Monday, 18 November 2013

The Forest

Once there were three children.  There were two boys and one girl.  Their names were Mae, John and Caleb.  One day they went out into the forest exploring. They saw many trees and bushes in the forest.  They heard lots of birds whistling in the trees.  They heard the wind blowing in the trees. 

As they walked along they found a dinosaur from the past.  The children were very scared because it was a big dinosaur.  They yelled to each other, “Run as fast as you can”.  They all ran away from the dinosaur as fast as they could.  They ran out of the forest and back home. 

When they got home they told their family that they had been chased by a big dinosaur.  “We were scared”, they said.  “Oh my goodness, I am happy you are safe”, said their mum.  The children needed an adult to take care of them.

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