Tuesday, 29 March 2011

At the weekend

At the weekend I went to the wave pool. I went with my aunts and my cousins. I went down the slide. I went down 2 times. It was scary.

Going to Wellington

After school I packed some food in case nobody gave me any. I put it in a bag. Then I went to sleep. When I was sleeping my Dad ate some of the food that I had packed. Then my cousin and her parents were at my house. We used our car to drive to Wellington. Me, my cousin and my sister were at the back of the car. My mum and my cousin’s Mum were in the middle of the car. My Dad and my cousin’s Dad were in the front. On the way to Wellington I saw some houses, trees, grass, fences, sheep and sheepdogs. I saw some big things too. I felt dizzy. Then we were in Wellington. In Wellington I saw trees, flowers, houses, big buildings and status too. My cousin’s hotel room was near ours. We had a little refrigerator. In it was some little milk. We went to McDonalds. We ate at our hotel room. It was night. We went to sleep. The next day we went to the museum. Then a lady came to talk to us. She said that the rest of the museum would be open in a minute. In the museum I saw a ball. The ball was made of rocks. The ball was rolling slowly and it was wet. There was an ocean outside the museum. We took some family photos and then we went back to the museum. I liked going to Wellington.

Cookie Monster

At playtime I was the Cookie Monster and the kids were the cookies. The kids were running away from me because I was scary ha ha ha ha.

Going to church

This morning we went to church. We went to church to celebrate our coming back to school for 2011. There were a lot of people at Mass. These people included parents, St Patrick’s school people, Father and some of our families. We sang, prayed and knelt. We had a quiet and fun time at church.

The Weekend

On the weekend I played with my Dad. I also played with my uncle. I like playing.

The Weekend

At the weekend I did my homework. I did all of my homework. I love homework. Then I went outside to play.
ANZAC Biscuits 100 grams butter ¾ cup rolled oats 1 tablespoon golden syrup ¾ cup plain flour ½ cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda ¾ cup coconut 1 tablespoon hot water Melt butter and syrup together in a large saucepan. Cool. Mix sugar, coconut, rolled oats and flour together. Stir into saucepan. Dissolve soda in water and mix in. Place rounds teaspoonsful on a greased oven tray. Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes, or until golden.