Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Duffy Writer

Today my class and I went to the school hall.  We went to listen to John Pulu, who is a writer and journalist.  He was our Duffy guest speaker, and he came with Hayden from Mainfrieght.  The Mainfrieght company pays for our Duffy Books in Schools.

John writes, presents and acts for TV1 and TV2. He works on the Tagata Pasifica programme which is on Sunday mornings at 7-30am, and he also works on the Fresh progamme.  Fresh is on TV2 at 10-00am on Saturday.  It is funny show in which John wears a Pacific Island dress and a girl's blonde wig.

John comes from the Kingdom of Tonga.  He came to New Zealand when he was nine years old and he went to Otahuhu College and then later to University.   John can read and write really well.  As a child, and now as a man, he reads and writes a lot.  When John was a teenager he said to his mum that he was bored in the school holidays, and she would tell him to go and read the Bible.  His favourite book is called Harry Potter.  

As part of his job John has been overseas, including to the Pacific Islands.  He loves going back to Tonga because that is where he was born.  John's parents and his family are proud of him, and happy that he has such a good job, and is so good at reading and writing.  His family love him very much.  I think John Pulu is cool, and I would like to be a writer just like John one day when I grow up.