Wednesday, 13 April 2011

At the birthday party

At the weekend I went to a birthday party. It was my cousin Chiana’s birthday party. It was at a hall. They had heaps of balls, blocks and frizz bees. The blocks were red, yellow, green, purple and black. I kicked the ball. It went high up to the roof. I was inside the hall with my cousins when I heard a whistle. When you heard the whistle you had to sit down in the middle of the room. We played heaps of games. These games included hide and seek, duck duck goose, sharks and heaps of para-shooting games. When you were tired you could play around or rest. I had fun. When I was having the most fun I was making a castle with my brother. When the whistle rang we had to go to the eating room. We had pie and birthday cake to eat. After we had eaten and played a lot my Mum, Dad, my brother and sister and I went home. I had a fantastic day at my cousin’s birthday party.


One day it was Christmas. I got a purple bag and 3 Barbie Dolls. One of my Barbie Dolls is a Barbie in a Fashion Fairy Tale. Then I went to my cousin’s house. We did some roller skating inside her house. I had a good time.

Playtime 2

At playtime I and Lasike played soccer. We are cool at playing soccer. We scored goals. I like playing soccer.


I played on the swings with my friends. We took turns. I had fun.

At the weekend

At the weekend I played with my cousins and my Mum. We had fun.

Friday Playtime

At playtime I played with Rosary and Kiesha. We had fun playing at the park.

At Playtime

I played with Jayden, Ingrid and Celeste at playtime. We played cooking and sisters. I like playing with my friends.

Going to Wellington

During our stay in Wellington we visited the Museum. At the museum we saw a skeleton of a dinosaur and some old famous statues. The best thing I saw at the museum was a crane made out of plastic. It could move a spinning top. At the museum my dad bought some glow in the dark bracelets from the shop. When it was time to leave the Museum we went to the Wellington Cable car. I found an information booklet about the Wellington Cable car. In the front of the booklet it said the Wellington Cable car. My dad had some tickets. We had a ride on the cable car. The cable car went into some tunnels. I liked going through the tunnels and looking outside through the windows at the trees, the grass and the flowers.