Friday, 3 November 2017

A Fun Mission Day

On Friday we and our whanau celebrated Mission Day.  On Mission Day we raised lots of money for the orphans in India.  Orphans are children who do not have parents.  

First we went to Mass at church and then we came back to school and sat quietly while Father Matthew blessed our new playing area.  

Then we had playtime while the teachers put all the activities out.  Some activities were outside and some were in the classrooms.  After playtime I bought a traffic light flavoured ice block, an orange drink and some yummy lollies.  Then I went To Room 8 and had my face painted.  I was Penny Wise from the movie called 'IT'.  I looked really cool.  

Next my brother Xavier, my cousin Cameron I went to the library and sang Karaoke.  My friend Sione we won a prize.  It was a jar of lollies.  Then we went on the library computers and played some games.  They were reading games.  

After that we went to Room 2 with Miss Craig to watch a movie.  It was called Cat in the Hat, and we ate salty popcorn.  Later, before home time, we went to the new play area for the raffles to be drawn.  Then we went home by walking in the school walking line.  I had a fun Mission Day.

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