Friday, 22 September 2017

Family Camping

Mum's in the kitchen packing our food, 
Dad's in the garage loading up the van,
Jackson's lost his flashlight,
He's in a bad mood,
And Alena's packing her things 
As fast as she can.

Spot the dog is chasing the cat.
While Uncle Joel is looking
A little fat.

Camping Word Brainstorm
hunting                      adventure           scared
camper van                 tent                    pillow fights
scary stories               lollies                flashlight
climbing trees            fishing               camp fire
BBQ food                  crabbing             sleeping bag
fireside songs             picnic

Family Word Brainstorm
Mum          Dad                         Parents
Aunt           Uncle            
Nana           Granddad              Grandparents
sister           brother 
niece           nephew
Great Grand Mother                   Great Grandfather      

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