Monday, 31 August 2015

At My Cousin’s House

At My Cousin’s House

On the weekend my brother and I went to my cousin’s house.  When we arrived we watched youtube.  On youtube we watched the game ‘Clash of the Clans’.  In the game there were 500 golims, 300 wizards, 800 hogriders, 600 giants and 900 maxed pikals.  In the game there were two teams.  I competed against someone.  I don’t know his name.  I had to try to attack all of the things on his base.  If I had broken everything on his base I would have gotten three stars.  I broke some of his things but not all of them, so I got two stars. 

After that we played hide and seek in the house.  My brother was in and my cousin and I hid in the hallway.  My brother found me first and then he found my cousin.  Next we played ball tiggy in the little fale.  The thing I liked doing the best was playing ball tiggy because I wanted to throw the ball at my brother and my cousin.  Later we were all tired so we went to sleep.

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