Sunday, 9 November 2014

Do you like the story of Goldilocks? By Elisha

                                                     Goldilocks and the three bears
At the beginning of the the story there were three bears. Their names were Big bear , Middle bear and Little bear. One day Middle bear made porridge. It smelled delicious. They went for a walk in the forest while the porridge cooled down. While the bears were away a little girl went into their house. Her name was Goldilocks . After eating baby bear's porridge and breaking his chair she fell asleep in his bed. Later the three bears came home to find Goldilocks in baby bear's bed. Goldilocks . Goldilocks woke up. She got a fright and jumped out of the window and ran all the way home.

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  1. Hi Elisha
    Your writing is Great! I also have heard a story called Goldilocks and the three bears. It is a amazing story. Keep up the Fantastic work.