Wednesday, 22 August 2012

In the holidays by Caleb

In the holidays I went to Ingrid’s house to have a party.  It was someone’s birthday party.  I watched the Wipe Out on TV.  After that I drank coke and seven up and watched Inkheart on TV.   Next I played with my cousin’s phone and we played with Ingrid.  We played open door and close door.  Ingrid saw me walking.  She opened the door and I froze.  She closed the door and I walked again. 

Then I drank some water and I ate some beef.  I watched my sister and my cousin’s sister.  They were playing cards together.  In the game first the players have cards.  If 2 players have some cards they don’t have their faces drawn on.  No one won the game.  Later my cousin Kevin came and we played with my cousin’s toy cars.  I had a good time at the party.

By Caleb