Monday, 13 June 2016

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Thank you God for the long weekend.  It was Queen's Birthday Weekend.  On the weekend I went shopping with my mum.  The first shop we went to was Pack and Save.  My mum bought me a bottle of water and a pottle of yogurt.  At the check out counter we gave the woman seven dollars. Next, we went to the clothes shop.  At the clothes shop my mum bought my sister Christine a T-shirt.  It had a frog on it.  She also bought a pink dress for herself.  The dress was two dollars.  We paid the man at the counter.  Then we left to go to Boohoo.  At Boohoo's my mum bought me some shoes. They had flowers on them, so my mum bought them because she knows that I like flowers.  After we had finished our shoping we put all of our things in the car.  We got into the car and I said, "I love shoping".  Then we drove home.

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Thank you God for the long weekend.  It was Queen's Birthday Weekend.  On the weekend I went to Bounce and Beyond.  I went with my uncle's friend's daughter. Bounce and Beyond is a kind of fun indoor park.  First I went on the big slide.  I went fast down the slide. I also sat on the King's Throne.  After that I climbed Bouncy Mountain.  It was fun but hard to climb up.    I liked the King's Throne the best because it made me feel like a king.  Later my mum came and picked me up.  It was fun.  Then we went back home.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Thank you God for the long weekend.  It was Queen’s Birthday weekend.  On the weekend I went to the cinema with my uncle and my two cousins.  First my uncle Daniel picked me up from my Grandma’s place.  Then we went to my cousins’ place.  One of my cousins is sixteen years old and the other one is nineteen years old.  My cousins are girls.  After that we drove to the cinema in my uncle’s truck.  At the cinema we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie was about four Teenage Mutant Turtle’s.  They were all brothers.  Their names were Raph, Leo, Mickey and Donnie.  The four brothers all had different skills and characteristics.  Raph was mean and strong, Mickey was funny and silly, Donnie was smart like a scientist, and Leo was the leader of the Ninja Turtles.  The movie was very silly in a funny kind of way.  When the movie was finished we went back home and I had a fun day.

Mr Peabody and Sherman

Thank you God for the long weekend.  It was Queen's birthday weekend.  On the weekend I watched Mr Peabody and Sherman.  I watched the movie at home with my whole family. 

Mr Peabody is a dog and Sherman is a boy.  Sherman is a very smart boy in his class.  There is also a girl in the movie. Her name is Penny.  Penny didn't like Sherman and so she called him a dog at school.  Then Sherman bit Penny on the arm.  

The teacher took a photo of Penny looking sad, because Sherman had bitten her on her arm, and so she was sad. Next Sherman told Mr Peabody that he was sorry for biting Penny.  Mr Peabody said that he didn't want it to happen again.

After that Sherman explained to Mr Peabody that Penny had called him a dog.  Mr Peabody understood because Sherman was speaking English and not dog language.  Later Penny's parents and Penny went to Sherman's house.  Mr Peabody suggested that Sherman show Penny her rock collection. Then Sherman accidently showed Penny the Lab. 

Something happend in the Lab and Penny ended up in Egypt, but later she got back home.  It was a fantastic movie! I wish that I could watch it again.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Hi Brielle

Hi Brielle,
We are missing you today.
We want to wish you a happy birthday.
We wanted to sing happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Brielle!!!
Hip Hip Hooray Brielle!!!

Love from,
Your friends in Room 1
At St Patrick's School

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Thank you God for the long weekend.  It was Queen's birthday weekend.  On the weekend my family and I played the game Mafia.  There were my mum and dad, my cousins, my sister, my brother, my aunty Tracy and my aunty Genie and my uncle Funo.  We played Mafia at my house.

Mafia is a card game.  If you are the King it means that you are a cop.  If you are the Jack you are a member of the Mafia.  The people who are the Mafia pretend to kill other people.  We are not allowed to show each other our cards.  It is a very exciting and scary game.  We had lots of fun on Queen's Birthday weekend.

Going To Goosebumps

On the weekend I went to the movies with my mum.  We went to watch Goosebumps.  It is a horror film and it was a bit scary.  I saw a wolf and a large insect.  It was trying to eat the boys and the girls.  It was a good movie.

Going To Chipmunks

On the weekend I went to chipmunks with my family.  I went on the slide.  It was fun on the slide.  Then I went on the helipcopter.  It rocks sideways.  I would like to be a helicopter pilot when I grow up.

Going To Church

Than you God for the long weekend.  It was Queen's Birthday weekend.  On the weekend I went to church with my family.  We prayed to God and to Jesus.  We sang hymns about how much God loves us and we love God.

The Weekend

Thank you God for the weekend.  It was Queen’s Birthday weekend.  On the weekend I went to Rainbows End.  I had a fun time.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Weekend

On the weekend I went to the pools with my dad and my sister.  We changed into our swimming togs at home, so when we got to the pools we went straight into the pool for a swim.  The first thing that I did was a cartwheel, and then I did a flip.  Next I swam under the water.  When I swam under the water I could see other kid’s feet.  They looked different under the water. 

After that I got out of the pool.  We were hungry so we had our snacks.  Next I went back into the water and I played with my sister.  We played piggy back.  I went on my sister’s back first and then my sister went second.  We loved playing the piggy back ride on each other. 

Later we went on the slide.  I went down the slide slowly, but at the bottom I went fast.  I made a big splash when I ended up back in the pool. Then my dad said we had to go home.  First we got dressed and then we went home. I love going to the swimming pool with my dad and my sister.