Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Our Interesting Sentences

Today we are learning to write interesting sentenences.
This will help us to write interesting stories for our audience to enjoy reading.
We used our spelling words to make our sentences and then we underlined them.

  1. I went back home because it was a great day to see my Mum's new baby.  (by April)
  2. I am learning about ways to make interesting sentences at Saint Patrick's School.  (by Lupe)
  3. I went to Saint Patrick's School in my Grandma's big silver van. (by Sonasi)
  4. I am very good at writing interesting sentences because I practise writing them at home and at Saint Patrick's School. (by Benjamin)
  5. Ellma has a little brother called Nixcent and when he is five years old he will go to Saint Patrick's School.  (by Ellma)
  6. I went to the Rugby game with my Mum and Dad in our black car.  (by Matthew)
  7. I saw a large, red dragon emperor near a volcano which had hot red larva!  (by Chester)

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