Friday, 28 July 2017

Saint Patrick's School Mass: A Combination of Recount and a Narrative Writing.

Wouldn't it be cool if the children of  Room 1 at Saint Patrick's School were filmed going to Mass today?  It would be super cool if the film was shown on Tagata Pasifika on TV One later today.  The journalist would read out their script. They might say, "The Mass was held at Saint Patrick's Parish Church in Panmure, Auckland. The Priest is Father Andrew who recently moved to the area from West Auckland.  The children from Saint Patrick's school sang beautifully and prayed respectively while attending Mass.  The School Principal, Miss Bullot, and the school staff guided the children through the Mass.  The Mass was a to celebrate the beginning of the new school term".  

Being on Tagata Pasifika would be really cool because we remember when John Pelu came to our school and talked to us about how much fun it is to read, and it's really important too.  John Pelu is a presenter on Tagata Pasifika and we like watching him.

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