Wednesday, 5 June 2013

On Queen’s Birthday weekend

On Queen’s Birthday weekend I went to the Briscoe’s shop.  We bought a new hot boiling electrical appliance to heat up the water for our Milo.  It is called a kettle.  My mum uses it to boil the water to make warm drinks for me.  Then my dad bought some forks and spoons and knives, and then he bought a dinner set.  The dinner set has cups, saucers, little plates, big plates and middle sized plates.  It has four of each sized plate.

After that we went to an American shop.  We saw heaps of American things and we bought some American things.  I bought some sour lollies, my mum bought some other lollies and my dad bought some chips.  The sour lollies are my favourite. 

Later we went home and tried out our new kettle.  It worked and it didn’t make any noise.  It is nicer than our old one.  My mum used it this morning to make me milo for school.  I had a busy weekend with my family.


  1. Hi Elisha,

    Great work on your Queen's birthday story. I really love how you added ambitious vocabulary. On Queen's birthday my family and I went to the Riverside Community Center and played fun and exciting games. I was just wondering where is the American Shop i'd really like to visit that shop.

  2. Good work Elisha! I can see that you are using some big words like 'appliance'. Keep up the good work Elisha.