Wednesday, 5 June 2013

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend I went to the Circus show.  I went with my auntie and my cousin.  My auntie’s name is Mary and my cousin’s name is CJ. 

At the circus I saw a man who was hiding some sticks behind another man.  He was pretending to meet the man, but when the other man turned around he chucked the sticks on his head.  After that he ran away and the silly man also ran away. 

Then a man and a girl came out.  The man kept on putting plates on some sticks.  The plates kept falling down and everyone laughed.  Next he got a chair and put it on his stomach.  The chair got stuck on his stomach.  The girl tried to get it off but the man didn’t want her to, so he kept chucking plates on the ground.  Everyone laughed.  When they had finished there was a break. 

During the break I ate a pie and had a drink.  In the second part of the show some boys did some tricks.  They jumped inside the net and they made more tricks. They kicked the net back and jumped on the net.  After that the show finished.

I had a terrific time at the circus.  I would like to go to the circus again.

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  1. Hi Emanuel I have never been to a circus. I like when the boys do the tricks with the net. Keep up the good work.