Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Movies

The Movies

In the holidays I went to my cousin’s birthday party.  His name is Joey.  He turned 7 years old, so he is older than me.  Joey’s birthday party was in our church hall. 

A lot of people came to Joey’s birthday party.  There was my nana, my auntie Vanessa, and my mum.  My mum’s name is Natasha.   Lots of my family were at Joey’s birthday party. 

First we ate birthday cake.  It was a chocolate and strawberry cake.  It was decorated with strawberries and it had an angel on top of it.  It looked very pretty.  It tasted like strawberries and it was yum.

Next we watched a movie.  The movie was about a dragon.  The dragon was called Joey.  It had a sad ending because the dragon died at the end of the movie. 

After the movie I gave Joey his present.  I gave him a doll’s house.  It had dolls inside it.  They were little dolls.  Joey said, “Thank you”, to me.  Joey liked his present.

Later we went to McDonalds and ate and played.  After that we went to the park to play some more.  Then we went home.  It was a fantastic day.

By Eliza

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