Friday, 18 September 2015

Fruit And Vegetables

My favourite fruit are apples, because they are colourful, juicy and crunchy.  My favourite vegetables are carrots, because they are also nice and crunchy.  Fruit and vegetables have vitamins in them which are good for our bodies.  Vitamins make you fit and strong, and they help our bodies to fight off germs and viruses.  You see, God made fuit and vegetables for us to eat because they make us healthy, they help to prevent us from getting sick.  I love my fruit and vegetables.

A Rainbow In The Sky

When I see a rainbow in the sky I feel so happy,
I want to sing about it.
I dance through the hallway
and then I go outside singing loudly.  
Not too loud, just like an inside voice.  
And later I go inside again
and I eat a rainbow cupcake that our mum made us. 
I love rainbows.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Weekend

On the weekend, I read lots of books at home with my parents. And then my parents told me to read more books because it helps me in my knowledge. After I went in my room and read lots and lots of stories.

When I finished reading my stories, I write what I’m reading about in my stories. After when I finish reading and writing, I went with my friends at the backyard of my house. My weekend was so exciting and fun.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

On Father's Day

On the weekend my family and I celebrated Father's Day.  We celebrated Father's Day at church.  It was held at my uncle's house. When we got to my uncle's house we waited untill the church service had started.  When got inside we sang the first song and after that Father said something.  Then we sang again.  After that we listened to the first Bible reading and the second Bible reading.  Then we listened to the Gospel which Father read.

When the Gospel reading had finished we had Holy Communion. This means that they give out the bread and the wine.  The adults have the bread and the wine and the kids get blessed.  Finally, Father went to the front and we said a prayer.  Later our church service was finished.  It was fun to sing to the Lord and listen to Bible readings.  Then we all went home and played outside.

The Church Strand

In Religious Studies we have been learning about the Church Strand.  We have learnt that for us the word church doesn't mean the building in which we go to worship God together. The word church refers to the people who are in our chuch community.  We can worship God anywhere because he is always with us and he always listens to us.  We don't have to be in a church building to talk and pray to God.  We have also learnt about Jesus being baptised by John the Baptist, who was his older cousin.  John said, "Here is the Lamb of God" who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29).  John encouraged people to, "Come and see".  We talked abou how Jesus called the four fishermen to be his Disciples.  Then he called some more men to be his Apostles.  This was the beginning of our early church.  The church is, and always was, about the people who come together to worship God.  We liked learning about the early church and what it means for us today.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Father's Day

On Father's Day we went to Denny's restaurant.  There was my mum, dad, little brother and I.   We got some sourbread for my dad and he was happy.  We had other things to eat too.  I said, "You are the best dad".  My dad said, "Thank you Caylin".  I had a fun day!

Father's Day

On Father's Day I packed up my things.  Then I helped to tidy up the house.  When I had finsihed I had a shower and brushed my teeth.  Then I got ready for our Father's Day breakfast.  After breakfast I went and tidied up my room again because my older brother needed a pencil.  His name is Tautoua.  Then I finished tidying up the house.  After that I did my homework and some handwriting.  My mum and dad had gone shopping.

Later I played with my older brother on the playstation . The game we played was called Black Cups. Then we heard the sound of our car.  We knew that our mum and dad were back home from the shops.  We had all made our dad Father's Day Cards.  My dad liked his Father Day Cards and he said, Thank You".

After that we got ready to go to the beach.  First we put our things into the van.  My cousin, anutie, uncle and nana went in anther van.  Then we drove to the beach.  At the beach I put everything outside.  I went to change in the women's toilets and then I went for a swim in the sea.  I also played rugby with my uncle and dad.  After that we had something to eat and we played some more.  When we were all tired we drove back home.  I had a fun day on Father's Day with my family.

Happy Father's Day

On Father's Day we went to my cousin's house for presents.  We gave our dad some presents. We gave him some chocolates and a jacket.  My dad said, "Thank you very much", and he gave my mum a kiss.  After that it was time for us to go back home.

Father's Day

On Father's Day my brother and I asked our uncle if he could help us to get something for my Father on Father's day.  His name is Joseph.  He said, "Ok".  I said, "see you".  I was happy so I sang a happy song.  I sang, "la, la, la, la, la, la, sing the happy song.  La, la, la, la, la, la sing it all day long".
My brother and I said, "Thank you", to my uncle.  Then my uncle too us to the Warehouse.  At the Warehouse we bought a gift for my uncle and my dad.  I bought a book for my dad.  It is called Moon Over Soho.  The author is Ben Aaronovitch.  I picked this book because my dad likes technology and it looks like a good story.  I bought my uncle a really cool hat.  He wanted a hat.  It was cool shopping at the Warehouse.  After we had finsihed shopping for Father's Day we went home. My dad was working so I didn't get to see him but he phoned me to say 'hi' and 'good night'.  I was tired so I went to bed.

Father's Day

On Father's Day I went to church with my family to celebrate Father's Day.  My mum gave my dad a suprise on Sunday.  She gave him some black socks and a pair of blue shoes.  She wrapped them up in some nice blue paper.  She asked us to find some cellotape to do up Dad's present.  My dad loved his suprise that my mum had got for him.  I said, "Happy Father's Day" to my dad.  He said, "Thank you".  I had fun celebrating Father's Day.  I want to celebrate Father's Day again soon!

Happy Father's Day

On Father's Day I gave my dad a Father's Day card when he was sleeping.  Then my family and I went to Sylivia Park.  When we arrived there we went to eat Burger King food.  Next we went to see a movie.  It was called 'I Robot'.  Before the movie started I went and got some popcorn and somethning to drink.  It was a very movie.  It was one good robot and lots of  bad robots.  The good robot beat the bad robots.

After that we went to the Panmure park.  First I played on the monkey bars.  Then I played on the slide with my friend.  His name is JT.  We had lots of fun and then we went back home.

Happy Father's Day

On the weekend I celebrated Father's Day.  My dad and I went to the swimming pools.  It  was cool!  My dad did some bombs in the pool.  I swam up and down the swimming pool.  There were heaps of people at the swimming pools. I found a friend to play with.  My friend's name was Jet.  We played tag.  I was in.  I tagged him and then we played hide and go seek.  It was cool!   Then we got dressed and went home.

Happy Father's Day

On the weekend my dad and I celebrated Farther's Day.  I took my dad to Denny's resaurant.  Before we ate our food my dad paid the Denny person.  Then my dad got some curly fries.  We ate our curly fries and then my dad paid the Denny person for desert.  For desert my dad and I ordered chocolate fudge.  It tasted really good.  I like celebrating Father's Day and so did my dad!

Friday, 4 September 2015

I Like Duffy Books

I like Duffy books becuase they give you a smart head when we read them.  We read them because we want to improve at reading and to get to the next reading level.  When Duffy comes we pick our favourite books.  Yee!  Yee!  We love Duffy books.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

After School

Yesterday, after school my mum and I went to the playground.  It was our school playground. First I slid down the slide. I went fast and it was fun.  Then I went on the monkey bars.  I liked swinging on the monkey bars. Next my mum pushed me on the bouncy slide.  I liked doing that too, it was fun.

Getting My Ears Checked

This morning my mum, dad and I went to the doctors.  We went in our car and we got parking outside the doctor’s office.  We went to get my ears checked. 
When we got to the doctor’s place a lady asked me how I was going.  I don’t know her name.  She told me to sit on a big chair. Then she checked both of my ears and said that there was no ear wax.  She told my mum that something was blocking my ear.  The lady showed us a model of the inside of our ears. 
After that the lady said that next time I go to see her I will have to lie down on the bed.  Then she will put something in my ear, and it will help me to hear better.  I am looking forward to going again so that I can hear better.

My Nephew’s Birthday Party

On Sunday I went to Chipmunks with my family.  We went there to celebrate my nephew’s birthday.  His name is Deandre and he turned 2 years old.  Our family all got together to celebrate his birthday at Chipmunks. 

There were a lot of balloons tied up in the little children’s area.  That is the area for children aged between 0 and 4 years old.  Deandre had a birthday cake.  It was a strawberry and orange cake and it said “Happy Birthday Deandre”.  The cake tasted like strawberry and chocolate cake.  It was yum!  We all sang Happy Birthday to Deandre and Deandre danced as we sang to him.  He was happy and I was happy too. 

We also had some ice blocks.  They were all chocolate and mine tasted good.  They were very big and when I had finished eating mine I felt as if I had eaten hundreds of ice blocks.  I had a good time at Deandre’s birthday.  But at the end Deandre’s favourite balloon fell out of the car and it popped.  Deandre cried so I gave him one of my balloons.  I gave him his favourite coloured balloon and he stopped crying.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sunday Church

On Sunday I went to Mass with my family.  First we had breakfast and then we drove to church in our car.  Sister Evalesi said that it was important to go to Sunday church because us children were part of the school choir.
I sat at the front with the other Saint Patrick children, the way Sister Evalesi told us.  While we sang hymns Sister Evalesi played the guitar.  I sang with my best voice.  There were a lot of people at church. 

After Mass I went to Sunday school with my brother Christopher and my mother.  At Sunday school I was given a piece of paper and I drew Saint Patrick’s School.  I also drew my friends and myself playing in the playground.  We sang songs and we played hangman.  I like going to Sunday school because I like to learn about God and sing songs.  After Sunday school we had a cup of tea and then we went home.

Going To Sunday Mass

On Sunday I went to Mass with some of my family.  It was an important Mass for our school because our school children were the choir. 

During the week we all had to practise our singing.  We did singing practice with the whole school in Room 4.  On Friday Room 8 couldn’t do singing practice because they had to do PE games outside with their coach.

Some of my family and I went to church in our family car.  I sat with my school near the front of the church.  The rest of my family went to another church.  My dad had to help the priest at another church.

At church I sang with my school choir and we prayed.  I listened to Father Michael and I remembered to do what my mum and dad tell me to do.

After Mass I went to Sunday school.  Later we had a cup of tea and then we walked home.  I like going to church because it is important for us to remember to listen to our mums and dads, and be friendly towards other people.

By Veronica