Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Warriors Game

In the holidays I went to the Warriors game.  I went with my mum, dad, sisters and cousins.  Only two of my cousins came with their mum and dad.  My cousin Celeste didn't come with her mum or dad.  Instead she came with our aunty Neka.  So did my cousin Jayden.  My aunty Neka is Jayden's mum.  

Ten hours later the game started.  The Warriors were versing the Roosters.  Twelve hours later the Warriors had scored twelve points, but the Roosters had zero.  Then the Roosters scored some points and started to catch up with the Warriors. Then a minute later it rained and so we moved to get some cover by moving up a little bit.  

Then the Roosters were winning.  They had more points than the Warriors. After that it started to rain on our side of the stadium but we didn't get wet because we put our hoods on our heads.  We did this for safety reasons.

Twenty-five hours later two of the Rooster players scored. The Roosters had scored ten points and the Warriors had scored 14 points.  The Warriors had won!  Everybody shouted, "Five, four, three, two, one, zero!"  The Warriors had won the game and everyone was happy and they shouted.  We shouted too.  Then we packed up our things and went home. 

When we got home I used my iPad and then I fell asleep until the next day.  The next day was a school day.

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