Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Going To The Warehouse

On the weekend I went to the Warehouse with my Mum and my Dad.  We went in our car to the Sylvia Park Warehouse.  At the Warehouse my Mum and Dad bought me an laptop.  My laptop can do the same things that my iPad can do at school.

When I got home I went onto Reading Eggs and read some books and I played some learning games.  On Reading Eggs I read the book called, "I Like My Puppies" and the book called, "Orange".  I like reading these books.  My Nana said, "Great Desiree and now you can go onto the learning games"!  After that I went onto Xtramaths and I practiced my Maths.   I really like working on my new laptop.  Thanks Mum and Dad for my laptop!

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