Friday, 31 May 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend I played on the play station with my brothers.  We played Killzone One.  There were humans and monsters in the game.  If you got killed you restarted the game. 

Then we played Monster Rider.  First we picked a car or a motorbike.  I picked the car.  It was black with red fire flames on it.  The car was a little bit fast.  Then we started the game.  The blue car kept winning.

 I liked playing Killzone One the best because you can get some weapons.  I had lots of fun playing with my brothers.

Mothers’ Day

On Mothers’ Day I bought a flower.  Then I went to my Nana’s house with my mum and my dad.  The flower was pink.  I gave it to my Nana.  My Nana was happy. 

Cameron and I played kicks with a ball outside.  After that we ate KFC and watched a movie.  The movie was called Chipmunks.  It was about some Chipmunks that could run fast.  Cameron and I liked the movie.  After the movie we went home.  I had a good time at Nana’s. 

On Sunday

On Sunday it was Akesa’s birthday and she turned seven.She had a birthday party.  It was at my house.

In the middle of the party three of my cousins cried because they had to go back to Australia.  They went on the plane.  We all went to the airport to wave them goodbye.  After that we went back to my house to continue with Akesa’s birthday party. 

Akesa had a big cake.  My uncle made it.  It was chocolate and cream and it was very long.  The words on the cake said Happy Birthday Akesa.  We all ate cake.  When I had finished eating my cake I played with Taniela, Folau and all of my cousins.  We played the shield fight game. 

This is how you play shield fight.  You have to get some balls and build some shields.  Then you dig a hole and put your ball in the hole.  Next you get some sticks and then you start the game.  First you have to count one two three. Then you throw the ball at the other team.  When the other team throws balls at you, you have to use your shield to protect yourself.  One of my cousins got me with his ball. It was lots of fun. I had a good time at Akesa’s birthday party.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the park.  I went with my uncle.  Soane, Launoa, Taniela and Folau came with us.  At the park we played on the swings.  I went high on the swing.  When I was swinging on the swing my tummy felt ticklish.  I also went on the slide and then I had a drink of water.  I felt thirsty.  I liked going to the park because I had fun.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tongan Father’s Day

On Sunday we had the Tongan Father’s Day.  We had a barbeque at my house.  A lot of my family came to my house for the barbeque.  There were some of my cousins, all of my uncles and all of my aunties.  My dad and my uncles did the barbeque and my mum and my aunties did the other food.  We had lots of food to eat.  My favourite food was the potato.  The potatoes were mashed until it was soft and some salt was put on it. 

My cousins, my brothers and sisters I said, “Happy Tongan Father’s Day” to their dads.  Then we ate lots of food.  We ate lots of meat.  When I was full I played on my uncle’s iPod phone.  It had lots of games on it.  My favourite game is ‘Temple Run 2’.  ‘Temple Run 2’ has lots of traps in it and there is a rope that you can jump on to get to another level. 

Later most of the people went home, but one of my cousins, an aunt and an uncle stayed over.  We all had a good day.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Netball Game

On the weekend I went to my netball game.  My team is called ‘Revelation Cubs’.  We played against the ‘Mighty Mini Hawks’.  I was Goal Defence.  We got into our places.  My coach Emma blew her whistle and the game started.  I ran and got the ball. I threw the ball to the Shooter.  The Revelation Cubs kept getting goals.  We won the game.  The score was 20 points to 5 points.  My team sang ‘we are the champions’.

After the game my coach gave us all a lolly pop each.  I was the winner of the day because I kept doing the right thing.  My coach kept saying, “Well done Lupe”.  I had a good game.

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I went to church with my family.  At church my dad served my mum some food and drink at church because it was Mother’s Day.  The other men served their mum’s and their wives food and drink too. I sang and prayed with my mum and dad.  Father said “let’s say the Our Father”, and we did. 

After the church service had finished I played with my friend, Christina.  We played outside the church.  We played tag.  First Christina was in and then she got me.  Then I asked my mum if my brother Cruz could play tag with us.  My mum said, “yes”.  So I took Cruz outside and tricked him into tagging Christina.  Cruz didn’t know that I was in and that I had told Christina the plan.  I tagged Cruz and so he was in. We all ran a lot.  Later we all went home. 

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my mum’s house.  We played with the ball.  The ball hit my mouth.  It hurt my mouth so I said my “I statement”.  Then I went home and had a sleep for school so my brain will grow and we will be smart.  After that I went back to my mum’s home and played with my dad.  We played ball tiggy in the garden.  We had fun.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I went to MacPac with my dad and my mum.  My dad and I bought a black jacket for my mum.  After my mum had chosen the jacket that she wanted we went to the counter to pay for it.  It cost 20 cents.  We left the jacket in the bag and went home.  My mum was very happy with her new jacket.  She has been wearing it every day.