Friday, 28 March 2014

In the holidays

In the holidays my mum, dad, and I went to see my

cousins in Napier. My cousins in Napier are two

boys. One boy is bigger than me and the other boy

is smaller than me. The smallest boy is only four. I

don’t know how old the bigger boy is. Maybe he is

seven or eight years old.

We went down to Napier in my mum’s green car. I felt

a bit sick in the car. On the way we stopped in Toupo

and stayed at a hotel. We bought something to eat at

Pak’n Save and we ate some of our food in our hotel

room. We took the rest of our food with us to Napier.

We stayed at my cousin’s farm. The only animals

they had were dogs. I played with one of the dogs.

Its’ name was Hercules. I liked playing with Hercules

and my two cousins. I also liked playing ball and

string with my cousins.

While we played my dad and uncle Mans watched TV,

and my mum and auntie Elle talked in the lounge. It

was funny playing and watching the grownups in the

lounge. I love my family very much.

By Elisha

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