Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Happy Mission Day

On Friday we had Mission Day at St Patrick's school in Panmure.  We had Mission Day to help to raise money for Mission orphanage in an Indian village.  

First we went to church to pray and  Father Andrew read from the Bible.  After church we went back to school and Father Andrew blessed the new play area with holy water and holy incense.  The incense had smoke coming out of it.  Then we had a normal playtime while the teachers got the activities ready.

After playtime the first thing that I did was go to Room 8 to have my face painted.  My face was painted like Flash.  After I had my face painted I went to Room 7.  In Room 7 we danced.  Then I got a surprise.  The surprise was that I got some lollies because I was good at dancing.

Next I went to Room 6.  In Room 6 I bought a cake and then I went outside and bought a raffle.  When the raffle was drawn Mrs Foden chose me!  Then Mrs Dines chose me too!  After the raffles had been drawn we said a prayer and we went home.  I had a happy Mission Day.

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