Friday, 27 March 2015

Welcoming Our Visitors From Hawaii

On Wednesday we went to the Point England Beach to welcome a waka from Hawaii.  We welcomed our visitors with a Maori Karakia and traditional Maori songs of welcome, including a Haka.  We listened to the prayers and speeches.  At the end we all politely high fived our visitors.  Then we went to catch the bus back to school.  We had a great morning and we hope that our visitors did too.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oliver’s Birthday Party

On Sunday it was Oliver’s birthday.  His party was held at the One Tree Hill Park.  I meet Oliver at the Flying Fox. It was funny because there was a sheep that looked like a circle.

First I gave Oliver his present.  I gave him some skinny jeans and a T-shirt.  Then we went on the Flying Fox.  It was sad because I hit my hand and my head on the wheel of the Flying Fox.  After a while my hand and my head felt better.  

Next we played a scavenger’s hunt in the grass.  The clues were on paper.  It said, “Super Hero Stamp dies”.  Oliver’s Mum hid everything and we were in 3 teams.  Even the babies were in a team with their parents.  I let the babies take first place.  We had to find the cup cake holder without the cake so that we could be 2nd place.  Oliver’s team got 2nd place and Augustine, Te Raiana and I got last.  But it was only a game.  

Before we went home Oliver’s Mum gave us all lollie bags and a toy each.  I got a Transformer toy.  I had a fantastic time at Oliver’s birthday.

Monday, 23 March 2015

On the Weekend

On the weekend I played Batman and Lego with my friend Bryan.  With the Lego I built Batman and Robin.  Batman and Robin fought the bad people.  I had lots of fun.

On the Weekend

On the weekend I stayed at home with my Mum.  I helped my Mum to paint a picture on our table.  Our table was outside and it is a picnic table.  

We painted a tree, a house, a person and a park on our table.  The person we painted was me.  I was wearing an orange T-shirt and red shirts.  We also painted my house on our table.  I had a good time painting on our table.  Our table looks really cool.  

After that I played games on my Mum’s computer.  I played Lego Star Wars.  It is a really cool game.


On Sunday I went to church.  I went with my Mum, Dad, brother and sisters.  I went to the Panmure Tongan church.  

At church we said prayers together and my Dad lead the prayers for everyone.  Later we had to stand up and sing a Tongan song.  Then the other kids and I went to Sunday School while the grown ups listened to the Gospel.

At Sunday school we get to do fun things.  First we had to draw on a cup.  Then we put dirt into the cup and next we planted a seed into it.  After that we had to line up quietly and go back to the church.  We took our seeds with us.  

After church we went back home and had some lunch.  I like going to church.

On the Weekend

On the weekend my family and I went to the Manukau market.  We went by train.  We went by train because it was free and it was fun.

At the Manukau market there were people dancing on the stage. A lot of people were watching the dancers on the stage.  They were doing a Tongan dance and a Rarotongan dance.  They were really cool and everyone clapped when they had finished.  

When the dancing had finished we had some bananas with ice cream, and some drinks.  We had water and apple juice to drink.  

After we had eaten we picked up my grandma and grandpa.  They were watching some people dancing on another stage.  Then we all went to the subway station to get the train to go back home.
When we got to the station my mum got some tickets from a machine that was on the platform.  We saw some police people.  They were standing on the side of the platform looking for people who were lost.  They were helping them, and telling people to stay behind the yellow line because it was safer.

Our train came very quickly.  We all got on and sat down.  We saw lots of houses, and our old house, from the train.  The train stopped a few times to pick up other people.  We got off at the Papatoetoe station.  Then we got into our car and drove home.  We had a great day at the Manukau market.  

Friday, 13 March 2015

Playing Golf

Today we played golf on the field at school.  First we hopped in the hoola hoops like kangaroos.  Then we had to throw the ball as far as we could.  I threw my ball a long way but some people were only able to throw their balls a short way.  

Next we had a race.  We were in five teams.  We had to carry a big ball and run around some sticks.  When we ran back we passed the ball to the next person in our team.  We ran very fast.  

After that we got to play golf.  We hit the ball with a golf club as far as we could.  I only had one person in my team but the coach said, “that is alright because you can have lots of turns hitting the ball”.  

Coach Stuart got our attention by putting his hand up.  When he did this we had to freeze, stop, look and listen to him.

When our lesson was finished we all lined up and shook Coach Stuart’s hand.  The best thing I liked was jumping through the hoola hoops.