Monday, 11 September 2017

Little Red Riding Hood

One day there was a girl named Red Riding Hood.  Red Riding Hood loved to go to the woods.  She liked all of the flowers there and all of the trees.  Her Nana's was Jess and she was really sick.  She lived near the woods.  So one day Red Riding Hood walked through the woods to to and see her Nana.  

On the way Red Riding Hood met the Big Black Wolf.  The Wolf wanted to eat Red Riding Hood.  When Red Riding got to her Nana's house Nana had big eyes and big ears. Red Riding Hood stared at her Nana. This was because it wasn't her Nana at all it was the Big Black Wolf dressed up as Nana. 

The wolf  said, "I am going to eat you up!!!  The Black Wolf jumped up and chased Red Riding Hood.  When the Black Wolf saw the Woodcutter he ran quickly back into the woods.  Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter were worried that the Wolf had eaten her Nana but they found her in the cupboard.  Nana was very pleased to see her Granddaughter and the Woodcutter.  They all hugged each other.

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