Friday, 24 April 2015

Sky Tower

In the holidays I went to the Sky Tower.  I went with my family.  There was my mum, auntie, uncle, cousins, brothers, sisters and myself. 

When we got to the Sky Tower we were all hungry so we went to get some food.  First we had to find a table.  Then we got some food and something to drink. 

After we had had something to eat and drink we all got into the lift and went up to the top of the Sky Tower to look at the view.  We were very high up and we could see all over Auckland.  I could see lots of big tall buildings and lots of houses.  I could also see the water.  The water was blue and it was the sea.

Later we went back home. I was very tired.  I had a great day going to the Sky Tower with my family.

New Carpet

At my house we have been busy packing up our things into some suitcases because we are getting new carpet.  The new carpet is going to be in our sitting room and bedrooms. 

My mum chose the colour of our new carpet.  She has chosen light brown.  My mum is doing most of the packing up.  She is putting our things into six suitcases. 

Our new carpet is going to be put on our floors on the 4th of May.  I remember this date because it is my sister Nicole’s birthday and my dad’s birthday.  We are going to have a busy day on the 4th of May.  I am excited about getting new carpet.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Going To The Pools

In the holidays I went to the Glen Innes pools with my mum, my brother and my friend.  My brother’s name is Christian and my friend’s name is JT. 

There were a lot of people at the swimming pool and it was warm in the water.  We had fun doing bombs, diving and splashing.  When I went to do a bomb JT pushed me into the pool.  I got a fright and JT laughed.  When Christian bombed JT, JT then looked for Christian and I pushed JT into the pool.  I laughed at him so much.  It was funny.  I enjoyed my day at the swimming pools.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to the movies.  I went with my Dad, Mum and my brothers.  We watched a movie called Spongebob. I had fun.

Going Swimming

In the holidays I went swimming with my mum.  We went to the Panmure Swimming Pools.  First I went on the water slide.  My mum watched me slide down the water slide fast.  The pool was a little bit warm.  It felt good.

Mum got in the pool too.  We went swimming around the pool together.  I dove under the water and when I came back up I sang the song ‘Row, Row, Row The Boat’.  Then mum said it was time for us to get out.  So we got out and had our lunch.  Then we got dressed. 

We had spent 6 hours at the pool.  I wasn’t allowed in the hot pool because it is for the grown-ups.  I love going to the pools.  I have been to the pools heaps of times and I hope I can go there again soon. 

In The Holidays

One day in the holidays I went bike riding with my dad.  We rode to the petrol station together.  When I slowed down I fell off my bike.  I broke my arm again for the second time.  It was the same arm and I broke it in the same place.  This is why I am now wearing a sling to school. 

After I fell off my bike my dad took me to the doctors.  Then my dad had to take me to Starship Hospital.  Starship Hospital is the hospital for children. 

At the hospital the doctors put my arm in a cast.  I had to stay in hospital for a day and a night.  I didn’t get much sleep because there was a girl in my ward that was allergic to bees and she kept crying.  My arm wasn’t that painful and I didn’t cry.  The next night the doctors were happy with the way my arm was healing and so I got to go home. 

Rainbows End

In the holidays I went to Rainbows End.  I went with my mum and dad.  First we had lunch.  For lunch I had a salami sandwich.  It was yummy. 

Then we went to the Gold Rush ride.  I really liked the Gold Rush ride because you go super fast and it tricks you.  It looks like you are going to crash into a wall but then it turns away from the wall just in time.  After that we went to the Log ride.  It looked like it was going to wet you but when you got close to it it stopped.  It was a relief.

Thanks mum and dad for taking me to Rainbows end.  I had a really fabulous time.

Visiting Hamilton

In the holidays my mum, my brothers and I went to Hamilton.  We went to visit our relatives and friends. 

When we got to Hamilton we went to Chipmunks.  Our family and friends were at Chipmunks.  We went inside and said hi to our family and friends.  Next we got some food for them and us.  Then we played on the bouncy castle and we helped children who were being bullied.  We also played on the slide.  I went down fast on the slide.  Later we played tag, and hide and seek.

We kept playing until 7-00pm and then we had to finish.  After that we got in our van and travelled back to our home in Auckland.  It was fun playing with my family and friends at Chipmunks in Hamilton.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


In the holidays my mum and I went to the Warehouse.  My mum bought me an Easter egg.  She also bought lots of Easter eggs for our family. 

When we got home my dad gave his brother some Easter eggs.  After that my mum and dad put the rest of the Easter eggs in the cupboard and in the fridge. 

Later my mum and dad hid the Easter eggs around our house.  We had an Easter egg hunt.  The rest of us had to guess where the Easter eggs were.  I found an Easter egg in the bush and another one in the grass.  They were chocolate with caramel in them.  They tasted good.  I like hunting for Easter eggs.

In The Holidays

In the holidays my family and I went to see my sisters perform at a church.  It wasn’t our church it was someone else’s church.  My family and everyone in the audience watched my sisters as they did their dance.  They wore Samoan clothes.  They looked very pretty. 

I had a good time watching my sisters do their dance.  I hope I get to see them dance again soon.

My Cousins Seta And Alice

In the holidays my cousins came to stay with us.  They are from Australia.  Their names are Seta and Alice.  They are both older than me.  While they were in Auckland they spent some time with my family and I. 

One of the first things they did when they arrived was to teach my sister and I their Samoan dance.  It is called the Sasa.  My sister and I now know how to dance the Sasa.  It starts off slow and them gets fast.  My cousins performed their Sasa at my friend’s church.  They wore a lavalava and a black and orange top.  They also wore tiara type head dresses with beautiful Samoan flowers on them.   The flowers come from Samoa.  My cousins looked beautiful.  Everybody clapped at the end of their performance.  I was very proud of them.

We all had a good night watching the dancing and singing performances at church. 


In the holidays I went bowling with my mum, my dad and my sisters.  We had the best time at the Bowling Club.

First we got to pick our super hero names.  I picked the name Blackfire.  Then we got put into teams.  My sisters and I were in the children’s team. 

Next we started to play bowls.  I aimed the bowling ball and tried to knock over the bowling pins.  I knocked all of the pins over and I got a strike.  Both teams won.  We had a tie. 

After that we went to Laser Strike game.  We had to wear some amour and carry a laser gun.  We had to shoot in the middle of someone else’s armour three times and then they were out.  When we were out we had to load our guns again.  We all had points on our guns.  I got 20 points and 16 points. 

Later we had lunch at KFC and then we went home.  I love going bowling and playing laser strike because it is fun.


In the holidays my family and I went to Tonga.  We went in the plane.  It was a long way but I did not go to sleep. 

When we got to the Tongan airport my uncle was waiting for us.  He had come and picked us up.  He took us to my nana’s house.    My mum’s brothers and her sister, and their families, are living in my nana’s house.  My nana is with God in heaven. 

When we arrived at nana’s house I saw my mum’s dog and I played with the puppies.   Later I went inside the house and I saw my mum’s cat. 

Then we all had lunch.  I was very hungry because it is a long way to travel to Tonga.  After that I played with my brother outside while my parents talked to the other grown-ups. 

The next day my Tongan friend and his brother came to play with me and my brother.  My friend’s name is Morie and his brother’s name is Sione.   We shared some toys inside, and then we went to have a look at the puppies and the dogs. 

I had a good time visiting my family and my friends in Tonga.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Having Fun In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to a fun place called Jump.  I went with my family.  At Jump we played dodge ball.  The coach put us into two teams.  When the coach said to go to the left you got put into the left team.  When the coach said go to the right you got put into the right team.  There were some little kids in each team.  I tried to defend them so that they wouldn’t get hit.

After we got into our teams we started to play some games.  The coach said, “touch the walls”.  Then he said, “3, 2, 1 dodge ball”.   After he said that we had to get the balls into the middle of the stadium.  There were seven balls. 

We tried to catch the ball from the other team.  It was great because we got a ball.  Next we tried to throw the ball to the other team of kids.  When they caught the ball they were out.  When you get put out you have to wait on the line at the side of the stadium.  I had lots of fun playing at Jump.  I hope that I get to do it again soon.

Up North

In the holidays I went up north to see some of my family.  I went with my mum, my papa and my sister Natalia.  When we arrived at my aunty and uncle’s house we said hello to them and I played outside with my cousins.  They had tent outside. 

Then we went inside.  It was my cousin’s birthday.  He turned 6 and his name is Noraine.  We had a birthday party for him.  My mum made his birthday cake.  It was a chocolate and banana cake.  I liked the icing.  I had lots of fun at my cousin’s birthday party.  I hope we go up north again soon.

The Easter Show

In the holidays I went to the Easter show.  I went with my family.  My favourite thing was riding on the racing cars.  I rode in the racing car with my aunty.  I liked it because when we crashed we got an Easter Egg and a surprise.  My surprise was a Barbie doll.  I like my Barbie doll.  I am grateful and I had a fun day.


In the holidays my mum and I packed up our things.  This is because we are going to be moving to our new house this Thursday. 

My uncle delivered a lot of boxes to our house so that we could pack up all our things.  First I went to my dad to find out what I needed to put in the frozen box and what I needed to put in the rubbish bin.  Next I went to my mum and she said that I had to put all of my hairbands into my box.  After doing that I was a bit tired so I took a break. 

Next my dad and I went outside to put all the rubbish in the bin.  Later it was time to go to sleep.  I had a wonderful day packing up my things.  I am looking forward to moving to our new house on Thursday.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I played with my brother and our baby kittens.  My brother’s name is Shivay and he is older than me.  The names of our kittens are Lou and Gooey.  I am grateful to God for giving me baby kittens to play with.

Our New House

In the holidays my mum and I painted our new house.  We painted both the inside and the outside of the house.  We painted the outside white.  We painted my bedroom purple and my mum’s bedroom white.

While we were painting my aunty Vanessa and my cousin Caleb came to have a look.  They said that we were doing a good job painting and that our house was cool. 

We are going to move into our new house on Saturday.  We have packed most of our things into boxes ready to move.  We didn’t pack my toys so that I could still play with them.  We did pack my clothes so I have to go and get them out of the box when I want to wear them. 

My mummy forgot that I had school this morning.  She couldn’t find my drink bottle but later she found it in one of the boxes in the cupboard.  We are very excited to be moving. 


In the holidays I went to the movies with my 2 aunties and 5 of my cousins.  We went to see Cinderella.  When we got to the movies my aunty paid for our tickets. 

The movie was about Cinderella and Prince Charming.  At the beginning of the movie Cinderella was born and then she grew up.  She had animal friends.  She lived with her Mum and Dad.  She was happy.

In the second part of the movie Cinderella went to sleep, her Mum died and then her Dad looked after Cinderella.  Later her Dad remarried and Cinderella lived with her Stepmother and Stepsisters.  They were all mean to her.  When she was going to the ball with them they ripped her Mother’s dress.

Then her Fairy God Mother helped her to go to the ball.  At the ball she danced with Prince Charming.  At the end of the movie Cinderella and Prince Charming got married and lived happily ever after. 

I liked the movie about Cinderella because she got to wear a pretty blue dress and a pretty pink dress.