Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Finanacial Literacy

Last term we learnt a lot about Financial Literacy.  The lady came from the ASB Bank and taught us about the difference between "Wants" and "Needs".  For example food, water and a home.
Needs are the things that we need to help us stay alive and healthy.  Wants are things that we would like but that we can live without.  For example lollies, toys and crayons.

We also played shop in our classroom and we paid for the things that we bought.  This meant that we had to add up the cost of the things that we bought.  We also had to subtract to work out our correct change.

Here are some photos of us buying and selling things in our classroom shop.

Oliver and George work the cost of their purchases.

 Tyrah and Giselle add up their money to see how much they have left and what else
they can afford to buy.

 Roneeza and Angelina wait their turn to buy some more items.

Kena is purchasing a set of Alphabet Letters that shine in the dark and Eliza is thinking about what she is going to buy next.

Anamaria is looking at the items that are for sale in our school shop. 
What will she buy?

Augustine is paying Mrs Foden for his purchase.
Mrs Foden is asking Augustine if he needs any change.

Harley, Te Raians, Augustine and Bryan are happy with the things that they have bought.

Te Raiana discusses what he is going to buy with Ira.

Harley and Mrs Foden write down what Harley is buying and 
together they work out how much change Harley will get.

Brielle is happy with what she has bought and Tyrah joins in on the fun.

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