Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Friday, 3 November 2017

A Fun Mission Day

On Friday we and our whanau celebrated Mission Day.  On Mission Day we raised lots of money for the orphans in India.  Orphans are children who do not have parents.  

First we went to Mass at church and then we came back to school and sat quietly while Father Matthew blessed our new playing area.  

Then we had playtime while the teachers put all the activities out.  Some activities were outside and some were in the classrooms.  After playtime I bought a traffic light flavoured ice block, an orange drink and some yummy lollies.  Then I went To Room 8 and had my face painted.  I was Penny Wise from the movie called 'IT'.  I looked really cool.  

Next my brother Xavier, my cousin Cameron I went to the library and sang Karaoke.  My friend Sione we won a prize.  It was a jar of lollies.  Then we went on the library computers and played some games.  They were reading games.  

After that we went to Room 2 with Miss Craig to watch a movie.  It was called Cat in the Hat, and we ate salty popcorn.  Later, before home time, we went to the new play area for the raffles to be drawn.  Then we went home by walking in the school walking line.  I had a fun Mission Day.

My Mission Day

On Friday we and our whanau celebrated Mission Day.  On Mission Day we raised $1,003 for the orphans in India.  

First we went to church to celebrate Mission Day.  At church we sang some songs, listened to Father Matthew read from the Bible and prayed to God.  

After church we went to our school's new play area so Father Matthew could bless it.  When the bell rang it was morning tea, and we played while the teachers set up the activities.  

When the next bell rang we could buy stuff and do the activities.  I bought an ice block for $1.  Then I went to Room 6 and bought a chocolate cake.  Then I bought some candy from Sister Evalesi for 20 cents and 50 cents.  

Next I went to Room 8 to have my face painted.  I got a love and hate design painted on my face.  Then I had another face paint.  It was a beautiful butterfly with sprinkles on it.  I loved it!

Later we had lunch time and I had a hot dog.  Then we went back to our classroom and watched a movie while we ate popcorn.

Before saying prayers and going home we went outside to draw the raffles.  There were three food hampers and my brother Siu had bought a ticket, for our dad, to try and win one of the food hampers.  My dad wanted to win the rugby ball but he didn't win.  Maybe we will win a raffle next year.  I hope so!

Having Fun On Mission Day

On Friday we went to church because it was Mission Day.  After church we went back to school and Father Matthew blessed our new playground.  Then my Mum, Dad and sister came.  

Next it was playtime and I played with my friends.  After playtime my sister bought some plants from Mrs Mansfield and a box of cupcakes from the Room 7 boys.  The box of cupcakes was $5.  I didn't to eat them because they were for my mum and my sister.  My sister also bought some lollies from Sister Evalesi.  I think she bought six boxes altogether.  I got to eat some of the lollies and so did my twin brother, Willietony.  

Then it was lunch time.  I ate two sausage sizzles with tomato sauce and they were yum.  My brother also got two sausage sizzles.  After lunch I watched a movie while we ate some popcorn.  The popcorn tasted salty and I liked it.  

Before going home we had the raffle draw.  I didn't win anything but my brother Willietony won two Lego Ninjagos.  I helped him to fix them and he shared one of them with our younger brother called Cosma.  I wanted the Buzzy Bee, but I didn't win it.  Maybe I will win something next year.  I love Mission Day because I had fun.  We raised lots of money for the orphans in India.

Mission Day

On Friday we had Mission Day at St Patrick's school.  We had Mission Day at School to help raise money for an Orphanage School in India.  An orphanage is a place that looks after children who do not have parents.  

First we went to church and then we went back to school where Father Matthew blessed our new learning area.  After playtime there were activities and things to buy.  I bought a necklace and a bracelet from Phillamena's box.  They were white and they sparkled.  I also bought a drink.  In Room 8 I had my face painted.  I got a black and yellow butterfly painted on my face and I looked pretty.  After that I got an ice block and some lollies.  My ice block was red, green and orange.  It's called a traffic light ice block and it tasted delicious.  

At lunchtime I ate a sausage sizzle and then later we watched a movie with Sister Evalesi and Miss Craig.  Before we went home we did the raffle draw.  I did not win the prize but I had a good day.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Happy Mission Day

On Friday we had Mission Day at St Patrick's school in Panmure.  We had Mission Day to help to raise money for Mission orphanage in an Indian village.  

First we went to church to pray and  Father Andrew read from the Bible.  After church we went back to school and Father Andrew blessed the new play area with holy water and holy incense.  The incense had smoke coming out of it.  Then we had a normal playtime while the teachers got the activities ready.

After playtime the first thing that I did was go to Room 8 to have my face painted.  My face was painted like Flash.  After I had my face painted I went to Room 7.  In Room 7 we danced.  Then I got a surprise.  The surprise was that I got some lollies because I was good at dancing.

Next I went to Room 6.  In Room 6 I bought a cake and then I went outside and bought a raffle.  When the raffle was drawn Mrs Foden chose me!  Then Mrs Dines chose me too!  After the raffles had been drawn we said a prayer and we went home.  I had a happy Mission Day.

The Best Day Ever

On Friday we and our whanau celebrated Mission Day.   On Mission  Day we normally go to church for Mass.  Then Father Andrew blessed our new play place with incense.  Vaughn held the pot of incense and swung it from side to side.  

When the bell rang it was just a normal playtime because teachers were setting up the tables for the activities.  When the second bell rang everyone went crazy!!! 

First I went to Room 7 to do the dancing and I won a ball.  Then I went to the library to do the karaoke.  My friends Sione, Jacob, Sonasi and I won a jar of candy.  When the next bell rang I dashed into Room 8 and had a Tongan flag painted on my face.  Then we went to Room 2, with Sister Evalesi and Miss Craig, to watch a movie.  It was called The Cat In The Hat.  While we watched the movie we all had some fabulous popcorn.  I gave my friends Matthew and Leonie some money so that they could have some popcorn too.  Mission Day is a very good day.

Mission Day

On Friday we celebrated Mission Day with our friends and our whanau.  On Mission Day we raised money for the orphans in India.  We are able to wear any clothes to school on Mission Day.  I wore a black dress, black shoes and a black jacket.  

First we went to church.  We sang and people read from the Bible.  Next we went to the new area of our school.  Then we sat down on the floor.  I saw Father Matthew and he blessed our new area. 

After Father Matthew blessed the new area we had a normal morning tea.  During morning tea time we waited for the bell to ring so that we could spend our money.  

I was so happy when the bell rang.  Ellma and I had an idea!  We shared our money so we went to eat popsicles.  Ellma's popsicle was traffic lights, and my popsicle was lemon flavoured.

Then I bought some candy from Sister Evalesi.  I saw my brother, he said, "Go to Room 7", because he wanted me to spend my money in his classroom.  So I did.  There was dancing, but I didn't play that activity.  Next I went outside.  I went to Room 8 because I wanted to have my face painted.  But there were lots of people so I went outside again and bought a drink.  

The bell rang and we went to Room 2 with Miss Craig and watched a movie.  The movie was called The Cat In A Hat.  While we watched the movie we bought and ate some popcorn.  It tasted good.  

After watching the movie we went to the new area to draw the raffles.  Cheska won the two balls and the buzzy bee on the first raffle.  She won everything on that raffle.  Next it was the raffle for Lego.  My friend Matthew wanted the Lego but he didn't get one.  So it was the next raffle and I had my fingers crossed for Ellma to win but it was not Ellma.  It was someone else.    

Then I saw my Mum and I said, "Hi" and she said that it was time to go home.  So I went to my Mum and said, "My favourite activity was the face painting even though I didn't have a chance to get my face painted.  Maybe next year I will get my face painted.  I love Mission Day because there are lots of things to do and to buy that will help the poor orphans India.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

On Mission Day

On Friday we and our whanau celebrated Mission Day.  We raised money for the orphans in India.  First we went to Mass at St Patrick's Church to celebrate Mission Day.  

After Mass we went to our school's new learning area and Father Andrew blessed the new area.  Father said some prayers and waved the holy incense to bless the area.  After that we had a normal morning tea.  

When we heard the second bell we knew that it was time to spend our money.  My favourite thing was going into library to do karaoke.  My friends wanted to go and buy a book.  My friends bought a little book.  One of my friends got a Lego book.  Another one of my friends got a big book.  It was called 'Happy Birthday Kids'.  It looked like a good book.  

Then the bell rang again and it was lunch time.  For lunch I had a sausage sizzle and it tasted like a real hot dog.  Next we played.  After lunch we went to Room 2 with Miss Craig and we watched a movie called 'Cats Tales'.  We mostly ate popcorn and talked to each other.

Before we went home we did the raffle draw.  The first prize went to Room 8, The second prize went to Room 1.  It was Willietony and he won two boxes of Lego.  I had lots of fun.  Finally it was time to go home.

We raised $1,000 for the orphans of India.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Our Tongan Prayers

Eyo Mutu my gevuning ge dow ofa ge hoko boo lyungo ge mumuny ge vuvuny.

(writting by Sione)

Eyo Mutu my gevming ge dow ofa ge hoko boo lyungo ge mummy ge vuvuny.

(written by Ofa)

Eyo Mutu my gevming ge dow boo ofa hoko boo lyngo mummy ge vuvuny.

(written by Jacob)

Eyo Mutu my gevuning ge dow ofa hoko boo lyngo mummy ge vuvuny.

(written by Sonasi)

Our Family Gathering

On the weekend I went to my cousin's mum's house because my cousin's dad's mum was going to Samoa.  My cousin's name is Cameron and we go to the same school, but Cameron is older than me.  He is in Room 8.  We went to spend time with my cousin's family and farewell his Grandmother before she went to Samoa.  

My family and I drove to Cameron's mum's house in Williams Cresent. When we got there we all went inside and sat in the sitting room, and talked to each other.  There were a few people there already and then more people arrived.  I talked to my brother Xavier and my cousin Cameron.  We talked about the trampoline outside.  We wanted to go outside and play on it.  We said that maybe we will be able to play on the trampoline another weekend.  That would be great!

After talking for awhile we ate KFC and potato with gravy and chips, and cold slaw chicken (ck).  We also had a drink to go with our food.  Before we ate we said a prayer to thank God for the food that we had to eat.  We talked as we ate our food.  I liked eating the potato topped with gravy the best.  It tasted good.  

Later we left to go home.  Then I did my homework and went to sleep.  I like getting together with my family.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

A Busy Day

On Friday morning my Papa, my Mum and I went to an appointment.  It took forever so I played some games on my iPad and after that I fell asleep.  When I woke up the appointment had finished.  When the appointment had finished we went back home and we said, "Goodbye" to my Grandpa.  He gave me two big hugs before he went home.  

When he was gone my Mum and I went to the doctors to get something out of my Mum's skin.  The nurse said, "When do you want to have your appointment?"  My Mum said on Tuesday because she was flying out that night to Australia.  Next we went to the pharmacy to get something for my Mum.  After that we went to eat something at the shop called 'My Bakery'.  

When we had finished eating we went to the airport to drop off my Mum.  Then we went to my cousin's house for a sleepover.  We took some chips with us.  My cousin Sarah and I love to play with each other.  I bought my iPad with me and we watched You Tube and played some games together.  

After that I was hungry so I ate some BQQ.  I ate sausages and rice.  I ate it all up ad I said, "Thank you for the food auntie and uncle".  Then finally we watched a movie and went to sleep.  I was very tired because I had had a busy day.

Rainbow's End

In the holidays my Mum and I went to Rainbow's End.  We went in Kids Kingdom.  My favourite ride was the Giant swing.  The kid next to me started to cry because we were so high in the air.  I also went on a ride that swung us up and down.  We went up really high.  Another ride that we went on was the roller coaster.  The roller coaster was on a track and it went really fast!  We both held on tight to the sides of the roller coaster so that we did not fall off.  

After we did all the rides I played on the cars and motorcycles on a fake solid road.  I crashed into a few other cars and motorcycles but it was fun. Next I went to the big puffy obstacle course playground.  It was great because I got to punch some punching bags and go down a big slide. Finally, after four hours I put my shoes on and went home.  I had fun with my Mum at Rainbow's End.

Going To Hamilton and Rotorua

In the holidays I went to Hamilton with my family to visit my half brother, who is from Tonga.  We ate breakfast at his cafe.  I ate a cheese burger and chips.  Then we went in front of his car and it said his nick.  His nick name is Tongan Bear.  Then we drove ourselves to Rotorua.  At Rotorua we went and looked at the bubbling mud pools.  Then we went to one of the hot pools.  The water dragged me like a shark was holding on to my legs.  So we went to the other hot poo.  We all had to climb down.  When we had finished we got dressed to go to MacDonald's.  We had a busy day so I was hungry.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the New World Supermarket in Panmure.  I went with my sister and my Dad.  We went in my Dad's car.  First we bought vegetables for dinner and then we bought some other things.  After we had done our shopping we drove back home and ate our dinner.  

The following day I played 'Hide and Seek' with my brothers and sisters.  We had lots of fun playing.  Then we had a party at my brother's house.  At the party we had cake and drinks.  While we were there we went on the Bouncy Castle.  Then we had a water fight.  Later we went back home to visit my Mum because she had a baby recently.  I gave my Mum a lovely card and some flowers.  My Mum smiled at me when I gave her my card and the pretty flowers.

Going To Grandpa's Place

In the holidays I went to my Grandpa's farm in Dargeville.  Dargeville is two hours away from where I live in Auckland. At my Grandpa's place I got to feed the pigs with lettuce and some meat.  I named the little piglets Dirty Michael, Stinky, Tufflet and Silly.  My favourite piglet was Stinky because Stinky farts and poops a lot, and piglet is a little piglet and he's a boy, and he's only two years old.  

After I fed the pigs and piglets I went to eat with my Grandpa, Mum, Dad, sister, cousin and my auntie.  We all had tuna sandwiches with lettuce.  We left Grandpa's place at five o'clock pm.  My Mum saw the sunset and she said that it was beautiful.  "Look at it son" she said to me.  "Okay Mum", I shouted!

Going Swimming

In the holidays I went to the Lagoon Swimming Pool, in Panmure, with my Mum, and my friends Nino, Giselle, Jamie and Erich Wyne.  We all go to the same school in Panmure.  When we were at the swimming pool I saw my friend Cooper.  Cooper is in my class at school.  We played the game 'Who's Your Daddy'.  The Dad was Nino and I pretended to be a little child.  I tried to wreck everything in the imaginary house.  After that we ate oreos and shapes because we were hungry.  Then we played the game 'Jailbreak', but we didn't get to play 'Jailbreak' for long because we had to go.  

Before we left we needed to take a shower.  Then we changed into our clothes by ourselves and went home. Erich Wynes' Dad picked up Erich Wyne and Giselle and took them home.  Cooper stayed at the pool with his friend and his friend's Mum.  On our way home we dropped Nino off at his house.  When I was in his house I saw a lot of toys on the floor.  Nino has lots of toys.  I like going swimming with my friends.  

My Holiday

In the holidays my family and I went to Fillipo's Dad's funeral.  Fillipo used to go to our school but now he is in college.  
At the church lots of people put Fillipo's dad's body in the coffin and then they put the lid on the coffin.  Next we put the coffin in the car and we all went to the graveyard.

At the graveyard all of the men took turns to dig the grave.  They dug it deeper and deeper.   We put his body to rest very deep down in the ground.  After that we put dirt and flowers on his coffin and people said prayer.  Some people cried.  Later my uncles bought us soft drinks and juice, and lots of food.  I was hungry and I loved the food.  It was a sad day.  

Later in the holidays I played Call of Duty Black Ops on the XBox with my brother.  My brother and I pretend killed lots and lots and lots of people with fake guns.  We made it to level fifty five.  But it got harder and harder and harder for us because there was a giant robot that was trying to pretend kill us with machine guns.  So we used our money for some more fake guns but then we both got pretend shot and died at the same time.  I had a good holiday playing with my brothers. 

Going Swimming

In the holidays I went to my swimming lessons with my mum and my sister.  My sister's name is Ericka and she is older than me.  Everyday I went swimming at 9:00 am.  I swam in the indoor swimming pool.  The outdoor swimming pool has not opened yet because it is too cold.  At the big pool Matthew, Jamie, Nino and Giselle swam.  They go to my school.  Matthew and Jamie are in my class.  I like swimming a lot.  

Staying With My Auntie Betty's House

During the holidays I went to my cousins' Celeste's and Carlos'  house.  I went with my Dad and my sisters.  My sisters' names are Summer and Maddy.  We went there for a sleepover and we stayed until Monday.  After dropping us off at Celeste'sand Carlos' house my Dad had to leave to go to work.  When my Dad had to leave Summer, Maddy and I said, "Bye Dad".   My Dad said, "Bye" to us and then he left.

The first thing that we did was to eat.  Then we played hide and seek in the dark.  The person who had to seek was Jayden.  I hid in a obvious spot that I can't remember.  Then Jayden found me.  After that Celeste, then Summer and finally auntie Betty and Maddy found me.
When I was in I was scared because I had to go down the dark deep stairs and count.  I was scared so I just went halfway down the stairs, so that I wouldn't get that scared and stop playing.  Two minutes later we were still playing, then someone knocked at the door.

We opened the door.  It was my uncle, my cousin Carlos and his friend.  They were holding pizzas.  We all said, Ohhhhhahh", except not  auntie.  Then auntie Bettie said, "We have to continue with our play tomorrow, let's eat our pizza".  

Then on Saturday we played again and probably some of the night.  When we played again people came and wanted to play also.
So we had fun and more fun.  Later a friend of my auntie's, and her daughter arrived.  The little girls name was Honey.  She was four years old.  Then on Sunday Honey and her mum had to leave.  So auntie Betty said, "Bye" to her friend and Honey.  Then my sisters and I had to leave too, so auntie Betty said, "Bye" to me and we went home with dad.

When we got back to our peaceful and comfortable home we had a long sleep.  The next day we went back to our auntie Betty's again and we had great fun each day that we stayed with her.  I love going to our auntie Betty's.

A Tongan Prayer

Stof a Malia gea mo galas lea ge mo Gakey monia goe feno for bey dubockyna funu for bey funu Seso.

Butterfly Creek

In the holidays I went to Butterfly Creek with my family.  My auntie had said for sometime that she would take me there.  At Butterfly Creek we saw some animals and insects.  I saw a crocodile, some spiders, monkeys and a big elephant with a baby elephant.  The man fed the crocodile and there were lots of people looking at the crocodile.  

Next I went to the butterfly enclosure.  Inside there were all sorts of different coloured butterflies.  One butterfly sat on my head.  It was black and yellow.  It felt soft.  I love Butterfly Creek and I wish that I could stay at Butterfly Creek forever.  

Going To Inflatable World

In the holidays I went to Inflatable World with my family.  First, we went on the Bouncy Ball.  My mum tried to jump on the ball but she accidentally landed on the mat.  My dad and my baby brother won the Bouncy Ball by jumping up and down on it.  

Next we went to the big Bouncy Slide.  We climbed up the stairs and then we slid down fast.  I climbed up and slid down the Bouncy Slide nine times because it was fun.  My brother also played on it and he knows how to climb up on his own.

After that my mum and I went to the Bouncy Castle.  We had to follow the yellow line to get to the Bouncy Castle.  My mum and I won the Bouncy Castle because we won the game. We had fun at Inflatable World.  I wish I could go back to Inflatable World again sometime soon.

The Family Funeral

In the holidays my cousins and I went to our family reunion.  At the reunion I saw Jacob.  Jacob is in my class at school.  He was jumping on the bouncy castle.  He said, "hi" and I said, "hi" back.  

After that I had to get changed because my cousins and I had to dance in front of my Dad's auntie.  My cousin's next door neighbour danced with us too.  We did a Tongan and a Samoan dance.  When we had finished everyone watching us clapped and lots of people put money on us.  After that we got to eat pig and for dessert we had cake and cookies.  

When we had finished eating my cousin said, "can you help me to pick up the instruments?" I said, "sure".  So I helped my cousin.  Then he drove us back home.

At home we played with my cousin's next door neighbour.  We played red light.  Then we watched a movie.  It was called Max and Hana.  It was about a boy named Max who had no money.  There was a girl named Hana and she had lots of money.  She gave some of her money to Max.  Max said,  "Thank you".  Hana said, "You're welcome".  So Max said can I stay at your house for today and she said sure.  The next day Max was so sleepy he got lost in the woods.  Hana went looking for Max, but Hana couldn't find him. The movie had a sad ending but I still liked it.

Going To The Museum

In the holidays I went to the museum with my family.  We went in our family car.  At the museum I saw a mummy and my mum said that it was real.  It was scary and I tried to wake it up.  Then we went to a house that was pretending to shake as if it was in an earthquake.  Then when the house finished shaking I said, "Well that was short".  Next we went to the shop.  I had a drink of sprite and it was great.  I also had some chips and they were good too.  

Then we went back to our house and we were very tired so I had a sleep. After sleeping I saw a rainbow when I opened the door.  The rainbow had every colour in it and it was cool.   I love the holidays.

Being With My Family

In the school holidays I went to my auntie's family  funeral because my auntie's brother died.  All of my family went to the funeral.  The funeral was in the church and my auntie said the prayer.   First some of the grown ups went up the front of the church and talked in Samoan.  I could not understand what they were saying because I can't speak Samoan.   My auntie cried and I couldn't see if any one else cried because I was sitting at the back.  Later we ate in the church and I ate a pizza and a cake.  After we had eaten we went home.

At home I played hide and seek with my brothers, and I was in.  My brothers' names are Willietony and Cosma.  Then I found my little brother and he got a fright.
Then I found Willietony and he screamed.  Then it was Willietony's turn.  I was hiding under the bed.  Willietony found me under the bed.  I screamed too when Willietony found me under the bed.  I had a good holiday playing with my brothers.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My Special Holiday

In the holidays I went to the motel with my family.  My Mum wanted to watch my brother's rugby game.  After the game we stopped at the McDonald's to eat.  I had some chicken nuggets to eat and my little sister had a burger to eat.  

The next day we went to a farm.  I saw lots of animals at the farm.  At the farm I saw lots of horses and lots of cows.  I went for a ride on one of the horses.  It felt amazing riding the horse.  It was a white and brown horse, and she is a girl.  She had five babies.  Baby horses are called foals.  After we had visited the farm we went back home.  I had lots of fun at the motel and the farm.  My favourite thing was riding the horse!

Going To Sylvia Park And Para Kai Hot Pool

In the holidays I went to the Food Court at the Syliva Park Shopping Mall.  My mum and I bought some tacos, my uncle bought butter chicken and my dad bought Burger King.  After that we went to Starbucks.  At Starbucks my dad and I bought a chocolate a frapachino each.  After we had eaten and I had drunk some of my frapachino we went to our car and drove back home.  We had a good time at Sylvia Park.

Later on we went Para Kai Hot pools.  We went there because it was my cousin George's birthday.  At the hot pools I jumped off the small diving board and my big brother jumped off the big diving board.  Then my little sister went into the small pool.  She is only five years old.   After that we had chocolate cake.  But first George made a wish and blew out the candles.  The cake had sprinkles on it and it tasted yum.  After celebrating George's birthday we drove home.  

When we got home I played on my PS4.  I played Blackops 3.  After that I went to sleep because I was very tired.  We had a good day.

Having Fun In The Holidays

In the holidays my family and I went to the movies at Sylvia Park.  I went with my two sisters.    My older sister's name is Jorina and my twin sister's is called Estherose.  

At the movies we watched Lego Ninjago.  The movie was about Lego Ninjago saving Ninjago City.  In the movie Leo's dad was the bad guy.  At the end of the movie Leo's dad had turned into a good guy.  I liked the Ninja that saved Ninjago City the best because he was the hero.  While we watched the movie we ate chips and popcorn, and we had drinks.  After watching the movie we went back home.

Later we went to Pak'n Save.  At Pak'n Save we bought crackers, shapes and Oreos, and some sandwiches for my little brother, my  sisters and me.  

Next we went to the Pizza Hut.  At the Pizza Hut we bought chips 
and pizza.  We took our chips and pizza back home.  I had pepperoni and cheese pizza.  The pizza and the chips tasted yum.  I had a fantastic day with my family!

Going To The New LIfe Hall

On the weekend I went to the New Life Hall with my family.  At the hall I jumped on the bouncy castle.  I jumped high and fast.  It was fun.  After I had finished jumping on the bouncy castle I saw Lupe.  She is in my class at school.  Lupe was having fun too.  

Then I played bull-rush on the grass with lots of other kids.  Lots of my cousins were playing bull-rush too.  My cousins Junior and Ofa were there.   I was fast at playing bull-rush and my brother was last at bull-rush.  After that we ate ham and roast pig, and crab salad. It tasted good.  When we had finished eating we said goodbye and went home.  My favourite things that I did all day were bouncing on the bouncy castle and playing bull-rush.

Fishing At The Beach

In the holidays I went fishing with my family and my sister's friend.  I have two sisters.  Their names are Alena and Athaya.  Their friend's name is Julia.

When we arrived at the beach we went to a fishing spot on the dock.  There we lots of people fishing on the dock.  When we got board with fishing we made a boat challenge.  First Athaya and I looked for some wood and string to build our boat.  Then we tested our boat and it floated.  When Alena and Julia had finished building their boat they tested it and it floated. My big sister Athaya and I versus my other sister Alena and her friend Julia.  Athaya and I won.  

I asked Dad how many fish he had caught and he said that he had caught three fish.  When we had finished playing with our boats we left them behind on the beach and went home.  I felt sad leaving our boats behind on the beach.  

Later my Dad cooked the fish and we had them for our dinner.  They tasted squishy.  After dinner we were tired so we went to sleep.

Going To The Botanical Garden

In the holidays my family and I went to the Botanical garden for a picnic.  It was a sunny day.  We took food with us, my pink scooter and my brother's blue balancing bike.  My brother is only 3 years old so he needs a balancing bike.

First, when we got to the Botanical garden we found a perfect spot to have our picnic.  Then my Dad put a blanket on the grass for us to have our picnic.  Before having our picnic I rode my scooter on the footpath and my brother rode his bike.  I got tired riding my scooter but it was fun.

Next we had our picnic.  My Mum had put our picnic food together.  We ate carrots, biscuits and mandarins and some lollies.  We had water to drink.  It was a great picnic.
After that we went home.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I Love Books

I love books
Books are fun
Books are great
Just you wait.
Books are the love in the world
And the world
Is like a twirl!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Inquiry Topic: India and New Zealand, and Water

In New Zealand we get our water to our homes through pipes and it comes out of the taps in our kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and into our toilets.  Some of us also have taps in our gardens and backyards.  Sometimes we attach a hose to the outdoor tap to get water to our plants in our gardens.  If we don't have a hose we use a bucket to carry water for our garden.  In India many people have to carry water in buckets or large jugs to their homes from  wells or rivers.  

In general, our water supply in New Zealand is safe to drink after it has been treated by chemicals to clean it.  Whereas, in India people still die from diseases because they have to drink dirty water.  

In India engineers are building new reservoirs and putting in pipes to give people clean water to drink in and near their homes.  This is so they don't have to go to the well or river every time they need water.

The Ganges River:
The Ganges River is a large river in India.  It has has more than 400 million people that depend upon it for food, water, and to run factories.  The Ganges River is sacred to Hindus all over the world.  The Ganges is known as Ganga Ma meaning the Mother Ganges with thousands of people going to worship it every day.  

The Waikato River:
The Waikato River is a large river near to our city in New Zealand.  It is not as big as the Ganges River but it is sacred to Tangagatawhenua, the first people of New Zealand known as Maori.  Our water, in Auckland, comes from it and it is an important source of water for our farmers.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Family Camping

Mum's in the kitchen packing our food, 
Dad's in the garage loading up the van,
Jackson's lost his flashlight,
He's in a bad mood,
And Alena's packing her things 
As fast as she can.

Spot the dog is chasing the cat.
While Uncle Joel is looking
A little fat.

Camping Word Brainstorm
hunting                      adventure           scared
camper van                 tent                    pillow fights
scary stories               lollies                flashlight
climbing trees            fishing               camp fire
BBQ food                  crabbing             sleeping bag
fireside songs             picnic

Family Word Brainstorm
Mum          Dad                         Parents
Aunt           Uncle            
Nana           Granddad              Grandparents
sister           brother 
niece           nephew
Great Grand Mother                   Great Grandfather      

Inquiry Topic: India and New Zealand, and their Flags

Walt:  I am learning to compare the New Zealand flag with the Indian flag.  I know that the Indian flag is made up of three colours. The colours are saffron, which is a type of orange, white and green. There is a navy blue wheel in the middle of the flag with 24 spokes. The spokes represent the values that are respected by the Indian people.  These values include love, patience, peacefulness and self-control.  We, in New Zealand, also respect these values.

The New Zealand flag has a blue British Royal Navy symbol and the Southern Cross on a blue background.  It was declared a national flag in 1902 and shows the country's relationship to Britain at this time.   The Southern Cross is also depicted on the flag using 4 white-edged red five pointed stars.  In this way the flag emphasizes New Zealand's location in the South Pacific Ocean. Alternative New Zealand flags have been put forward to show Maori as our country's Tangatawhenua, that is the first people of New Zealand.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Going Out With My Mum

On the weekend I went to the pet shop.  The pet shop is in Glen Innes.   I went with my Mum.  We saw a big blue and yellow fish. Then my Mum saw a pretty fish.  My Mum said, "It is home time", so I jumped in the car and we went home.

I have a dog so I don't need a fish.  She is a girl dog.  She is pretty and I love her.  I had a fun day going out with my Mum.

Going To Chipmunks

On the weekend I went to chipmunks with my Mum. First I went to the big slide.  I went down the slide very fast and that was lots of fun.  When I got to the bottom of the slide the mat went up.  That gave me a surprise.  Then I went into the bouncy castle.  It was pink like my hat.  When I had finished playing in the bouncy castle I sat on a chair with my Mum and we talked for a while.  After that I went back to the bouncy castle to play.  I couldn't stand up in the bouncy castle because it kept moving a bit.  After that my Mum said that it was time to go home.  I had fun with my Mum.

Buying a Car

On the weekend I went to church with my family.  After church my Mum and I went to get my Dad a car.  We went to a car sales yard. The car we got was blue.  My Dad liked the blue car.  My dad went home in the car and we went home in the car too. 

Then we went to the food court and we had lunch. We had seafood for our lunch.  It tasted really good.  At the food court we saw Jacob and his family.  I played on the park with Jacob and his cousin Isaac.  We had lots of fun playing together.  

When we got back home we watched a movie.  The movie was called 'A Family'.  I had fun with my Mum and Dad.  

My School

I go to Saint Patrick's School in Panmure.  At my school we have a new play area.  It  has a roof over it to help keep out the rain in the winter and to keep out the sun in the summer.  It has different types of shapes for us to play on.  

We have 5 classes at our school and five teachers.  We have a library with lots of good books to read.  We have a school Principal at our school and her name is Miss Bullot.  Our uniform is green and white, and our playground has a green slide which I like to play on.  I love my school and all of my school friends.

My Favourite Pet Fantasy

One day my friend, Lea, bought me a puppy.  It was a girl puppy. I named my puppy Lana.  She is black and white, and she is small. Lana is my friend and she lives at my house.  I have given her my poppy and she sleeps on my bed.   Lana and I play on my laptop together.  She eats healthy dog biscuits and meat, and she needs water to drink.  I love my puppy.  

Singing Practice

This morning Mrs Dines from Room 8 came to find me.  She said, "Go and ask Miss Craig if you can come with me to Room 8 to practice our song".  Miss Craig said, "Yes, and listen carefully to Mrs Dines".  

When I got to Room 8 there were other students from different classes.  There was Mika from Room 2, a boy from Room 5L, Oliver and a girl with beautiful black hair from Room 7, and Launoa, Rosary, and Philemena from Room 8.  

We sang and practiced moving the globe together and we turned around.  Mrs Dines said, Good job everybody!"  When we had finished practicing we went back to our classes.  

Going To The Warehouse

On the weekend I went to the Warehouse with my Mum and my Dad.  We went in our car to the Sylvia Park Warehouse.  At the Warehouse my Mum and Dad bought me an laptop.  My laptop can do the same things that my iPad can do at school.

When I got home I went onto Reading Eggs and read some books and I played some learning games.  On Reading Eggs I read the book called, "I Like My Puppies" and the book called, "Orange".  I like reading these books.  My Nana said, "Great Desiree and now you can go onto the learning games"!  After that I went onto Xtramaths and I practiced my Maths.   I really like working on my new laptop.  Thanks Mum and Dad for my laptop!

Going Shopping

On the weekend I went to the shops with my Mum and my older sister.  At the shops we bought some food.  We bought some milk, some cake and some apples.  We also bought some pizza.  When we had finished getting our food my Mum paid the shop owner.  Then we went back home.  At home we ate some of our food.  I liked the pizza because it had cheese and tomato sauce on it.  After we had eaten we were tired so we went to sleep.  I like going to the shops with my Mum and my big sister.  I like helping them to get the food and count out the money.

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I am going to be a nurse.  I want to be a nurse because nurses help sick people and poor people.  Nurses help sick people to get better.  Sometimes nurses work in the hospital and sometimes they work at the doctors place.  Nurses help poor people get well so they can go to work and earn some money.  Then they will not be poor anymore.

Maths: Saving Money

When I am older I am going to save my money to buy the things that I want.  I am going to use my savings to buy myself some play dough.  The play dough that I will buy will be coloured rainbow colours and it will be good play dough.  I will have lots of fun playing with my new play dough.  Saving money will help me to buy the things that I need and the things that I want.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Going To Jamie's Brithday Party

On the Weekend my brother, my Dad and I went to Jamie's birthday party.  Jamie is my friend and she goes to the same school as my brother and I.  

When we got to Jamie's place Jamie said, "Do you want to play with me?"  I said, "Yes" and we went to the Parkcorp.  My Mum and Dad took up to play at Parkcorp.  At Parkcorp I climbed up a pretend side of a cliff.  It felt soft and there were square things to put my feet in to help me to climb to the top.  After I got to the top I jumped down onto soft things.  This made my landing safe.  

A while later I saw Frances.  I said, "Hello Frances", and Frances said, "Hi".  Then I asked her if she wanted to come and play with us.  Frances said, "Yes".  We played tag on the bouncy castle.   After we had finished playing tag my Dad asked if we wanted to eat.   I ate chicken and rice.  It tasted good.  Then my Dad said, "Let's go home", and we did.  I had lots of fun at Jamie's birthday party.  

During The Weekend

During the weekend I went to Burger King with my family.  We went inside Burger King and then I ordered the Bomb Burger and a soda.  Bomb Burger and the soda tasted good.  It was a little bit noisy but we could still talk and hear each other. 

After that we went home and we watched the video Boss Baby on TV.  It was fun and the Boss Baby was funny because he slapped the boy's face and they both drank the milk.  It was the Boss Baby's world and his job.  My brother and I laughed.  I had a fun weekend with my family.

Father's Day

On Father's Day I baked a banana cake for my dad at my house.  I baked it with my brother Alizzandro  and my Mum, Wing.  While my Mum and my brother were baking I made a Father's Day card for my Dad.  

When my Mum looked at my card she said that my card was good and I said, "okay".  When I had finished making my Father's Day card I helped with baking the banana cake.  

First I put all of the ingredients listed in the recipe into the mixing bowl.  Then I mixed the ingredients and my brother helped me.  Next my Mum put the mixture into the cake time and then put it into the oven.  

Later my Dad looked at my card and he said, "I love your card so much Angelina, thank you".  My Dad gave me a hug.  My brother didn't have a Father's Day card but my Dad said that it was okay.  

Finally the banana cake was ready and my Mum took it out of the oven.  The cake was hot and it smelt of banana.  My Dad ate some of the cake and he said that it was delicious, and then we all ate some too.  It was the best Father's Day ever.  My Dad said, "I had the best day ever!"

Little Red Riding Hood

One day there was a girl named Red Riding Hood.  Red Riding Hood loved to go to the woods.  She liked all of the flowers there and all of the trees.  Her Nana's was Jess and she was really sick.  She lived near the woods.  So one day Red Riding Hood walked through the woods to to and see her Nana.  

On the way Red Riding Hood met the Big Black Wolf.  The Wolf wanted to eat Red Riding Hood.  When Red Riding got to her Nana's house Nana had big eyes and big ears. Red Riding Hood stared at her Nana. This was because it wasn't her Nana at all it was the Big Black Wolf dressed up as Nana. 

The wolf  said, "I am going to eat you up!!!  The Black Wolf jumped up and chased Red Riding Hood.  When the Black Wolf saw the Woodcutter he ran quickly back into the woods.  Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter were worried that the Wolf had eaten her Nana but they found her in the cupboard.  Nana was very pleased to see her Granddaughter and the Woodcutter.  They all hugged each other.

My School

My school is in the suburb of Panmure and it is named Saint Patrick's School.  At my school we have two basketball courts, and we have 5 classrooms.  I like playing on the basketball courts on the weekends and after school.  During school only the big children are allowed to play on the court.   Our school has a new play area and it is near the courts.  We play gymnastics on the new play area. We have five teachers and our Principal is Miss Bullot. She is a nice principlal.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Going To The Warehouse

On the weekend I went to the Warehouse with my Mum and Dad, brother and sisters.  First we bought a new book for my younger brother.  It was an A B C book.  Cosma enjoyed looking at his colourful book.  Next we bought a pencil case for my sister.  She like it because it had rainbows on it.  After that we bought me a green and blue race car. It was a flash car.  Then we bought a purple and pink flower for my Mum, because she likes purple and pink.  My Mum smelt her flower and she said that it smelt wonderful.  Later we bought a green hat for my Dad.  My Dad liked it because it was green.  After we had finished our shopping we went back home.  We had a good day shopping.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Going To The Star Dome

On Saturday my family and I went to the Star Dome.  First I looked through the telescope.  I couldn't see anything because there was something around it.  It was only pretend.  Next I watched a movie about the Dinosaurs.  After that I made my own dinosaur egg with my brother.  It was painted with grey paint.  

Then I went back to the beginning of where we had come into the building with my family. I saw a playground but we didn't play on it.   When I left the Star Dome with my family it was raining.  The rain felt like a warm shower.  We ran fast to my Dad's car.  Finally my family and I went home.  

Going To The Night Market

At nighttime i went to the Night Market with my auntie and my Mum.  At the Market I ate some popcorn and some dumplings.  I saw a group of singers.  They were singing Yellowbird.  They were good singers.  

There were lots of stalls selling all kinds of yummy food.  The Night Market food smelt very good.  The Night Market was a lot of fun.  Then it was time to go back home.  I had lots of fun at the Night Market because the food tasted yummy.

At The Swimming Pools

Yesterday, after school my family and I went to the swimming pools.  When we went inside the swimming pools it was warm, but the other side of the pool was cold.  My brother said that the cold pool was an outside pool.  So my family and I went outside.  

Outside there was a big slide and a shop.  When I got on the slide I go a little scared. First I got ready to go whizzing down the slide.  Then I pushed myself off the slide and flew down the slide.  SPLASH! I landed in the water.  What great fun!!

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games as a runner, and I want to read lots of books too.  After I have read lots of books on Reading Eggs and I will play rugby at Queensland and I will verse (compete against) my friends Sione and Cooper.  Sione and Cooper will also be playing rugby for Queensland.  

Racing With My Dad

During the weekend I went racing with my Dad.  I had a red car and my Dad had a black car.  We started at the starting line and the referee said, "Three, two, on, go!"  I was faster then my Dad.  He was slower than me and I was already at the finishing line while he was still catching up.

Going To The Zoo

On the weekend I went to the zoo with my Mum.  I saw a lion and it was eating some red meat for his lunch.  A bear was looking at the lion eating meat.  I think that the bear wanted some of the lions yummy meat.   Next I saw a tiger.  The tiger was running towards another tiger.   The tigers started fighting.  The tigers stood up on their hind legs.  They growled at each other and they showed their teeth.  The zoo was really fun because we got to see the animals.  

Visiting My Mum's Workplace

On Tuesday I went to my Mum's workplace.   I went with my Mum, my older brother Xavier and my older cousin Cameron.  We are all at Saint Patrick's School.  

First we went and picked up my aunty Angel from her house. Then my Dad dropped us off at the train station.  Next we got into a train and we went into the city.  At the city train station we walked to McDonald's .  At McDonald's I had a hash brown and a hot drink.  I got the hot drink from the machine.  

After we had finished eating at McDonald's we walked to my Mum's workplace and we had a look around.  Then we saw lots of paintings of Maori people from the olden days.  My favourite painting was of a Maori chief because he had a tattoo on his face.

Then two men arrived and they put chairs around the room. One of them danced and one of them sang.  After that we went went to a cafe and I had a drink and my Mum had a cake.  

Later it started to rain so finally we went caught a bus back home. My Cameron stayed for a sleep over with us and my uncle Poppop came and picked up my auntie Angel and dropped her at her home.  I had an awesome day and I can't wait to go to my Mum's workplace again!!  

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Fantastic Weekend

On the weekend I went to church with Nana and my sister Summer.  We went to church on Saturday. At church we prayed to God, listened to Father talk about God and Jesus, and Mother Mary.  We also sang songs about Jesus.  

After church we went to the side of the church where there was a stair and a door.  Summer, Nana and I went inside the room and was our friend Peter, from school, and his family. There were two other people there too and one of them was Fulia from our school.  When we were done helping to tidy up we got an invitation from Father to attend church the 16th of September.

After that we went home and changed to go to a party.  The party was for Leeny.  Leeeny is one year old.  We played on bouncy castles and we had balloons, juice, pineapples on sticks.  We got face painted by a clever artist.  Summer's face was painted like a butterfly, my other sister Maddy's face was painted like a beautiful flower and my face was painted like a magnificent princess. My face was painted on the side.  Everyone else got their face painted on the side.  We all looked fantastic and I had a fantastic day!!

When I Grow Up

Today we discuss what we want to be when we grow up.  When I grow up I want to be a top chef and a top accountant.  I want to be a chef and create delicious and healthy food that people like to eat.  I want to be an accountant because I like studying Financial Literacy and this will help me to manage the money in my restaurant.  

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Flower Girl

On the weekend I attended my cousin Niva's wedding.  First I went to a hotel to do my dress, earings and my nail polish.  The colour of my dress is pink.  I was the flower girl.  When we went in the limo we listened to some music from my cousin's phone.  The first song we listened to was Dance Pa Cito.  I love this song.  When we got to the wedding I gave out flowers for the bride to walk down the isle.  The bride's name was Niva.  After Niva and the groom kissed we went to the hall to eat food.  Then we went home and slept.

After we slept I was taken for photos.  The photos I took were great.  When we finished taking photos we went to a celebration for Niva's wedding.  I had some raro, lollies and for lunch I had bread, rice and fish nuggets.  After I had eaten we did three Samoan dances in from of everybody.  Then everybody danced and my cousins and I danced too.  I had a great time at my cousin's wedding!

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be a Computer Technician and a You Tuber.  I want to be a You Tuber so I can travel around the world and report what I see and all of the exciting things that I will get to do.  I want to be a Computer Technician because computers are awesome and we can do lots of neat things on them.

Financial Literacy and My Savings

I have learnt that saving my money is important.  It is important because I can get enough money to buy the things that I want.  I am going to use my savings to buy myself a Yeasy's.  Yeasy's are white and orange and they are nice and soft.  I have got the money to buy a Yeasy because I cleaned my mess up in my bedroom and I was good.  I am not spending my money now, I am going to save it.

Playing With My Friend and My Cousins

On the weekend I went to my nephew's house.  We had a sleep over.  Their names are Mika and Carda.  Then I asked my Mum if Mika and Carda culd come to the Panmure Basin.  But before we went to the Panmure Basin we got my school bag.  We had to go to my Grandma's house to get my book bag because I had forgotten it and left it there.  But it was really loud at Grandma's house so I ran out faster than a tiger.  I jumped in the car higher than a kangaroo. 

Then we went to the Panmure Basin, but as soon as we got there it started to pour with rain.  So we went to McDonald's.  At McDonald's we all went to the play area.  Then we saw a 2 year old boy.  We all played tag.  I found a good hiding spot.  I found the hiding spot because in the slide there was a corner with glue.  They never found me.

After that we went to drop off Mika and Cardo at their house.  At their house we played on the trampoline with guns.  We played Zombies.  Then there was only me left because my friend Sione went home.  We had the best day ever!

Going Out On The Weekend

On the weekend I went to church with my family.  I told my Dad that I needed to go to the toilet but we didn't know where the toilet was.  My Dad said there's no toilet so we went to the car and we got a bottle and I peed into it.  My Dad said, "Let's stay in the car".  

It rained a little bit and after that church was over and people came outside.  We ate a little bit and we went to a restaurant.  After that we went back home and we ate.  But I did not eat because my tummy hurt, so I slept on the couch.  When I woke up we went to Sylvia Park.  At Sylvia Park we bought some material for my sister. We bought some headphones for me.  Next we went to the grocery shop and we bought some food.  Then we went back home and we ate some food.  We had a nice dinner and my Mum said, "You need to go to bed now because you are tired". 

Playing With My Friends At The Swimming Pool

In the weekend I went to the Y-Swimming School.  I can swim n the swimming pool.  Sometimes we go to another pool at the swimming pools because I  go there to play with my friends Giselle, Matthew and Jamie.  

My teacher, James, can swim very fast.  My bathing suit is pink and my goggles are blue.  I wear swim goggles to stop the water making my eyes red.  I had a good time swimming with my friends.

Playing With My Cousin Florence

On the weekend I stayed with my family at home.  My cousin came on Sunday and her name is Florence.  She is younger than me and she had a sleepover at my house.  During the evening we played games like hide and seek.  When I hid, I went under the bed.  I had a fright when Florence found me.  Next it was Florence's turn to hide.  She hid under the bed.  Then I found Florence.  She was scared when I looked under the bed. 

After that Mum said it was time to go to sleep, so Florence and I brushed our teeth and put on our pajamas.  We both had rainbow pajamas.  We said our prayers and went to sleep.  I like it when my cousin Florence comes to our house for a sleepover because she is the best and we have lots of fun playing together!

Playing With My Friend Cooper

On the weekend I went with my friend Cooper and his nephews to the Panmure Basin.  At the Basin we played in the park.  We played tag, and hide and seek.  Cooper's nephews are twins.  They are boys and their names Mika and Carda.  They are eight and half years old so they are a little bit old than I am.

While we were at the Panmure Basin it started to rain harder and harder so we all ran to the car very fast. Then we went to McDonald's and we played on the park.  Next we went to drop the twins back home and we had a little bit of fun playing at their house.  After that we left to go to Countdown and we bought lots and lots and lots of stuff.  Then Cooper and his Mum dropped me back home.  I had a very good day because I went to McDonald's and the park with my friend Cooper.

Monday, 28 August 2017

A Double Family Celebration

On the weekend my family and I went to a busy airport.  We went there to meet my family from Christchurch.  Inside the airport there were lots of people carrying big and small bags.  My Mum called my uncle to check if they had landed.  My uncle said the plane had stopped.  When I heard that the plane had landed I got so excited. When my uncles came out of the door I ran and hugged them and I hugged my aunties too.  

When I saw my niece she was sleeping.  The next day my niece Havalia got baptised.  When Havalia came to Auckland she got a little bit sick but when my Mum said to put oil on her my auntie did.  Then she stopped crying.  

After Havalia was baptised we had a double celebration.  We had it at our place.  We had a double celebration because my uncle Sam had his birthday.We ate chocolate cake with blue icing.   My family and I said happy birthday to my uncle Sam.  He was happy.  After that we ate strawberry cheese cake.  Later people started packing up the leftover food and then everyone went back home.  

Spookers, A Fantasy Story

During the weekend I went to the hills.  It was a very very I went high with my Dad and baby brother.  I could see the view up there.  I saw a table and some chairs.  Then I went on an Easter Egg Hunt at Spookers.  First I went to Spookers and I fund dolls lighting the pretend fire to keep everyone warm and to heat the soup.  Then I saw baby dolls hanging in the tree in a blue blanket.  They were having a sleep.  It was really scary.  Finally I found some Easter Eggs,  I ate them and they tasted yum.  

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be a farmer so that I can grow things.  I want to grow pretty flowers to put in my Mum's vase.  I also want to be a swimming teacher because I know that it is important to be able to swim when I am at the beach with my family.

My Day On Snow Mountain

On the weekend I went up the snow mountain.  It was a long journey.  After that I played snow ball fights with Jasper, Tong Tong and Icin.  Tong won.  Then I went to the food court near the white snow mountain.  I bought a cup of hot coco to warm me up.  IT WAS EXTREMELY HOT!.  Then I went skiing.  I crashed into a snowman.  It didn't fall over when I hit it.  After that I went to a Motel called Ossies.  It was a pretty little room.  Then I got dressed in my pyjamas and I went to sleep.  I was very tired because I had been busy having fun on the snow mountain all day.

Going To St Lukes Shopping Mall

In the weekend I went to St Lukes shopping mall. I went with my Mum, Dad and sister.  We went there because I needed to return my toy car to K Mart.  The car was called an Audi R8.  Unfortunately the car's wing fell out.  After we returned the car we bought a new toy Audi R8.  Next we went to the Factorie.  At the Factorie we bought a really cool hat for me.  Then we went home.  After that I had my medicine for my cold and then I went to bed.

The Haunted House

During the weekend my Mum bought tickets to a haunted house.  At the haunted house a woman showed us around.  Then she said that we had to do this alone.  Some people had to come with us.  When we opened the door it was all black, but we went inside.  

Inside the room there was a mirror.  We saw our reflection.  Then we heard a voice.  The voice said, "This is the story of the man who had a box fill with darkness inside it.  However, the darkness escaped the box and killed the man and started to terrorize the city.  Then the man's son stood up with the box and climbed a building next to the darkness and jumped off holding the box up and sealed the darkness back into the box again".  Then the voice shut down and then a strong wind surrounded us, then the voice said, " You will not hear my secret to defeat me.  Well you heard a part of it in the story but you need an old silver key to lock me in the box". Then the woman's voice said, "Who has a silver key?"  My Mum said that she had one.  The woman said to touch him with the key.  Next the darkness went away.  Finally we went back home.  I enjoyed going to the Haunted House.

Planet Of The Apes 2

During the weekend my Mum and Dad bought tickets to go to the War For The Planet Of The Apes movie.  I sat at the front of the cinema with my Mum, Dad and my sister.  It took so long to start that I almost fell asleep.  My favourite character in the movie was the old Ape.  He was so, so funny.  The big Gorilla told him to hop on his back but the old Ape said, "No, no".  I laughed so, so loud that people told me to shhh shhh shhhhut it!  The Apes had bullets in their long machine guns.  Their enemies were the war people  They killed the Ape Cesar's wife and his teenage son.  The little son Cornelius was very smart because he hid inside the Apes' hard rock wall.  Then Cesar and his Gorilla men tried to kill the war men's boss.  But he escaped in his big, fat, very, very dark black chopper.  I enjoyed the War For The Planet Of The Apes.  It wasn't the end!

Philippines Buwan ng wika Celebration

On the weekend I went to the Philippines celebration of Buwan ng wika.  We celebrated our language.  I went with my Mum and Dad. My two brothers stayed at home and did other things.  I saw Jamie, Frances and Johanna.  We played tag and pop the balloon with our Mum or Dad.  After playing we watched a story and it was about a green turtle and a brown monkey.  The turtle was good but the monkey was bad.  Then we got a vegetarian pizza.  I said, "Yum!". Then Jamie, Frances, Johanna and I draw the naughty monkey and the green turtle.  The my Mum said that it was time to go home.  I said, "Yes Mum".  I loved my weekend.

Playing At Cornwall Park

On the weekend I went to Cornwall Park with my Mum and Dad, and my brother and sisters.  I one brother and two sisters.  My brother and sisters and I played on the playground at the park.  First we climbed up the ladder.  Next we slid down the slide.  I slid down very fast and it was fun.  After that we rode on the seesaw.  My brother, called Cosma, got burned from the seesaw.  Then I helped him up.  Cosma was fine.  He is a brave boy.  Later, on the way home Mum and Dad bought us all an ice cream.  I had a chocolate ice cream and it was yummy.  We had a great day at the park.

My Savings

In Room 1 we have been learning that it is important to save our money, then we can use our saved money to buy something that we really want or that we need.  I am going to use my savings to buy myself a Tongan flag.  It might be a big Tongan flag or it might be a small Tongan flag.  I will stick a big Tongan flag on my roof and a smaller Tongan flag on my door.  Sometimes I stick Tongan flags on my windows.  I will save my money by putting it in my twilight money jar.  I now know that it is helpful to be able to save for things that we want and things that we need!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

At The Snow

During the weekend I went to the snow with my family.  I made a snow ball and I threw it to my Mum.  Then my Mum threw the snow ball at me.  I slid down the snowy hill.  Then my friend Kodi made a snowman.  It was  really cold.  Later we ate lunch and after that finally we went home.

Going Skating

On the weekend I went ice skating.  When I got on the ice I fell on my back.  It was slippery.  I had to hold onto the wall with the help of my Mum.  I did some tricks on the ice.  My Mum bought some drinks.  Then my brother fell on his bottom.  My Mum helped my brother with his bottom.  My Mum put some ice on my brother's bottom and then he felt better.  We had a good time!

A Weekend At The Snow

During the weekend I went to Queenstown to go skiing.  When we got there we had fun and we played games first.  We got to the top of the snow and we had a race down the hill.  I went very fast.  Then my Mum, Dad, brother and sister had a snow fight.  Next we made the biggest snowball in the world.  My Mum helped with the snowball and we went to the top of the hill.   We rolled it down the hill and it crashed into a big tree. As it rolled down the hill it got bigger and bigger and bigger! We had a great time!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My Brother's Birthday

On Friday my cousins came to my brother's birthday and they had a sleep over at my house.  My little brother's name is Cosma and he is four years old.  My cousins bought Cosma a beautiful blanket. They also bought him some yummy chocolate and I got to eat some too.  

We played hide and seek inside our house.  I hid in my bedroom but then my brother, Willietony, found me.  I screamed when Willietony found me.  

After playing for a while we were tired so we went to bed.  In the morning my cousins went to their house.  We had all had a good time celebrating Cosma's birthday!

My Sister's Birthday

On the weekend my little sister Madelyn turned one year old.  She likes banana cake, so my mum bought her a strawberry flavoured banana cake.  We all had a piece of the cake.  We tasted the strawberry and the cream on the cake.  We sang Happy Birthday to Madelyn.  I gave Madelyn a present for her birthday.  I gave her a big pink bike.  After that we went to The Warehouse.  We bought a black and red barbeque.  We had a great day.

Going To Rugby

On the weekend I went to rugby with my team.  It was a warm, rainy day and the grass was slippery.  When I passed the ball to my friend Cooper he caught it, and then he ran with the ball to score a goal.  Later in the game he passed the ball to me.  Then I passed the ball back to Cooper and he scored another goal.  My team and I won the game because we scored more goals and we were fast.

Going To The Pet Shop

On the weekend I went to the pet shop.  I went with my Mum.  At the pet shop we saw a big blue and yellow fish.  A lady was feeding the fish and the fish did a trick.  It flipped over.  Then my Mum saw a prettier fish.  It was pink and it looked like a flower.  I had a fun day with my Mum.

After that my Mum said that it was home time, so we jumped in our car.  At home I have a dog.  She is a girl dog and her name is Ellma. She is pretty.  I have lots of fun with my day.

Monday, 21 August 2017

On The Weekend

On the weekend I went to the shop with my Mum, my Dad and my sister Estherose.  At the shop we bought chips and fruit.  After we had bought our food we went back home to eat lunch.  Then we went to have a rest.  After resting we went to get our dinner.

Later we went to my cousin's house for a sleepover.  My cousin's name is Sonay.  Sonay is younger than me, she is only six years old.  At Sonay's house we had a pillow fight and I won.  We also played hide and seek inside the house.  I hid inside the front room behind the chairs.  Sonay found me after looking all over the house.  We both laughed when she found me.  I like going to my cousin Sonay's house because she is my best cousin and she is fun to play with.

Last Weekend

On the weekend my brother, and I went to Preteen.   My brother's name is Siu and he is in Room 8.  He is older than I am.  My sister goes to Youth YPG because she is 19 years old.  Lots of children from around Auckland go to Preteen.  I really like going to Preteen because it is so fun and we get to learn about important stuff.

In Preteen we are learning about how we can pray in the morning, at night and at anytime and anywhere we go.  Preteen is held in a church in Manukau city.  After learning about prayer we played dodgeball inside the church hall.  

Visiting My Family In The Country

On the weekend I went to my cousin's house.  My cousins' house is big.  I went with my Mum, my Dad and my brother.  My brothers ' names are Alizzandor and Paulo.  Alizzandor is ten years old, so he is older than me.  Paulo is fourteen years old, so he is older than me too.  We went to visit my cousins house because they invited us to see their new house.  Their house is far away and we had a long ride in our little car.  We took a long time to get to their house.  

When we got to their house it was already night time so we ate dinner.  We were all very hungry after our long drive.  After dinner we played games which required us to guess the character, and my brother won.  Then we went to bed. We were all very tired.  

The next morning we had breakfast with my cousins, aunt and uncle.  After breakfast we went to see the cows.  There were 400 cows and they were in paddocks with big gates.  I said, 'Hi', out loud to the cows as they walked along the path and they stared at me.  My Dad said for me to keep walking because I was distracting the cows and they were going to eat some grass.  

Later we said goodbye to my cousins, my aunt and uncle, and I said goodbye to the cows.  The cows continued to eat the grass.  I liked visiting my family in the country and I hope that we can visit them again soon!

Gymnastics Poem

Every Thursday we go to gymnastics
Its lots of fun
Its fantastic!

We do handstands against the wall
We have to concentrate really hard
So we don't fall.

We have to balance
When we walk along the bar
It's easy when you practice
No matter who you are.

After playing 'Stuck In The Mud"
We split into groups
And we do things with equipment
Including the hoolla hoops.

We also do our tuck shape
Then we put our shoes on
Because the bell is going to ring
And we don't want to be late!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Addition Problems using Counting On and Magic Ten

A.  Erich Wyne has 4 red teddy bears and Amiel has 6 green teddy bears.  Then Sione checked that Erich Wyne and Amiel had counted their bears correctly.  
How many teddy bears did Erich Wyne and Amiel have altogether?

Jamie and Jacob new that this is an addition problem.
First they counted on from the biggest number.

They added 4 + 6 = 10

B.  April has 12 bears and Cooper has 11 bears.
How many bears do April and Cooper have altogether?

Benjamin and Sonasi used the Magic Ten to answer the question.
They said;
   10 + 2 + 10 + 1
= 10 + 10 + 2 + 1
= 20 + 3
= 23