Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Forest

Once there were two children.  Their names were Isabella and Patrick.  When the two children finished school they walked through the forest to go home. 

When they were half way through the forest Isabella got stung by a bee.  She yelled out for help.  “Help, help”, said Isabella.  She had been stung on her hand, and it turned red and puffy.  It hurt Isabella a lot and she felt sick.
Patrick got a fright and ran home.  When he got home he told his mum that Isabella was still in the forest, and she was sick from a bee sting.  His mum quickly followed Patrick into the forest to find Isabella. 

They found Isabella sitting in some bushes.  Their mum picked Isabella up and took her to the hospital.  At the hospital the doctors and nurses made Isabella better.  Mum and the children were all very happy, and then went home.

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  1. WOW,
    this is a beautiful narrative story. You have a really creative mind full of great ideas. This is a amazing blog post and I hope t see more of it. Keep Up The great thinking room 1!

    From Taylor @ Tamaki Primary School