Monday, 11 September 2017

Going To Jamie's Brithday Party

On the Weekend my brother, my Dad and I went to Jamie's birthday party.  Jamie is my friend and she goes to the same school as my brother and I.  

When we got to Jamie's place Jamie said, "Do you want to play with me?"  I said, "Yes" and we went to the Parkcorp.  My Mum and Dad took up to play at Parkcorp.  At Parkcorp I climbed up a pretend side of a cliff.  It felt soft and there were square things to put my feet in to help me to climb to the top.  After I got to the top I jumped down onto soft things.  This made my landing safe.  

A while later I saw Frances.  I said, "Hello Frances", and Frances said, "Hi".  Then I asked her if she wanted to come and play with us.  Frances said, "Yes".  We played tag on the bouncy castle.   After we had finished playing tag my Dad asked if we wanted to eat.   I ate chicken and rice.  It tasted good.  Then my Dad said, "Let's go home", and we did.  I had lots of fun at Jamie's birthday party.  

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