Friday, 22 August 2014

Ripper Rugby

Ripper Rugby

Today we had Ripper Rugby.  Coach Curtis came to teach us.  We played Octopus.  There were three taggers who tried to tag us.  When I got tagged I became a piece of seaweed.  I stretched out my arms and tried to tag other people.  Next we were in teams.  We did side stepping, spins and goosey.  We played these games to get better at playing rugby.  Eti, Kena, Roneeza, Kevin and George were in my team.  My favourtie part was playing zig zag in my team.

By Oliver

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Book Review about 'Charlie', written by Richard Vaughan and illustrated by Bryan Pollard.

Book Review about 'Charlie', written by Richard Vaughan and illustrated by Bryan Pollard.

The main character in this book is Charlie.  Charlie is a cloud.  In the beginning of the story Charlie is trying to get people's attention.  He does this by performing lots of tricks in the sky such as turning himself into a rocket ship shape spiraling in the sky, and writing his name up high in the sky.  But nobody noticed him.  Even when the other clouds went by Charlie they did not notice him.  This made Charlie feel very sad.  Then one day the strong wind carried Charlie a long way out to sea.  While out at sea Charlie took a big drink of water.  The water made him get bigger.  Charlie kept on drinking and getting bigger.  

Charlie hoped that now he was bigger people would take notice of him, and they did.  He was so big that the people and the birds were afraid of him.  Charlie shouted to the people not to run away because it was him.  It was just that he had got bigger. 

Now that he was bigger Charlie's voice sounded loud like thunder, and his big belly made lightening as it touched the tops of the mountains.  He was cold and lonely, and he began to cry.  As he cried the water left his body in his tears and he got smaller.  

After that Charlie was tired and so he had a little sleep.  Then all of a sudden someone noticed him.  They told other people to look at the beautiful cloud, and they did.  The people,the birds, the animals, the mountains and the sun thought that he was so beautiful that they smiled at him.  They all liked Charlie the way he was.  He didn't have to do anything special because he was already beautiful being himself.  

We liked this story because it reminded us that God made Charlie and us.  Also, that just like Charlie, we are beautiful the way we are.

By Room 1 Students