday.  I turned six years old.  I went to the movies with my family.  We saw the Transformers movie.  It was at Sylivia Park.  We went in my Mum's and brother's cars.  It was a cool movie.  

After the movie we went back home.  The next day I had my birthday cake.  I had it after we went to church.  It was a strawberry cake with curtains on the side of the cake.  In the middle of the cake it said Happy Birthday Kena.  I got lots of presents.  My favourite present was my desk.  It is green, white and orange.  I like sitting at my desk to do my reading and my homework.

By Kena

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Auntie's Birthday

My Auntie's Birthday

My Auntie Maria had a birthday party on the weekend. She is my Dad's youngest sister.  I went to her party with my Mum and Dad.  Her party was at my Nana's house.  

All of my family were there.  There were lots and lots of people.  My Mum cooked some food and we took it with us to the party.  It was sausages and chicken. I forgot to get my Auntie Maria a present but I gave her a big hug instead.  

We celebrated my Auntie Maria's birthday by have cooked pig.  This is the Tongan way of celebrating.  My Nana bought Auntie Maria a blue and white dress.  Auntie Maria liked it a lot and she look very pretty in it.  

My cousins and I played and ran around outside in the dark.  It was scary but fun at the same time.  We also played cops and robbers.  I was a cop.  The girls were cops and the boys were robbers.  I caught some robbers and put them into pretend jail.  Then one of the robbers crept out of jail and ran away.  I tried to catch him with my pretend cop police car.  I caught him but he pulled me by my T-shirt and ran away again.  I asked my other cousins to come and help me but they were all too busy trying to catch the other robbers.

After the party we were all very tired so we watched a movie' and then we went home to sleep

By Fulila