Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Veronica's Observations and Diary

Veronica's Observations and Diary

1.  Spring Water:  Spring water is sparkling because it says so on the label.  This means that you have to open the bottle gently so that the liquid doesn't splash out of the bottle.  Some people, when they are at the beach, open the bottle too fast and it spills out.  We are not allowed to.

2.  At the beach we are not allowed to eat in the water because the water will get dirty and we want to keep it clean.

3.  On the weekend I went to the park with my family.  We all have a partner so that we stay safe.  My partner was my older cousin Asia.  She used to be at St Patrick's school but now that she is older she is at McAuley College.  Asia likes it at McAuley College.  

Before we left home my dad asked all of us if we were ready and we all said "yes".  We had a good time at the park.

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