Friday, 16 February 2018

My Grandpa's Funeral

On the 24th of December my Grandpa died.  All of my family were there when my Grandpa died.  My dad cried because my Grandpa was my dad's dad.  When he died we kissed his head and I felt sad because I love my Grandpa and he loves me. 

In the morning I went to the hospital with my dad and mum.  We got grandpa's body and put him on the tray next to the coffin in the car that my mum was driving.  We took my Grandpa's body to my uncles shop and put him in a cold room.

The next day it was Grandpa's funeral.  My Grandpa's funeral was at our church.  Grandpa's coffin was put in the church next to Jesus.  I was happy because Jesus took him to heaven.  We all sang and prayed.  Father prayed.  Then we took my Grandpa's body to the grave yard.  We through flowers and we wrote his family name in flowers.

I felt good because Grandpa is in heaven and he is looking after me.  Later we went home.  I had a lovely time because it was a special family time.

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