Friday, 22 September 2017

Inquiry Topic: India and New Zealand

Walt:  I am learning to compare the New Zealand flag with the Indian flag.  I know that the Indian flag is made up of three colours.  The colours are saffron, which is a type of orange, white and green. There is a navy blue wheel in the middle of the flag with 24 spokes. The spokes represent the values that are respected by the Indian people.  These values include love, patience, peacefulness and self-control.  We, in New Zealand, also respect these values.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Going Out With My Mum

On the weekend I went to the pet shop.  The pet shop is in Glen Innes.   I went with my Mum.  We saw a big blue and yellow fish. Then my Mum saw a pretty fish.  My Mum said, "It is home time", so I jumped in the car and we went home.

I have a dog so I don't need a fish.  She is a girl dog.  She is pretty and I love her.  I had a fun day going out with my Mum.

Going To Chipmunks

On the weekend I went to chipmunks with my Mum. First I went to the big slide.  I went down the slide very fast and that was lots of fun.  When I got to the bottom of the slide the mat went up.  That gave me a surprise.  Then I went into the bouncy castle.  It was pink like my hat.  When I had finished playing in the bouncy castle I sat on a chair with my Mum and we talked for a while.  After that I went back to the bouncy castle to play.  I couldn't stand up in the bouncy castle because it kept moving a bit.  After that my Mum said that it was time to go home.  I had fun with my Mum.

Buying a Car

On the weekend I went to church with my family.  After church my Mum and I went to get my Dad a car.  We went to a car sales yard. The car we got was blue.  My Dad liked the blue car.  My dad went home in the car and we went home in the car too. 

Then we went to the food court and we had lunch. We had seafood for our lunch.  It tasted really good.  At the food court we saw Jacob and his family.  I played on the park with Jacob and his cousin Isaac.  We had lots of fun playing together.  

When we got back home we watched a movie.  The movie was called 'A Family'.  I had fun with my Mum and Dad.  

My School

I go to Saint Patrick's School in Panmure.  At my school we have a new play area.  It  has a roof over it to help keep out the rain in the winter and to keep out the sun in the summer.  It has different types of shapes for us to play on.  

We have 5 classes at our school and five teachers.  We have a library with lots of good books to read.  We have a school Principal at our school and her name is Miss Bullot.  Our uniform is green and white, and our playground has a green slide which I like to play on.  I love my school and all of my school friends.

My Favourite Pet Fantasy

One day my friend, Lea, bought me a puppy.  It was a girl puppy. I named my puppy Lana.  She is black and white, and she is small. Lana is my friend and she lives at my house.  I have given her my poppy and she sleeps on my bed.   Lana and I play on my laptop together.  She eats healthy dog biscuits and meat, and she needs water to drink.  I love my puppy.  

Singing Practice

This morning Mrs Dines from Room 8 came to find me.  She said, "Go and ask Miss Craig if you can come with me to Room 8 to practice our song".  Miss Craig said, "Yes, and listen carefully to Mrs Dines".  

When I got to Room 8 there were other students from different classes.  There was Mika from Room 2, a boy from Room 5L, Oliver and a girl with beautiful black hair from Room 7, and Launoa, Rosary, and Philemena from Room 8.  

We sang and practiced moving the globe together and we turned around.  Mrs Dines said, Good job everybody!"  When we had finished practicing we went back to our classes.