Monday, 31 August 2015

During The weekend

During the weekend my two sisters and I watched a movie at our house.  The movie was called ‘Son Of The Mask’.  The movie was really scary and a bit funny. 

The main characters of the movie were a baby, it’s parents, a dog and an old evil man and his evil son.  The man and the woman live together in a house with their dog.  The dog lived outside in his dog house. The woman had to go work.   The man and the woman wanted a baby. 
One day their dog found a magic mask outside their house.  The dog dug a deep hole and hid the mask so that no one else could find it.  The next morning the dog dug up the magic mask and gave it to the man.  The power of the magic mask helped the man and the woman to have a baby.  So far it is a good movie and I hope to see the rest of it next weekend. 
Later I sat down with my family and we discussed going to Disneyland during the next lot of school holidays.  It will be lots of fun.

At My Cousin’s House

At My Cousin’s House

On the weekend my brother and I went to my cousin’s house.  When we arrived we watched youtube.  On youtube we watched the game ‘Clash of the Clans’.  In the game there were 500 golims, 300 wizards, 800 hogriders, 600 giants and 900 maxed pikals.  In the game there were two teams.  I competed against someone.  I don’t know his name.  I had to try to attack all of the things on his base.  If I had broken everything on his base I would have gotten three stars.  I broke some of his things but not all of them, so I got two stars. 

After that we played hide and seek in the house.  My brother was in and my cousin and I hid in the hallway.  My brother found me first and then he found my cousin.  Next we played ball tiggy in the little fale.  The thing I liked doing the best was playing ball tiggy because I wanted to throw the ball at my brother and my cousin.  Later we were all tired so we went to sleep.

Going to Syliva Park

On Sunday I went to Sylvia Park with my mum, nana, auntie and cousin Caleb.  My mum and I went in our car and we parked near Pak and Save.  My auntie, nana and cousin Caleb had to park in the underground car park because there were lots of cars and they took up the whole car park.  When I got out of the car other cars came over the white line so my mum had to carry me to keep me save.

My mum and I got to Pak and Save first.  We waited for my nana, aunty and cousin Caleb.  We saw them come up the stairs.  I ran down to meet them and they walked up the stairs to me. 

First we went to the food court to get something to eat.  I had some marshmellows and a burger.  It tasted very yum!

Then we went to the Warehouse and we looked for some clothes for Caleb.  They were special clothes for him to wear on his birthday.  His birthday is on the 7th of September.  Caleb will turn 5 years old.  I helped my aunty to find Caleb some birthday clothes.  We got Caleb a light blue jacket.  Later we got Caleb some black shoes from Rebels and I got some pink shoes.  Caleb’s shoes had valcro but my shoes did not.  We also got some lollies at the Warehouse.
Next we went to get my nana a coffee and a man gave Caleb and I some more marshmellows.  I had the minty marshmellows but Caleb doesn’t like mint flavoured. 

After we had finished shopping we were hungry so we went back to the car and then to Burger King for lunch.  I like going to Sylvia Park!

By Eliza

Good Morning From Anamaria

Good Morning From Anamaria
Monday 31st August 2015

Yeah!  Its Monday and it's the best Monday ever!

It's raining so we are going to have to play inside today. 

There are a few people here today.  Some people are away.

It's almost summer here in New Zealand and the daffidils are looking pretty.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Going To Lunch

Going To Lunch

On the weekend I went out to lunch with some of my family.  It was a surprise birthday lunch for my cousin. There were a lot of us.  There was my mum, dad, three sisters and two brothers, one aunt, one uncle and my cousin. 

We went to Sam Woo’s restaurant for lunch.  When we got there we paid the lady behind the counter and then we sat down at a large round table.  We all had a plate and we chose food from the food plates and put them on our plates.  Then we ate the food.  I tried lots of different types of food and we ate all of it.  My favourite food was the chicken because it tasted so, so yummy. 

Next my cousin’s birthday cake arrived.  It was a chocolate and banana cake.  It tasted delicious.  We all sang happy birthday to her.  She smiled and she was very happy. 

After that we gave my cousin her presents.  She got some make up and some nail polish.  My cousin said, “Thank you” to us all for giving her the presents.  

Later we all sat around and talked a little bit.  I like going to Sam Woo’s restaurant because the food tastes good.

By Brielle

Going To Q Rabbit With My Family

Going To Q Rabbit With My Family

On the weekend I went to Q Rabbit with my family to celebrate my cousin Sam’s birthday.  My cousin Sam turned 1 year old.  There was my mum, dad, older sister, three brothers and my brother’ Joe’s girlfriend.

It was a super hero birthday.  This means that we all had to come dressed up as our favourite super hero.  I didn’t dress up because I didn’t want to be a super hero.  My nephew and my younger brother dressed up.  My younger brother is called Jacob and my nephew is called Isaac.  Jacob dressed up as an Ironman and Isaac was dressed up as Spiderman.

One of the activities at Q Rabbit is face painting.  The lady painted my face as a blue and purple fairy.  She put some white stars on my cheeks.  When she had finished I looked pretty.

Then I went on the big slide.  It was big and high.  I slid down very fast and I screamed aaahhhhhh!  I went down with Jacob and Isaac.  They squealed like girls and their noise hurt my ears.  It was lots of fun.

Next we played with guns and pink balls.  We had to shoot the pink balls at other people.  I shot at my nephew and my younger brother.  They yelled aaaahhhhh!  Then they got angry at me and shot me.  I yelled ow!  The two boys laughed at me.  After that we ate pizza, and chicken and chips.

I like going to Q Rabbit with my family.  We all love it and we had lots of fun.

By Kena

Thursday, 20 August 2015

One Weekend

One Weekend

One weekend my sister and I went to Rainbows End.  My sister’s name is Roneeza.  We went with my auntie Noah.  Auntie Noah is my mum’s sister and she lives with us sometimes, mostly on the weekend. 

First, when we got to Rainbows End we got some ice cream.  Then we had a ride on the Roller Coaster.  It went very fast.  It went up and down on tracks.  The tracks were like rail tracks.  It went up some very steep hills and then it stopped.  We all screamed a lot.

After we had gotten off the Roller Coaster we went on the aeroplane.  I could fit on but Roneeza couldn’t because she was too big.  It was like a real aeroplane and I pretended to fly up in the sky.

Next we played in the middle of Rainbows End and then we played in the playground.  We played tag.  I was in and I tried to tag Roneeza.  Then Roneeza tried to tag me but I was very fast, like a Roller Coaster, so Roneeza couldn’t catch me.  I was five years old and Roneeza was six years old.  I had lots of fun at Rainbows End with my sister Roneeza and my auntie Noah.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Sleepover

My Sleepover

On the weekend I went to Mrs Dance’s house to have a sleep over with Daniel and Emma.  Daniel is Mrs Dance’s grandson and Emma is Mrs Dance’s granddaughter.  Daniel is the same age as me.  We are seven years old. 

First we did some science. We did some experiments with pieces of lollipops.  We banged the lollies with a hammer three times to find out how much sugar they had in them.  We didn’t have any measuring things so we couldn’t draw a conclusion as to how much sugar there was in each lolly, but there seemed to be a lot.

After that we went to the dairy with Daniel’s mum.  At the dairy I bought a packet of fruit bursts and an ice block.  The ice block had four flavours in it.  There was mango, chocolate, apple and strawberry.  It tasted delicious!

Then we went back to Mrs Dance’s house.  On the way back we saw a man in our school.  He was standing near the hedge by the school front gate.  He gave me a fright because I didn’t expect to see him there.  We also saw my dad on the other side of the road.  We waved to each other.

When we got back to Mrs Dance’s house we had dinner with Mrs Dance.  Mrs Dance had been away, but she came back for dinner.  We had the same thing for dinner as we had at our house on Friday.  We had nachos and chilli con canea.  I love chilli con canea and it tasted great.
After dinner we went back to Daniel’s room and we did some more science experiments.  Then we had dessert.  First we went down to the fridge in the basement to get the ice cream and then we took it up to the dinning room.  It was passion fruit ice cream and I stirred it up to make cream.  When it’s creamy it is easier and nicer to eat.  Next we went to bed and we got twelve bed toys each to sleep with.

When we got up the next morning we did some more experiments with the lollies.  We heated them until they melted, but then we couldn’t find them, so we concluded that the experiment failed.  Then we watched the cartoon network. 

After that Daniel and I went over to my place and we ate toasted sandwiches together.  Later we made a hut in my room.  My mum helped.  We played some more and then Daniel went home with his mum.  We had lots of fun playing at each other’s houses.  I would like to do it all over again.

By Oliver

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ready Set Go

 Ready Set Go
Physical Education


We really enjoyed doing the Ready Set Go programme with Coach Nicola and we learnt a lot of new skills.  We also liked playing the wind down game of running very fast and competing to get the chicken.  Paul won one of these games.  Paul is very fast at running.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Finanacial Literacy

Last term we learnt a lot about Financial Literacy.  The lady came from the ASB Bank and taught us about the difference between "Wants" and "Needs".  For example food, water and a home.
Needs are the things that we need to help us stay alive and healthy.  Wants are things that we would like but that we can live without.  For example lollies, toys and crayons.

We also played shop in our classroom and we paid for the things that we bought.  This meant that we had to add up the cost of the things that we bought.  We also had to subtract to work out our correct change.

Here are some photos of us buying and selling things in our classroom shop.

Oliver and George work the cost of their purchases.

 Tyrah and Giselle add up their money to see how much they have left and what else
they can afford to buy.

 Roneeza and Angelina wait their turn to buy some more items.

Kena is purchasing a set of Alphabet Letters that shine in the dark and Eliza is thinking about what she is going to buy next.

Anamaria is looking at the items that are for sale in our school shop. 
What will she buy?

Augustine is paying Mrs Foden for his purchase.
Mrs Foden is asking Augustine if he needs any change.

Harley, Te Raians, Augustine and Bryan are happy with the things that they have bought.

Te Raiana discusses what he is going to buy with Ira.

Harley and Mrs Foden write down what Harley is buying and 
together they work out how much change Harley will get.

Brielle is happy with what she has bought and Tyrah joins in on the fun.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Veronica's Observations and Diary

Veronica's Observations and Diary

1.  Spring Water:  Spring water is sparkling because it says so on the label.  This means that you have to open the bottle gently so that the liquid doesn't splash out of the bottle.  Some people, when they are at the beach, open the bottle too fast and it spills out.  We are not allowed to.

2.  At the beach we are not allowed to eat in the water because the water will get dirty and we want to keep it clean.

3.  On the weekend I went to the park with my family.  We all have a partner so that we stay safe.  My partner was my older cousin Asia.  She used to be at St Patrick's school but now that she is older she is at McAuley College.  Asia likes it at McAuley College.  

Before we left home my dad asked all of us if we were ready and we all said "yes".  We had a good time at the park.