Monday, 11 April 2016

Two Heroes In My Family

Two heroes in my family are my mum and dad.  My dad is a Superman.  He has a cape.  My mum is a hero too.  She is a Wonder woman.  She has a cape too. 

My dad and mum have jobs.  They earn money by going to work.  My mum does a paper run.  She also does all the housework at home and cooks good food for us.  My dad is a handy man and he can build things.  He worked with a crew to build a tunnel under the ground so that cars could go under a road as well as over the tunnel.  The money that my mum and dad earn helps to keep us warm in a nice house and buys us healthy food.

My mum and dad also help my sister and I do our homework.  My dad helps us learn our Maths and my mum helps us to read and do our writing. 

I love my superheroes!

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