Wednesday, 5 June 2013

On the weekend

On the weekend I went to my granddad’s house.  I went with my mum and my brother George.  At granddad’s house we played soccer downstairs.  I made the most scores.  My cousin Siaosi got one score.  Then granddad called all of the family together and we said Grace.  We said Grace because some of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle, were going to Australia.  They went to Australia on Tuesday.  I am going to miss them.


  1. Hi Christian, great story about your weekend. I like your story because you used the punctuation properly. My auntie and cousins went to Australia.

  2. Hi christian, I really like the story that you made for the world to see. Maybe you can go there and see them again. And play soccer. How many scores did you get?