Friday, 28 March 2014

Going to the hospital by Fulila

Going to the hospital

On Monday I went with my mum and my auntie to the
hospital. My auntie dropped my mum and I at the
hospital, and then she went home. My Grandma and
my cousin were going to come with us but we forgot to
pick them up.

When I got to the hospital with my mum I was scared
because I thought that the nurse was going to cut my
ear. But they don’t need to cut anymore. When we
got to the Ear Department the nurses and the doctor
put me to sleep. First they pricked my hand and
my arm and I started to get scared again. My mum
stayed with me for five minutes and then waited for
me in the waiting room.

While I was asleep the doctors looked in my ears.
They put a mirror inside my ears to have a look at
them. It was a very small mirror. I didn’t feel anything
because I was asleep. The nurses also gave me a
blood test so when I woke up I felt weak. Then the
doctors went and told my mum that I was awake, and
my mum came to see me. I was so happy to see my
mum. I couldn’t remember where I was or anything
else. My mum told me that I was in the hospital.
Then I remembered.

Next I got up and went with my mum to wait in the
waiting room. We had to wait a long time before the
doctors came to see us. Then the nurse came and
took the needles out of my hand and my arm. She
put a plaster on me. After that we went outside and
waited for my auntie to come and pick us up. I ate
my lunch because I was very hungry. I was also very
tired. I was happy to get home.

By Fulila

My Grandma i

My Grandma

In the holidays I went to the happy day eating place with my family to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday. I ate chips and ice cream. I also had a piece of birthday cake. It was a chocolate cake and it had writing on it. It said happy birthday Lupe Lahi. After that I played with my friends and my cousins. We played tag around the happy day eating place. Then we went to my dad’s family’s house in my dad’s van. Grandma came with us. We all said, “Happy birthday Grandma”. I was wearing a black and white dress, and white shoes. Next we ate vegetables and chocolate ice cream. It was special, for my Grandma’s birthday. Later Grandma got a birthday card from my auntie. After that we went back home and had a sleep because it was school the next morning. I had a good day on my Grandma’s birthday.

 By Uinisieti

On the weekend

On The Weekend

On the weekend I went to Raglan to see my cousins. I have two cousins in Raglan. Their names are Zara and Georgia. They are both
girls. I played with my cousins’ train and I had fun. Zara and Georgia bounced me high in the sky. We were on a trampoline. I had lots of fun playing with my cousins.

By Oliver

In the holidays

In the holidays my mum, dad, and I went to see my

cousins in Napier. My cousins in Napier are two

boys. One boy is bigger than me and the other boy

is smaller than me. The smallest boy is only four. I

don’t know how old the bigger boy is. Maybe he is

seven or eight years old.

We went down to Napier in my mum’s green car. I felt

a bit sick in the car. On the way we stopped in Toupo

and stayed at a hotel. We bought something to eat at

Pak’n Save and we ate some of our food in our hotel

room. We took the rest of our food with us to Napier.

We stayed at my cousin’s farm. The only animals

they had were dogs. I played with one of the dogs.

Its’ name was Hercules. I liked playing with Hercules

and my two cousins. I also liked playing ball and

string with my cousins.

While we played my dad and uncle Mans watched TV,

and my mum and auntie Elle talked in the lounge. It

was funny playing and watching the grownups in the

lounge. I love my family very much.

By Elisha