Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Holiday in Gisborne

In the holidays I went to Gisborne.  I went with my family.  There was my auntie Hope, my mum and dad, my two brothers and me.  My oldest brother’s name is Jayviah and my youngest brother’s name is Korde.

We went in our car and we took our caravan.  I went to my uncle’s house.  His name is uncle Ollie.  When we got to Gisborne we went to a funeral.  It was my Nana Mana’s funeral.  There were a lot of people there.  All of my Nanas were there.  They all hugged me. They love me very much.

The next day we went for a swim.  The gate to the swimming pool was locked but my Uncle went and got a key from my cousin.  The water was nice and cold.  It felt good because it was a very hot day.  I did lots of swimming on my own and I did some handstands in the water.  My family went swimming with me.  We had a great time.  I like going to Gisborne to stay with my family.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I played with my friends.  Their names are Arnu and Kera.  They are both older than me.  Arnu is 9 years old and Kera is 8 years old. 

We played at my house.  We played in the bark in my garden.  We ran around, played tag and slid down on the bark.  We played with our water guns and we squirted each other with water. 

Next we put our water guns down and climbed up the tree. We climbed high in the tree.  When we got down we threw bark in each other’s T-shirts.  After that I climbed up the tree and my friends squirted me with water.

I had a fun day and so did my friends.  I like playing in the bark with my friends.

The Beach

In the holidays I went to the beach.  I went with my mum and dad, my auntie and uncle, and my brother and cousin.  My brother’s name is Christian and my cousin’s name is Lay.  We went in my gandpa’s car. 

When we arrived at the beach I had a drink and then I went for a swim.  My brother and my cousin also went for a swim.  At first it was very cold then after we swam for a while I got warm.  Next we got out of the water and played on the playground.  I played on the big slide, the swing and the roundabout. 

After that we went home.  The best thing I liked about the day was swimming in the sea.  It was lots of fun.

Rainbows End

In the holidays I went to Rainbows End.  I went with my cousin, my sister and my auntie.  We went in my auntie’s van. 

When we got to Rainbows End I went on the roller coaster. My sister sat at the front of the roller coaster and I sat at the back.  The roller coaster went very fast.  I liked going fast.  Next I went on an aeroplane.  It went up and down.  My sister couldn’t go on it because she was too big.  I liked going on the aeroplane because it was fast.  Then I went inside and played a game and we played tag.

I like going to Rainbows End because there are lots of neat things to do.  I would like to go there again.


In the holidays I went to Rotorua.  Rotorua is down south.  It is colder than Auckland.  I went with my family and my church family.  We went in a car.  There were about 25 cars altogether.  I was in the same car as my friend Angelina.  During the trip we played on Angelina’s Ipad.  It was a long trip and Angelina and I fell asleep leaning on each other. 

We stayed in a big place.  First I went to my room and put my things away. I shared a room with Duckby and Ahou.  Next I went outside and played with my friends and cousins.  We played, and hide and go seek.  I peeked.  Then we had a shower and something to eat.  We had to go to bed at 10-00 o’clock.  I had a great day.

The Sleepover

In the holidays my brother and his family came for a sleepover at my house.  There was my brother, his girlfriend and their kids.  One of the kids is a boy.  His name is Isaac and he is 3 years old.  Isaac is my nephew.  His sister is called Nia and she is 1 year old.  She is still a baby.  Nia is my niece.

First we all watched my brothers’ movie about rugby.  Then we watched my nephews’ movie.  It was called Spiderman.  I missed some of the movie because I was brushing my sisters’ hair.  My sister is called Ana and she is 16 years old.

Next we watched my nieces’ movie.  It was called Frozen.  The main characters in the movie are Ona and Elsa.  They are princesses.  There are also 2 boys in the movie.  They are Prince Hans and Prince Christoff. 

After that we went to my gandma’s house and we ate some food.  Then we went back home and went to sleep.

Going To See My Aunties

In the holidays I went to see my aunties.  Their names are auntie Monica and auntie Narnquid.  I went to see them with my mum.  Auntie Monica is 11 years old and auntie Narnquid is 14 years old.  They live near us so we walked to their house. 

My aunties and I played at the park nearby.  The park is just across the road from their house.  We played with their friends.  We played tag and basketball.  There is a court at the park. 

After we had played tag my dad came for a meeting at my aunties’ house.  I had a sleep over and in the afternoon the next day my mum came and took me, and my aunties, to my house for a sleep over.  I like playing with my aunties and I love them.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to Rainbows End with my auntie and my sister.  My sister’s name is Tyrah.  First we went to the small roller coaster with my auntie.  It was for children but my auntie could still fit in the carts.  There was enough room for everybody.  Then we went to the roundabout.  My sister and I got onto a horse each.  My auntie videoed us as we went around the roundabout.  We waved and smiled to my auntie.  We also said hello to each other.

Next we went to the ride which had seats that looked like rocket ships.  I was too big to get in it but my sister Tyrah could fit.  She had to put a seat belt on just like we do in the car.  Tryah waved to us as she went around and around. 

After that we went to find some food because we were really hungry.  We had hot dogs and drink.  Next we went inside a big room and took off our shoes.  There were lots of things to do.  We went on the bumpy ride and the other ride downstairs.  We also did some other things that were fun too.  When we got home we were very tired.  I felt like having a nap.  It was lots of fun at Rainbows End.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the Gold Coast with my family.  There was my mum, dad, my brother and me.  It was very hot and sometimes it rained.  I went on lots of rides.  There were water rides and some people poured water on our hair.  It was a lot of fun.

My Sister

In the holidays my mum, dad, my brothers Christopher and Sililo, and I went to the airport.  We went there to pick up my sister Saane. She is 12 years old.  She has been living in Australia with my other sister.  Her name is Lina and she lives in Sydney. 

When we saw Saane she waved to my mum and dad and they waved back.   Then we all hugged Saane because it was good to see her again.  After we left the airport we got KFC and ate it at the KFC place.  I played in the park with my brothers and sisters.  Then my mum called us to come back.  Later we went home.  I had a fun time picking Saane up from the airport.

The Swimming Pools

In the holidays I went to the swimming pools with my family.  There was my mum, dad, my sisters April and Madelyn, and me.  We all wore our swimming togs to the swimming pool and we took some snacks with us. 

When we got to the pools we had our snacks so that we wouldn’t get hungry.  Then we jumped into the pool.  We made a big splash without touching the ground at the bottom of the pool.  After a while my cousins arrived with their mum and dad.  There were my cousins Celeste, Chloe, Carlos and Jayden. 

There was a boom box playing songs and we listened to it.  Next Jayden taught me how to float in the water.  I already know how to swim.  Then we got out of the pool and ate some more snacks and had a drink.  Later we swam at the deep end of the swimming pool.  That was the best part of the day.  I hope I get to go to the swimming pools again soon because I like swimming.

Rainbows End

In the holidays I went to Rainbows End with my family.  There was my mum, dad, auntie, uncle, baby brother.  I was very excited before we went because I like to ride on the roller coaster.  I thought that maybe my mum would let me ride on the roller coaster again this time.  When I asked her if I could ride on the roller coaster she said yes. 

When we got to Rainbows End my dad said that we had to go to Kidz Kingdom.  At Kidz Kingdom there were lots of rides.  Then I went on the roller coaster with all of my family.  It was very scary and a lot of fun.  My baby brother was very scared. 

Later we went back to Kidz Kingdom.  I and my mum went on the ride that goes up and down.  It went slowly.  I liked going on this ride.  Next I went on the bumper cars with my dad and baby brother.  I bumped my dad’s and baby brother’s car.  It was fun.  Then my mum and I went back to ride on the roller coaster again.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope that we can go back to Rainbows End again soon.

At The Pools

In the holidays I went to the pools with my Mum.  I wore my togs to the swimming pool.  I went in the deep pool while my Mum watched me. 

I am learning to float.  My mum held me with her hands under my back while I floated.  Next I did a handstand under the water.  My mum tried to get me but she couldn’t.  I like doing handstands.

I also really liked it when my Mum piggy backed me in the water and then threw me up.  I landed in the water.  She did it twice.  I splashed all the people and I went so high that I nearly touched the sky. 

Then I jumped off the high board and splashed my mum.  She went under the water and didn’t hold her breath.  I did lots of swimming under the water and I pulled my Mum’s leg.  She laughed.  Then my Mum went quietly under the water and pulled my leg and I laughed. 

Later my Nan, auntie and cousin Caleb arrived and got into the water.  I went under the water and pulled everyone’s legs and they laughed. 

After we left the swimming pools we went to get McDonald’s and KFC.  Swimming is fantastic and I can’t wait to go swimming again.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to Sylvia Park with my Mum and Dad. We went to Sylvia Park because it was my brother’s birthday.  His name is Michael.  He turned 18 years old.  I got my brother a birthday present.  I got him a watch because he likes watches.  My brother was happy with his watch.  He smiled at me and said thank you. 

Next we had lunch and then we went for a bus ride.  The bus ride was fun.  After that I played in the Sylvia Park playground.  It was fun too.  Later my uncle picked us up and we went home.  I had a terrific day.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went on a surprise trip with my Mum.  We went to the Viaduct in the city.  First we played a game of mini golf.  We had a golf ball and a golf stick each.  I liked hitting the ball with my golf stick.  I hit the ball over the water onto the other side and into the hole.  My Mum said, “Wow Harley you got it straight in the hole”. 

Then I went over to the next mini golf hole.  I had to shoot the ball out.  It stopped and I had to go over to it and hit it again to shoot it into the hole.  After that we gave the golf ball and stick back to the lady and we went to play another game.

Next I went rock climbing.  At first Mum didn’t do any rock climbing.  Instead she watched me rock climbing. When I came down my Mum went up and I watched her climb.  Rock climbing was very good.  Later we went home. On the way home I had an ice block because it was hot.  I liked my surprise trip to the Viaduct on Sunday.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to my cousin’s house.  My cousin’s name is Richard.  Richard is older than me.  He is seven.  He has two younger sisters called Charlotte and Hattie. 

First we played on the trampoline in Richard’s backyard.  We jumped up and down, and we did tricks.  It was fun. 

Next my auntie told us to go and get our togs on.  My auntie’s name is Rachael.  We went to the beach.  When we got there we saw a really big mountain that was made out of sand.  It had a hole in the top with a moat around it.  My cousin Charlotte got sand in her eyes when she fell over.  Auntie Rachael made it better by wiping Charlotte’s eyes.

Then I went for a little swim.  But it was a little bit cold.  After that we had a picnic and then we played some more on the beach.  Later we packed up and went back home.  I had a fun and an exciting day.


In the holidays I played Batman Xbox 1.  Batman and Robin are the good guys.  They look after the good people and they beat the Joker. 

In The Holidays

In the holidays I did lots of fun things with my family.  I played basketball with my brother Aaron and my friend Moneshil.  We played the basketball game called 21.  I guarded my brother so that he couldn’t shoot.  My friend Moneshil blocked Aaron so I got the ball.  I dribbled the ball and then I passed it to Moneshil and he scored a goal.  Next my brother got the ball and he scored a 3 pointer. 

After that we played hide and seek.  First we played rock, paper, scissors to see who was going to be in.  I won and so I was in.  I counted up to 20 and then I said ready or not here I come.  I went to the deck and I saw Moneshil.  I couldn’t see my brother.  Then we saw my brother.  He was hiding behind the tree. 

Later we went inside and my friend Moneshil went home.  Next I watched Pope Francis on TV with my Mum and Dad.  I thought that our Pope and his car were very cool.  When our Pope went to the airport the Filipino people danced for joy.  I liked watching our Pope on TV.  I had a fantastic day.

Riding My Bike

In the holidays my dad and I went bike riding around the Panmure Basin and to the Skate Park.  First we biked around the Panmure Basin.  I saw a lot of trees and some people.  Some people were pushing their babies around, some people were running and other people were bike riding.  There were two boats heading out to sea.  They were both small boats.  Riding around the Panmure Basin felt windy and it was fun.

Next we went to the Skate Park.  At the Skate Park I biked up and down. I went down one ramp really fast.  My dad lay down and listened to his music on his speaker.  I saw a man on his jet ski.  Later we went home and I told Nana and Granddad about my fun day.

The Picnic

In the holidays my family and I went on a bus trip to the beach for a picnic.  We went with our St Joseph’s parish.

When we got to the beach we had lunch together on the grass.  We ate hotdogs and chips.  After lunch all of us kids had some ice blocks.  My ice block was green and I could drink it.  My brother had an ice block too. 

After lunch I had a swim while my Mum watched me from the sand.  There was a big wave.  Next we went back to the picnic on the grass.  Later my Dad arrived and we went back down to the beach.  My Dad arrived at 2-00 o’clock.  He had been at work.  When we got back to the beach my brother played in the sand and I went for another swim. 

When I had finished swimming we went back to the picnic and the bus came.  We didn’t catch the bus.  Instead we went home in my Dad’s car.  I had lots of fun at our St Joseph’s picnic.

My Birthday

In the holidays it was my birthday.  On my birthday my family and I went to the beach.  My Mummy and I had ice cream.  I had a rainbow ice cream.  It was yummy. I made a big, big sand castle and then jumped into the sand.  It felt very warm.  Next I went for a swim and then we feed the ducks and the seagulls. Later we went home and we celebrated my birthday by having birthday cake.  It was a strawberry and vanilla cake.  My sister Nicolle made it for me.  It tasted very, very yummy like a rainbow.  I had a fantastic birthday.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went swimming with my Dad.  We went to the swimming pools.  The water was nice and warm.  There were lots of people at the pools.  One pool is deep and one pool is shallow.  The shallow pool is for the little kids.  Dad and I had fun.