Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Movies

The Movies

In the holidays dad and I went to the movies.  The movie that we saw was called ‘The House of Magic’.  We saw the movie at Hoyts Cinema, which is at the Sylvia Park Shopping Mall.

At the beginning of the movie a cat was thrown out of a big truck on the road by its’ owner.  The cat was a girl.  Her friend the dog came along and said, “Are you lonely?”  The cat said, “Yes I am lonely”.  Later the cat saw an old house.  It looked very spooky.  The cat saw two doves.  They flew into the top window of the old house.

In the middle of the movie the cat went into the window of the spooky house by climbing up the tree.  Then she heard a man in the house.  It was the Magic man and he was telling a story to some toys.  The toys were alive. The Magic man’s name was Mathew.  Next the man saw the cat and he named her Thunder.  He gave her that name because the cat was afraid of the thunder outside.

Later Mathew tried to destroy his house because he was allergic to cats.  He used a crane with a large ball at the end of it to break his house.  Thunder saved the house.  She did this by hanging onto the ball of the crane.  The house was only broken a little bit.

At the end of the movie Mathew fixed the house.   Mathew put up with his allergy to cats. The cat lived happily in the old spooky house with a mouse and a rabbit.  Mathew visited them sometimes.

By Elisha

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