Friday, 24 October 2014

The Philharmonia Orchestra

The Philharmonia Orchestra

On Wednesday we went to see the Philharmonia Orchestra in the Aotea Centre, in Auckland city.  We were lucky to be invited.  We went in the bus from school.  Most of our school got to go, except for Sister Evalesi and our youngest students.  

After we got out of bus we went inside the Aoatea Centre and lined up outside the door to the threatre.  There we lots of other schools there.  We lined up and waited for the man to let us in.  As we went in the theatre a lady told us where to sit.  We found our seats and after a while the lights were turned off.  It became very dark.  

First a man came on the stage and introduced us to the orchestra.  His name was Owen. The orchestra people played their instruments for us.  They played heaps of pieces of music for us.  We heard trumpets and trombones, and loud drums.  We also heard lots of other instruments.  Our favourite instruments were the trumpets, the drums and the trombone.  This first part of the programme was called Kiwi Kapers.  

The second part of the programme was called Te Manu Ahi.  The dancers lifted each other up in the air.  Some of the dancers spun around.  The music was fast, then slow, and then fast again.  The dancers were awesome! We would like to see them again.