Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Wedding

On the weekend I went to my Mum's wedding.  It was held in my Nana's front room.  I had a dance with my big sister.  I wore a pretty pink and orange dress. I was excited at my Mum's wedding.  All of my family was at the wedding.  I was happy.  Everyone was happy.  I had a really good day!

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to the Wharehouse with my dad.  We bought a t-shirt and we kept it.  The t-shirt fell on my head.  This happened because I held it with my hands over my head.  Next we went to the checkout and we paid for the t-shirt.  It was cheap.  After that we went home.

Friday, 15 March 2013

After School

After school I went home with my grandpa and my grandma.  When we got home I had a drink of water and then I put my helmet on and went outside.  Then we went to the Panmue Basin.  I rode my bike to the Panmue Basin.  At the Panmure Basin I rode around.  I stood on my bike and I sat on my bike.  Also, I used one hand to ride my bike.  I had fun riding my bike at the Panmure Basin.

The Zoo

On Thursday I went to the Zoo with my cousins David and Dora.  We walked around the zoo and we saw lots of animals.  We saw a lion, an elephant and someone’s dog.  The mother elephant was washing the baby elephant.  The best thing that I saw was a monkey climbing on the tree.  I also saw a hippopotamus.  We had fun at the zoo.

At morning tea

At morning tea I ate my food and then I played with friends.  I played with Lupe, Eti and Akesa.  We played at the park.  We played chasing Akesa.  Lupe caught Akesa and we all laughed.  Akesa laughed.  After that the bell rang and we all ran back to class.

On Sunday

On Sunday I went to the take away shop by myself.  I stopped when a car came. Then I crossed the road when it was clear of cars.  At the take away shop I bought some chips for my family.  Then I walked home.  We ate the chips at the table.  I put tomato sauce on my chips and they tasted good.

By Heneliena

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


At Christmas I got an aeroplane.  It is blue and white.  It is small.  My mum and dad gave me my aeroplane.  I had to make the aeroplane because it came as a kitset.  My older brother helped me to make it up.  His name is Chris and he is turning fourteen.  

Later I went to the park with my family.  My older brother played a rugby challenge with me.  My younger brothers also played a rugby challenge with me.  They are called Kata and Patrick.  Patrick is nine and Kata is turning eleven.  My baby brother is turning four at his next birthday.  We all had fun playing rugby.

By Nauto

Nana’s funeral

Today, after school I am going to mass for my nana’s funeral.  We are taking some drinks.  I am going to kiss her.  I am going to give her a card and I am going to read it to my nana.  All of my cousins and I are going to sing a song to my nana.  I love my nana and my nana loves me.

By Lupe

Nana’s Funeral

Today I went to my nana’s funeral with my mum and my dad.  I gave nana a kiss.  I love my nana and my nana loves me.  After that we sat down and waited for Father.  Father came to the funeral and he said some things about my nana.  I was happy for my nana because she has gone to a better life with God. 

By Uinisieta

My weekend

On the weekend I went to Waiheke Island with my family.  We went on the ferry boat.  We went to Waiheke Island because it was my auntie’s birthday.  We played cooking and we ate sausages, chips and chicken nuggets.  Later we watched a movie.  The movie was called Barbie.  We all wished my auntie a happy birthday.  I patted the dog.  It was a small dog.

Then we went to our new home. It is near my auntie’s house.  After that we went to sleep.  In the morning we got up.  Then we went on the ferry boat back to our other home.

By Sydney-Rayne

On Saturday

On Saturday Eti, Lupe and I are going to Alessandra’s house.  We are going to have a sleepover.  We are going to stay there until Monday.  When we are at Alessandra’s house we are going to the pools for a swim.  I like swimming.  We might have a picnic at the pools.  Also we might go and visit Alessandra’s Grandpa and Grandma.  I am going to have fun at Alessandra’s house.  Alessandra and I are friends.

By Justice



On Wednesday I went to ballet dancing.  I went with my nana in the car.  I danced with my friends and we had fun.  My friends’ names are Ella and Katie.  I like going to dancing.

By Eunice