Friday, 19 April 2013

Our Plant Growing Experiement

This term we learnt about plants.  We planted seeds and watched them grow.  We planted cress seeds.  We planted mint and basil seeds.  And we planted lettuce and bean seeds.

Plants need water and sun light to grow.  So we planted the seeds in the soil.  We watered them each day and put them by the window to get sun light.

The mint, cress and basil seeds grew slowly.  The lettuces grew quickly and we ate some of the leaves for lunch.  They tasted bitter because they did not get much sun.  

The lettuce plants that didn’t get enough sun light died.  The lettuce plants that got lots of sun light grew big and healthy.  
Our bean plants grew the quickest and the tallest.

It is important to be able to grow vegetable and fruit plants because they are healthy for us to eat, just like Father told us this morning at Mass.

We liked growing our own plants.  It is cool.