Friday, 28 June 2013

On Friday

On Friday my mum thought that the baby was coming out so my dad called the ambulance.  He dialled 111.  The ambulance came and took my mum to the hospital.  My dad went with my mum in the ambulance.  My auntie Ana looked after us.  She stayed the night with us.

On the weekend I went to the hospital to see my mum because she was sick.  My dad took us up to the hospital.  When I first saw my mum I cried because she was in the hospital.  I asked my mum if she was alright and she said, “Yes”.  My mum gave me a hug and a kiss.  I felt better.  After that I went back home.

Monday, 17 June 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend Mum and I went to my auntie’s house.  At my auntie’s house I played with my little cousin.  His name is Junior.  Junior is 4 years old.  We played hide and seek outside.  First I looked for Junior but he was too hard to find.  So I went and asked my aunty where he was.  She said that he was in her bedroom.  Then I went and found Junior.  He was hiding under my auntie’s and uncle’s bed.  Next Junior had to find me.  I went easy on him because he is only 4 years old.  Later we ate fish and chips together at the table.  I had a good day at my auntie’s and uncle’s house.  We will go and visit them again soon.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the takeaway shop to buy chips and drinks.  I went with my family.   The takeaway shop is a long way from our house. We went in our car.  I was hungry.  So next we went back home to eat our chips and drink our drinks.  Then I sat down at the table and ate my chips.  When I had finished eating my chips I sat down to watch TV.


Monday, 10 June 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend my family and I went for a walk on the mountain.  The mountain is near our home.  The mountain is called Mt Wellington. 

It was fun and hard work walking up the mountain. It was a beautiful sunny day and I got hot walking up the mountain.  At the top of the mountain I felt as if I was going to fall off because it was so high and steep.   At the top I could see some shops and lots of houses below me. 

When we got to the top we felt hungry.  We had to walk all the way back down the mountain to get some food.  When we got to the bottom of the mountain we went to the takeaway shop.   I would like to walk back up the mountain again sometime soon.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the market with my family.  I went with my mum, my dad and my sister.  First we bought two watches for my cousin and for me.  Then we bought some socks and gloves for the winter.  They will help to keep us warm.  We bought some doughnuts for lunch because we were hungry.  They tasted really, really good.  After that we went to my cousin’s house.  I like going to the market.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my grandpa’s birthday party.  I danced with my aunties.  One of my aunties is 14 years old and my other auntie is 16 years old.  They are my dad’s younger sisters.  We did a dance for grandpa.  Everyone clapped when we had finished dancing.  Soane’s mum also came to the party.  She is my auntie.  I had a good time at my grandpa’s birthday party.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Statistics and Probability

                                          In Room 1 we learnt about Statistics and Probability.
                                  Mrs Foden and Miss Craig asked us what our favourite fruit was.
                                 We found that watermelon was our most popular favourite fruit.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my cousin’s birthday party.  Her name is Grace.  Grace is older than me.  She turned 14 years old.  I went with my nana and my brothers. 

At the party I played on the trampoline with my cousins.  Then we all went to the park to the play.  We played tiggy.  Grace’s older sister chased all of us.  She caught one of my cousins.  I ran very fast so she didn’t catch me.

After we came back from the park we had some birthday cake.  First we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Grace.  The cake had lots of lollies on it and it tasted good.  When the party had finished we all went home.  I had fun at my cousin’s birthday party.

On Queen’s Birthday weekend

On Queen’s Birthday weekend I went to the Briscoe’s shop.  We bought a new hot boiling electrical appliance to heat up the water for our Milo.  It is called a kettle.  My mum uses it to boil the water to make warm drinks for me.  Then my dad bought some forks and spoons and knives, and then he bought a dinner set.  The dinner set has cups, saucers, little plates, big plates and middle sized plates.  It has four of each sized plate.

After that we went to an American shop.  We saw heaps of American things and we bought some American things.  I bought some sour lollies, my mum bought some other lollies and my dad bought some chips.  The sour lollies are my favourite. 

Later we went home and tried out our new kettle.  It worked and it didn’t make any noise.  It is nicer than our old one.  My mum used it this morning to make me milo for school.  I had a busy weekend with my family.

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my granddad’s house.  I went with my mum and my brother George.  At granddad’s house we played soccer downstairs.  I made the most scores.  My cousin Siaosi got one score.  Then granddad called all of the family together and we said Grace.  We said Grace because some of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle, were going to Australia.  They went to Australia on Tuesday.  I am going to miss them.

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend

On the weekend I played with my ipad.  I played the ‘walking dead’ game.  In the game I was killed by a zombie.  In another game I played a soldier.  When I was a soldier I killed some enemy soldiers.  I won the game.  I like playing games on my ipad. 

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend I went to the Circus show.  I went with my auntie and my cousin.  My auntie’s name is Mary and my cousin’s name is CJ. 

At the circus I saw a man who was hiding some sticks behind another man.  He was pretending to meet the man, but when the other man turned around he chucked the sticks on his head.  After that he ran away and the silly man also ran away. 

Then a man and a girl came out.  The man kept on putting plates on some sticks.  The plates kept falling down and everyone laughed.  Next he got a chair and put it on his stomach.  The chair got stuck on his stomach.  The girl tried to get it off but the man didn’t want her to, so he kept chucking plates on the ground.  Everyone laughed.  When they had finished there was a break. 

During the break I ate a pie and had a drink.  In the second part of the show some boys did some tricks.  They jumped inside the net and they made more tricks. They kicked the net back and jumped on the net.  After that the show finished.

I had a terrific time at the circus.  I would like to go to the circus again.

On the weekend

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the MacDonald’s playground.  I went with my friend Boston, his sister, my mum, my grandma and my grandpa.  At the playground Boston and I played tag.  Boston’s sister chased Boston and I around the playground.  She didn’t catch us because Boston and I ran fast.  Then Boston’s sister got Boston.  Next Boston went to the slide and chased me.  We also climbed the tower next to the slide, and I and Boston jumped down.  I also jumped down from the slide.  We all had lots of fun at the MacDonald’s playground.