Monday, 10 October 2016

My Trip To The Snow

In the holidays I went to Ohakune with my whole family.  The first thing on Friday morning I went to school with my brother.  His name is Daniel.  We didn’t take our school bags to school with us because we were not staying for lunch.  We were at school a little while and then my dad picked us up.  Next we picked up my older brother Tini.  Tini can drive.

Together we drove to the airport to hire a snow car so that we could drive in the snow.  After that my dad drove the new car home and my brother Tini drove our old car home.  At home we waited for my mum and baby sister.  My mum was at work. 

When my mum and sister arrived home we packed our stuff into the car and we drove away.  When we got to the motorway my mum and dad spotted my aunty.  She was ahead of us on the motorway.  My uncle and nephew were in the car with her.  My aunty spotted my mum and dad in her rear vision mirror.  We followed my aunty and she led us off the motorway to a McDonald’s.  At McDonald’s my mum got us sprite and some Georgie pies.  The Georgie pies tasted good.  They were mint and cheese. 

After we had eaten we drove back onto the motorway.  We followed my aunty to Ohakune.  It took us a long time to get there.  When we got to Ohakune we stayed in a house, but we didn’t have to pay.  It was like a hotel.  After dinner we got out our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

In the morning we got changed into our warm clothes and then we went to the snow.  When we got to the snow we went to a house.  At the house I hired a snowboard, a jacket and some gloves.  Then Frank, my cousin’s brother, told us we could join a snowboard school.  The funniest thing was when I snowboarded down the slope and fell into the snow.  I accidently ate the snow.  It tasted like water.

After the snowboard lesson we went to the very top of the mountain.  When we got there we snowboarded down.  We always fell down.  It was cold so my cousin and I went down on the gondola.  Later we went back to the house that we were staying in.  It was fun snowboarding on the mountain.

By Augustine